Center for responsible tourism of Adriatic region

As far back as in 2002, DESA – Dubrovnik has started to work on this developmental programme in co-operation with NGO COSPE, Firenza. Their joint draft of this programme had been presented to the Italian Ministry of foreign affairs, since this Ministry has a specific funds for financing developmental projects and programmes with neighbouring countries. As Marche Region is our neighbouring region, the programme has also been presented to them. With regard to the fact that we applied to state and regional institutions, it took several years for this programme to pass all evaluations and commissions, and finally, in 2007, it was approved.

The General objective of this programme is to contribute to sustainable development of the economy at the entire Adriatic region, strengthening ties and exchanging experiences and methods of cross-border co-operation.

Specific objectives are:

  • to educate the potential users of this programe,
  • to establish in Dubrovnik the Center for responsible tourism of Adriatic region,
  • to valorize local resources and products through responsible tourism,to increase the income of the families,
  • to empower processes aimed at self-employment and development of private and micro-entrepreneurship,
  • to promote co-operation and interaction of private and public stakeholders in the field of local economy.

The activities of this programme will mostly concern mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences, since the Adriatic has not been perceived as a geographical obstacle, but as a joint resource. Such point of view determines the entire programme strategy. During the course of its implementation, this programme will increase the importance to this part of the Adratic coast, since the foundation of the Center for responsible tourism in the City of Dubrovnik, gives to this area the significant importance for Adriatic Euro-region.

This programme will be implemented by: COSPE, Firenza; Marche Region; E.A., Ancona; DESA-Dubrovnik

Croatian Partners from Dubrovnik-Neretva County

This programme has been financed by: Ministry of foreign affairs, Italy; Marche Region; Ministry of tourism, Croatia; DESA-Dubrovnik

Duration of the programme: December 2007 – November 2010

Meeting within the project “Centre for responsible tourism of Adriatic region”

Workshop within the project “Centre for responsible tourism of Adriatic region”

Partners from Marche Region and COSPE from Florence, Italy