By means of voluntary work to positive changes

in the community

With the aim to contribute to civil society democratization, DESA-Dubrovnik has started with the implementation of the project „By means of voluntary work to positive changes in the community“ from January 1st 2009.

With implementation of this project, our intention is to educate all stakeholders, especially youth population, on voluntary work and to involve them into voluntary actions,. This is an opportunity for them to acquire knowledge, experiences, positive values, communication skills and team work.

The project objectives are:

  • to arise the public awareness on voluntary work through education and promotion,
  • to promote voluntary work and voluntary activities as social values,
  • to encourage youth population for voluntary work and team work,
  • to encourage youth for responsability,
  • to encourage the introduction of voluntary work within the education system,
  • to encourage the youth population for acquisition of new knowledge and skils,
  • to give an opportunity for youth population to develop their own potentials , self-confidence and self-realization,
  • to provide support for people in need through voluntary activities,
  • to encourage the employees in big companies for socially useful work

The beneficiaries of this project are young, unemployed persons, employees from the business sector, the members of OCS-s, public officers from local and regional authorities, elderly population, disabled persons and the local community as a whole.

The project „By means of voluntary work to positive changes in the community“ has a great significance for development of democratization and civil society, since the voluntary work has been one of the most important components that contribute to development and democratic changes in each society, as well as to the economic growth of each country.

Project has been finaced by :

The National Foundation for Civil Society Development – 71.000,00 kn