Easter exhibition of arts and customs from

our county

From the very begining of its work, DEŠA-Dubrovnik successfully organizes the Easter workshops on palm knitting and egg painting every year. An average of around 300 pupils and children from kindergartens from Dubrovnik, participate in these workshops each year.

The main goal of DESA’s Easter Workshops on palm knitting and egg painting is to revive and pass on the future generations the traditional customs, in order not to forget and neglect the centuries long traditional heritage of Dubrovnik area.

DEŠA’s traditional Easter workshops on palm knitting and egg painting encourage the local community Uskrsna izlozba 2not to forget the centuries-old Easter customs of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Preservation of folk customs in an area means preserving the identity of people who live there. For an individual, it is extremely important to know who were his ancestors, how they lived and how they dealt with, as it is important to convey these customs to future generations.

The project is financed by Dubrovnik – Neretva County