DESA - Dubrovnik - dodjela stipendija (3)

LIBERTAS FOUNDATION is non-profit, public and humanitarian organization, founded in San Pedro, California in December 1991 by our felow countryman from different part of Dubrovnik and Neretva County, as well as from all parts of Croatia with one and only goal : to help their country.

In the year 2002, during celebration of St. Blaise Festivity they established „Ante and Evelyn Mrgudic“ scholarship fund, in order to help young people of Dubrovnik-Neretva County to study . This scholarship is granted especially to students of crafts occupations, which more or less are dissapearing in these part of Dubrovnik – Neretva County. The goal of this scholarship is to motivate and encourage young people to stay in rural parts of the county. The scholarship is granted to young students coming from the families of poor financial background, thus helping families in supporting their children studies, and at the same time motivating students to finish school successfully and return to their homes to contribute in development of better conditions of life and work in their communities.

From the year 2003 up to date, Libertas Foundatition has granted 135 scholarships assisted by DESA-Dubrovnik acting as logistic support. Call for applications was published in June and more than 20 applications have been received.

For school year 2014/2015 the scholarship has been granted to future artisans from Konavle, Dubrovačko primorje, city of Dubrovnik, Župa and Island of Mljet for following crafts: 3 cooks, 2 hair dressers, 1 stone-carver, 1 electro mechanic, 1 electro technician, 1 auto mechanic and 1 economy student.

The scholarship has been granted to:

1. Orlanda Laterza, Zaton Veliki

2. Keti Pušić, Mlini

3. Niko Radovac, Lovorno

4. Marko Vodopijam Mravinjac (Dubrovačko primorje)

5. Mladen Franic, Korita (Island of Mljet)

6. Maro Dubravčić, Dubrovnik

7. Ante Lalić, Dubrovnik

8. Mauro Pušić, Popovići (Konavle)

9. Miro Franic, Korita (Island of Mljet)

10. Danijel Lazar, Maranovići (Island of Mljet)