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Video spot that follows has been made as one of the SUSY project activities (SUstainable and Solidarity EconomY) being a part of transnational initiative SSEDAS (Social and Solidarity Economy Development Approach for Sustainability).

SUSY channel with project videos

SUSY project in Croatia will be realized and promoted by DEŠA Dubrovnik, and in general it will be realized in 23 European countries, 46 territories and it will last three years ( fFebruary 2015 – January 2018). This project is a very important opportunity for researching and promotion of social and solidarity economy, within different European conditions. All data collected by this research should give us quality insight in solidarity economy.

This video spot offers a short story on Social Cooperative “Prijateljica” (A Friend) from Metković. It has been founded by a group of disabled persons in 2011. After research and mapping done by Deša-Dubrovnik, this social cooperative has been selected as an example of good practice in social and solidarity economy in Dubrovnik-Neretva Region.

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