Life-long education for better life quality

Since January 1st 2009, DESA-Dubrovnik has been implementing the project „Life-long education for better life quality“ with the aim to provide the acquisition of new knowledge, decrease of poverty and sthrengthening the market competitiveness.

The beneficiaries of DESA’s educational programs have been all interested in additional education, and the population from the suburban parts of the City of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik-neretva county have the advantage of joining the programs, since up till now, the opportunity for additional education was not available for them.

The project objectives are:

  • to develop intellectual and creative potentials of the community as a whole,
  • to decrease the number of socially excluded persons
  • to strengthen the capacities of local authorities public officers,
  • to empower self-confidence and self-respect of program beneficiaries,
  • to contribute the acquisition of new knowledge and skills of different stakeholders in the field of strategic planning and the implementation of the developmental activities in the community.

The project activities will help to bring about the better life quality in the community, by initiating positive changes of project beneficiaries. The additional knowledge is the base of modern business, and it will enable beneficiaries to find new or better job.

Project has been funded by:

The National Foundation for Civil Society Development – 114.000,00 kn