Jam made of the sour oranges from Dubrovnik

With this project we intend to gather the small family economies who already have experience in growing the wild oranges at the wider territory of Dubrovnik –neretva county. With the help of the team of experts for technology development, we intend to standardize the jam production as an autochthonous product in two years.

With project activities we intend to motivate young population to stay at their territory and have a decent living. By means of sistematic education of potential producers and creation of the producers association we shall gain a recognizable product. In this way, we shall create better life conditions in wider rural area.

To protect the wild oranges from Dubrovnik as an autochthonous plant and „The jam made of bitter oranges from Dubrovnik“ as an autochthonous, ecological product.The orange trees are resistent enough, they do not need pesticides protection, and a jam is made of natural ingredients without additives and preservers.

This project will use the existing resources on the principles of sustainable development. It means that we shall motivate the local population to plant more wilde orange trees. There will be used the manufactured product, the population will be educated, the income will increase, the poverty will decrease, the traditional values and heritage will gain back dignity, and above all, our country will get new, autochthonous and ecological product.

Reralization of this project have been supported by: the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Supplies – 140.000,00 kunas and the City of Dubrovnik – 60.000,00 kunas.

Sour orange from Dubrovnik

A workshop of jam within the project “Jam made of sour oranges from Dubrovnik”

DEŠA presented Jam made of sour oranges from Dubrovnik, on 4th Central European Congress and 6th Croatian Congress of food technologists, biotechnologists and nutritionists