WISE – lifelong learning programme

Through an international project of lifelong learning “WISE” carried out by DEŠA in Dubrovnik, we are looking for existing entrepreneurs or those who are thinking of becoming one, who speak English, understand the basics of IT and who want to learn and make progress. WISE project will provide for women the knowledge and tools to become social innovators and resolve challenges in their community.

Through free education, which will be held over 2 days in Dubrovnik and via webinar during the winter, all the participants will acquire new knowledge and skills in order to be successful, take over the initiative, more proactive, easier spotting new opportunities and introducing innovative approaches to entrepreneurship. They will have the opportunity to connect, to participate in a network of women social entrepreneurs in Europe.

For more information please call our phone. 020 / 420-145, every working day from 08:00 – 16:00 h, or visit the link http://desa-dubrovnik.hr/projekti/obrazovni-projekti/zene-inovatori-u-socijalnom-poduzetnistvu/