DESA’s model of self – help

With the project „DESA’s model of self-help“ we intend to initiate creation and development of self-help methods, organization of additional education and activities for the unemployed persons in Dubrovnik-neretva county, especially on the islands, all in accordance with the general aim to decrease the poverty and social exclusion.

The project activities will be conducted through specific workshops, round tables, seminars, courses, on which the participants will get:

  • additional education,
  • increse of self-confidence of unemployed persons concerning the realization of their legal and social rights,
  • creation of assumptions for better quality social life, promotion of engagement for common good,
  • to easier cope with the reality and everydays problems,
  • creation of social partnership in comunity.

The results of this project will also contribute to revive local entrepreneurship, as well as the common well-beeing of the inhabitants of Dubrovnik-neretva county, especially on the islands.

The realization of this project is supported by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare – 93.000,00 kn.