DEŠA’s pride

The most significant group of projects, called „Return to life“, are the projects of exceptional importance for cultural and economical development of rural parts of our region, which arised in war and post war period.

By implementation of the program „Economic empowerment of women through education“, DEŠA becomes recognized as an educational centre of exceptional importance for Dubrovnik Neretva region. By promoting and fair use of resources of the local community on the principles of controlled sustainable development, by protection of the environment and preservation of natural, cultural and material heritage, DEŠA is trying to influence at the reduction of unemployment, especially women and young people.

In the period from 1997. to 2003., 1784 beneficiaries have finished education and specific workshops in DEŠA, and 85% of them were women.

In 2005. and 2006., DEŠA successfully implemented international project „Local development poles“ with an aim to upgrade and connect capacities of the local community (public, private and civil sector) based on sustainable development of the region, through several mutually connected workshops, seminars, round tables and lectures. This project was successfully implemented in the municipality of Dubrovačko primorje, and one of the project’s results was foundation of the cooperative of olive producers „Maslina“ (olive) in Banići.