Winners of the prize „Heart Print“ visited DESA

Posjet srednje skole Blato 03

On Friday, June 6, we hosted female students of High School from Blato, their mentor as well as representatives of the Old people’s home from Blato. The girls won the prize „Heart Print“ due to their activities and volunteer services provided to the people in the Home. Deša members introduced their activities to them, held a brief class of weaving, sugar coated almonds and orange peels.

This award has been granted to Blato High School for the project “Learning together”. The project is an innovative approach to sensibility of students in understanding needs of protégés of Old people’s Home in Blato. Through their activities in the project they have developed empathy and understanding of disabled people needs and improved the quality of life of the protégées. They also raised public awareness of their needs and their problems organizing presentations to their teachers, fellow students and local population. The “Heart Print” award has been established by National Foundation for Civil Society Development to arouse children’s and young people interest in volunteering, developing empathy, solidarity and social skills which will enable them to recognize, solve or take active part in solving problems in local society. We challenge you to follow steps of Blato High School students, make a change, become a change you would like to experience around you!