By education to health and social inclusion

The project „By education to health and social inclusion“ has been designed on the principles of the psycho-social support for delicate group of unemployed women ( who spent several years on Employment Bureau )suffering from sgnificant social problems, as well as for the group of senior population who has been left on their own, without organized care and nursing. The implementation of this project anticipates the initiatives of social inclusion through educational programs, as well as offering to the beneficiaries the counselling services concerning the possibilities to realize their rights in the field of law on work and the field of social protection.

After the implementation of this project a part of the beneficiaries shall acquire necessary accomplishments in order to find an employment and join the labour market. Through the implementation of this project the majority of the beneficiaries shall help themselves in the health and social field . They will work on solution of their problems by performing different available activities.

An adequate equipment and tools will be necessary for implementation of this project. We intend to implement the greater part of activities at DESA’s center in Lazareti, and some of them in rural parts of Dubrovnik-neretva county. For our educational programs we are going to use computers, CD player for foreign language courses, CD-Roms, textbooks for foreign lanfuage courses, sewing-machines, looms, photo-copiers, fax devices etc…A part of this project will be implemented in rural areas. Since the part of the beneficiaries live in dislocated places and badly organized means of public transportation can’t comply with the needs of the project, we shall have to use the private car.

The project activities will have positive effects on mental and physical health of unemployed persons and the community will save the money on the allevietion of the consequences of unemployment . Morevover, this project initiates the social partnership that has not been yet present in our local community, and the awareness of constant engagement for common good.

The project has been financed by the Ministry of Health and social care with 109.900,00 kn and Dubrovnik-neretva county with 17.322,00 kn.