Local development poles

DEŠA is in the process of realization of the project “Local development poles”, together with their Italian partner SVIM from Marche region. This project belongs to a category of development projects and it is a component part of operations provided for stabilization, renovation and development of Adriatic territory. It’s purpose is to train about GIS technologies (Global Information System) for the purpose of an analyses of present situation, planning of sustainable development and sustainable tourism of a territory, as well as alongside protection of local bio – diversification, natural, cultural and historical heritage.

The aim of the project is a promotion of sustainable development of local communities through strengthening the cooperation between public and private sector in Adriatic area, making cross-border local centers. This kind of cooperation could be considered as a pilot project of future cross-border cooperation and development. It will enable the actors from diverse countries to work in the same department, using the same sources in order to develop common Action plan.

General targets:

  • to strengthen the connections and a way of cooperation between all the local actors (business, political, civil community), in order to promote the projects of sustainable development
  • to evaluate the local resources and products through promotion of responsible tourism
  • to evaluate and revitalize rural territory through sustainable development and promotion of responsible tourism

Specific target:

  • to define the sustainable methods of local development, which are being implemented and valid on both sides of Adriatic sea, and they are accepted by all local actors (business, political, public, civil community)

Phases of executing the project:

  • Analysis of the territory
  • Determination of a method of leading the project (DEŠA – Dubrovnik is implementing the project with a support of Dubrovnik- neretva region and municipality of Dubrovačko primorje)
  • The awareness campaign (training and activities of informing)
  • informing: by organizing the meetings and seminars in schools about topics on local and bio – diversifications, natural heritage and protection of a territory
  • the course of training for economists of local development, to introduce them the main European techniques of planning, to identify the project operations and to generate successful networking on their territories
  • visit to Marche region, meeting the methods of sustainable development and promotion of responsible tourism in rural part of the region
  • Planning and defining local development poles – Elaboration of local development mount through the preparation of local development plans which would contain: Analysis of environment protection and SWOT analysis.