DEŠA’s educational center

DEŠA’S HOUSE in Lazareti is designed for multiple use and every single part of space is well used. Main room is a space for all kind of workshops, as well as an exhibition gallery of handicrafts. Next door kitchen is used for education and production of autochthonous products and delicacies of our region. On the first floor there are two large classrooms (computer workshop, multipurpose room) and our office. The center organizes and realizes many special and occasional events such as: Easter workshops on palm knitting and egg painting, and for Christmas traditional Christmas workshops. On week-days our volunteers and DEŠA members spend time working on different projects.

Primorski vezDEŠA is dedicated to restoration and preservation of our cultural heritage. In our exhibition gallery you can see authentic hand-made products such as embroidered, weaved or sewn pieces designed for home decoration or fashion implementation details and patchwork. The workshops and courses are designed for all inhabitants of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, but our priority are women and young population, especially unemployed.

Our main target is to:

  • Offer additional education
  • Train and enable them to find a job more easily
  • Stimulate and free their creative potentials
  • Make their social and living conditions better

DESA - kreativna radionica veza

The courses and workshops in our educational center are organized every year in two terms : from 1st March till 31st May, and from 1st October till 23rd December.

Programme users are:

  • middle school students
  • students
  • young people without job
  • women of all ages, but specially women over 40 years of age

Programme comprises the following:

  • computer workshops
  • foreign languages courses for beginners (English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Russian)
  • patchwork
  • weaving
  • painting and drawing courses
  • tailoring and sewing courses

During 22 years of work, more than 8,000 people took part in this programme. For detailed information please visit us in DEŠA’s office in Lazareti, Frana Supila 8 or phone us at 020 311 625.

Workshops on silk painting

Workshops on sewing and tailoring

Foreign language courses

Computer workshops

Pottery workshops

Easter workshops on egg painting