Study visit to Stockholm

EU - Study visit SwedenAs a part of the project „ Promotion of employment of young population on distant and isolated islands“, representatives of DEŠA, SVIMA and UZOR Rava, as well as a representative of the Mljet Island Community and City of Vis, went on study trip to Stockholm, Sweden. The purpose of this trip was to strengthen associations dealing with young people on the islands.

On Thursday, 16th October, 2014 Croatian delegation met with president of ESIN Mr. Bengt Amkvist, vice president Christian Pleijel and Irish youth representative Ms. Marian O’ Malley. ESIN is one of the top European networks to advocate for problems of geographically isolated and distant island. It was founded in 2001, as a network of national islands’ organizations in order to raise awareness of development challenge faced byEU - Study visit Sweden small European inhabited islands.

At present ESIN (Federation of small European Islands) has 9 members: Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Ireland, Scotland, France, Greece and Italy.

Croatian delegation informed ESIN representatives with situation on Croatian islands and ESIN reps presented their work, policy for young population and the ways of lobbying at highest European levels.

ESIN representative from Ireland also represents young population on Irish islands. We discussed possibilities of inter-islands cooperation on European level on the subject of sustainable development of the islands, improvements of conditions of life including employment and associated social inclusion of the population on the small islands.

During this study trip, representatives of project partners associations and JLS visited Atlantic Islands Marienhamn. They met the members of Aland Parliament who presented Aland’s youth policy. Then they met members of Aland Peace Institute who presented their methods of work with young people. Meeting with SKUNK youth organization was also very successful, experiences exchanged and collaboration on future projects for young population on the islands.