The way we were in 1993.

  • On March 1st, only few months after a siege of Dubrovnik was ended, DEŠA begins with organisational actions with defined working program in Hotel Libertas, with a project “Psychosocial adaptation and help for women – displaced, refugees and women in need”.

  • On July 9th, few months after beginning of active functioning, a Founding assembly of DEŠA was formally kept. 15 founders of the association represent a characteristic pattern of civil society: 2 tourist workers, 2 teachers, 2 housewives, 1 architect, 1 pharmacist, 1 hairdresser, 1 book keeper, 1 dressmaker, 1 doctor, 1 medical nurse, 1 interpreter, 1 professor. From these authentic 15 founders, 5 most active have formed the Executive board, which has functioned since then as a main crucial body of the organisation.
  • On October 7th, DEŠA was signed into the register of the citizens, and at the same time got a consent from Ministry of labour and social welfare for making charitable activities.
First steps and first donations of equipment and materials

DEŠA’s working program was a profound response to temporary situation in the city full of refugees and displaced persons. At that moment DEŠA’s activists considered as the most important thing, to help traumatised women, displaced and refugees, who were roaming through the city without aim, jobless and waiting for humanitarian aid. Any activity had to be invented, in which they could be involved, so they can feel useful to themselves, find their own creativity and reclaim their dignity.

Through their members who worked in tourism, from the very beginning DEŠA has been oriented on a sources from abroad, from which DEŠA asked for any kind of help within the flow needs, from the medicines to the house items. The same contacts will soon be activated in organisation of exhibition sales of handicrafts produced in DEŠA’s workshops. The period of reactive activities will last for a few years. Yet since 1995. DEŠA’s team has started to look towards the future and to guide an activities to profoundly planned targets.