Awareness Campaign about the need and

importance of voluntary work

From the January 1st 2008 DEŠA-Dubrovnik started with implementation of this project in order to educate and motivate the community for the voluntary work and to promote collectiveness and work for common good.

The project activities embraced three schools (primary school Cavtat, Municipality Konavle, primary school Smokovljani) and the municipality of Dubrovačko primorje, and primary school Marin Getaldić from Dubrovnik, institutions of Dubrovnik Neretva County and the City of Dubrovnik, the staff members of the business sector and members of CSO’s.

Objectives of the project:

  • to sensitize and motivate the public for voluntary work
  • to promote the value of voluntary work
  • to motivate young people for voluntary work
  • to encourage volunteerism through the education system
  • to encourage volunteerism in the economic sector
  • to encourage solidarity in community
  • to encourage civic responsibility
  • to encourage inter-sectoral cooperation directed towardse development of volunteerism in the community

Through the implementation of project activities (workshops, panel discussions, lectures, public debates), we will achieve the general objective: to inform the public, especially young people, with the concept of voluntary work, introduce them to the idea of voluntary actions and encourage them to participate.

The project is funded by:

  • National Foundation for Civil Society Development with 92.500.00 kn
  • City of Dubrovnik with£ 30.000.00 kn
  • COSPE, Florence, Marche Region, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, as part of the project “Centre for responsible tourism of the Adriatic region”