Technical support for the associations registered

at the teritory of the city of Dubrovnik

With this project our aim is to meet the identified problems of the local community:

  • the need for education, better information and greater participation in the processes of decision at local level,

The objectives of the project are:

  • information, education, organizational improvement of the associations – empowerment of civil society.

Activities and locations of implementation:

  • diagnosis of circumstances, i.e. working out the questionairre and its filling by the association in order to define the needs,
  • organizing councelling workshop „Open doors for associations“, which we’ll be organizing twice a month, on Mondays, available experts for all matters concerning organizational and leading problems of the associations, choice of the staff, writing project proposals, filling in the forms, legislatives concerning the work of associations.
  • organizing expert workshops – informatics, communication, accounting for the associations, and the rest depending on needs.

Location: DESA’s premises, and if needed field work.

Target group:

  • Direct users: the associations for development of civil society, from the territory of the City of Dubrovnik,
  • Indirect users: all members of associations and their families,
  • Other users of the project: the citizens

Expected results of the project/programe and possible wider impacts and positive changes:

We expect direct strengthening of the associations capacities, realization of good projects, greater success of the associations within the range of their activities and their greater participation in the building of civil society.