Education of local community for civil society

The initiative for the implementation of this project aroused from the criticial mass of NGO-s, professional associations, artistic workshops, independent mediae and local institutions willing to recognize themselves as a constitutive part of civil society….

With regards to DEŠA’s specific position in local community, as well as to its experiences yet so far in mobilization, organization and technical support, this project is planed to be implemented from the community itself for the community. We do hope that by the implementation of this project, we shall improve the position of this local community in the frame of development of Croatian civil culture, as well as the culture of democracy in general.

The great majority of the problems we have had identified within the local community, and due to the fact that we are the NGO as well, are related to the impossibility of sustainability of the local representatives of civil society, unsufficient capability for the advocacy of the interests of the chosen group in the contact with the political and economic representation, as well as insufficiently developped partnerships in local community.

Through the surveys, interwievs with felow citizens and associations, participants of the workshops, as well as with representatives of local institutions, we came to conclusion that without additional education, NGO-s and their local partners will not be fully aware of their potentials in building a civil society.

Project is financed by the National Foundation for building civil society – 120.000,00 kunas.