“New Opportunities and New Approaches to increase the employability of young people with a university degree at the territory of Dubrovnik Neretva County”

Call for proposals: IPA IV, EuropeAid/129227/M/ACT/HR

Youth in the labour market

The contracting authority for the Republic of Croatia is Croatian Employment Bureau, Department of Finance and Contracting of EU projects

The project leader:

DESA – Dubrovnik

Project partners:

COSPE – Firenze

(Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti)

Project associate:

Croatian Employment Bureau, Regional office Dubrovnik

The main objective of the project:

To increase the employability of unemployed young people with university degree in the area of Dubrovnik – Neretva County

The specific objectives of the project:

  • to sensitize the public about the need for additional education of young people
  • to increasing the level of knowledge and skills of long-term unemployed young people with university degree
  • to encourage development of partnerships and communication between institutions and employers involved in the issues of unemployed youth.

Target group in this project are:

  • long-term unemployed young people with university degree, aged 20-29 years,
  • unemployed young people without work experience aged 15-29 years,
  • young unemployed people with low qualifications and skills aged 15 to 24 years.

Location of the action: Dubrovnik Neretva County

Project duration: 12 months

Project activities:

1. Project management:

Working meetings of project partners, Kick-off meetings, Internal evaluation

2. Foreign languages knowledge – necessity for employment

Courses of Italian language, German language and French language

3. Youth and their active role in communityu – representatives of local development:

Lecture, training, workshop

4. The experiences of the Tuscany Region in solving problems of unemployed young persons with university degree:

Round table, study visit

5. Promotion and project marketing:

Promotional materials, web site, radio shows

Project NONA at the Facebook: Mladi na tržištu rada

Project NONA web page: youth-dubrovnik.com