Educational center for youth

DEŠA has been implementing the programme “Educational center for youth”, for several years in a row and in co-operation with the City of Dubrovnik. This programme has been recognized in local community as an efficient and positive initiative. The youth population of Dubrovnik region has shown a great interest for programme activities.

The main goal of this programme is to provide help to the youth population in many ways, depending on their eventual needs. We shall provide them with possibilities to feel useful, to spend their free time in variety of activities that we offer and to work on themselves. The value of additional education of youth population is quite obvious in strengthening of their self-confidence, social status and health in general.

By the implementation of this programme, DEŠA is trying to become a dynamic, flexible and responsible partner of the youth population in Dubrovnik region, encouraging their efforts to build better and more justly world to live in, as well as their efforts to become an active part of civil society in Croatia.

This programme has been financed by:

Ministry of science, education and sports

Dubrovnik Neretva County

City of Dubrovnik