International gastronomic film festival

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26 European organizations joined together through the project SUSY within the transnational initiatives SSEDAS (social and solidarity economy – development approach to sustainability). In Croatia, SUSY project is implemented and promoted by NGO DESA – Dubrovnik. The project represents an important opportunity for the research and promotion of social and solidarity economy in different European contexts. The goal is to inform about social and solidarity economic alternatives on local and international level, as well as to create a foundation to fight against poverty and promote sustainable living.

In the framework of international gastronomic film festival, Kinookus, which was held in the period 8 – 11.09.2016 in Ston, films from the SUSY project were presented with the aim to raise awareness and promote good economy and social entrepreneurship in the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. All together, we must join the global fight against poverty and promote sustainable living.