Protection and promotion of cultural heritage

and traditional economic values

This project was created as a result of work and interactive workshops with users of DESA’s projects yet so far. The protection and promotion of cultural heritage is an obligatory for all of us in order to, through educational programmes, preserve a part of tradition and heritage and to pass it on to future genrations.

The project activities are as folllows:

  • specific workshops on practical know-how and skills,
  • workshops on autochthonous delicacies (jam made of wild oranges, arancini, kotonjata, mantala, carrob cake),
  • workshops on embroidery with silk from Konavle region and the Island of Mljet)
  • workshops on traditional skills – weaving.

The aims of the project:

  • education and aquisition of practical skills in traditional economic activities,
  • pass on know-how, skills and experiences on younger generations,
  • renewal of old crafts, weaving, embroidery, sericulture,
  • renewal, protection and promotion of cultural heritage,
  • promotion of cultural heritage as a foundation of economy and economical activities

The results of the project:

  • Christmas exibition of workshops products,
  • Gastronomical exibition of delicacies,
  • Creation of autochthonous product out of available local resources.

Project has been financed by the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Entrepreneurship with 30.000,00 kn.