Forum of Social Entrepreneurship in Dubrovnik

The First Forum of Social Entrepreneurship in Dubrovnik Neretva County on the topic “The roles and responsibilities in social entrepreneurship development“

Dubrovnik, November 13th 2012 – The first forum of social entrepreneurship for Dubrovnik Neretva County on the topic “The roles and responsibilities in development of social entrepreneurship” was held on November 13th 2012 in the Great Hall of the City of Dubrovnik. The Forum was organized by DEŠA, DURA, development agency of Dubrovnik and Social Entrepreneurship Forum (SEFOR), and funded by UniCredit Foundation.

The aim of the forum was to bring together all the key stakeholders of development of social entrepreneurship and to present models and identify further prospects of development of eco-social economy in the region.

On the behalf of the Ministry of Labour and pension systems, Ms Katarina Knežević Ivanković gave presentation, as well as a deputy director of the Office for Cooperation with NGOs, Ms. Vesna Lendić Kasalo. The representatives of local government, civil society and the business sector also took part in discussion. The topics discussed at the Forum were: eco-social economy from a regional perspective, social entrepreneurship as a development model and the role of civil society in development of social entrepreneurship. Through a series of thematic forums were presented the perspectives of joint action to create new jobs on the principles of eco-social economy, especially for socially excluded groups. At the same time, opened a space for the exchange of experiences in application of different models of social entrepreneurship.

At the Forum, the representatives of Dubrovnik Neretva County, the City of Dubrovnik, University of Dubrovnik, the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatian Chamber of crafts, city development agency DURA, county development agencies DUNEA, the Croatian Employment Service, Branch office in Dubrovnik, the Association “Prijatelj” from Metković and DEŠA Dubrovnik, signed an agreement to establish the Centre for Eco-social Development CEDRA in Dubrovnik. CEDRA is an informal network that brings together social entrepreneurs, representatives of relevant institutions and experts in the field of eco-social economy. By signing this agreement, we fostered exchange of experiences and transfer of knowledge, strengthening local resources and creating a regional program to support eco-social economy.

CEDRA operates in Croatia in 5 more regions (Osijek, Split, Rijeka, Čakovec, Zagreb), and besides the stakeholders of eco-social economy, systematically brings together experts from different fields of business, social marketing, social and economic development, and creates a sustainable business model. Through the cluster approach, by pooling resources on a regional and national level, CEDRA seeks to create a strong human resource and infrastructure base for launching innovative projects and further development of eco-social entrepreneurship.