The project „Little birdies-volunteers“

Tici volonterici - dodjela

The project „Tići volonterici“ ( Little birdies-volunteers) DEŠA aimed to motivate children to take part in the community as volunteers. Young generation has learned about basic social values, the importance of their work for community benefits through volunteering and promotion of higher human values as the basis of their future life.

This project aimed to popularize and arouse awareness of volunteering to children and young population and it was successfully organized in cooperation with Volunteers Association of Dubrovnik . Workshops were followed by volunteering initiatives in all primary schools that took part in this project. DESA has given the letter of acknowledgement to all participants in the project. The acknowledgement went to teachers Ms. Snježan Viteškić, of Marin Ghetaldić Primary School for continues work in promoting volunteering among children and Ms. Nike Tomović of Slano Primary School. The acknowledgements also went to primary school Ivan Gundulić in Dubrovnik, Primary School Babino Polje on the Island of Mljet, Primary School Petar Kanavelić in Korcula and Volunteers Ass. Of Dubrovnik. The project was completely funded by the Ministry of science, education and sports.

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