DEŠA today

desa danas 1At present DEŠA – Dubrovnik has 42 regular members, 25 active volunteers and 7 staff members. Ever since it was founded DEŠA has successfully realized many projects, organized important seminars and took active part in different conferences in Croatia and abroad. Every year DEŠA organizes educational programmes such as: conversational workshops of foreign languages, computer workshops, creative workshops (painting and drawing, painting on the silk, patchwork, decoupage, pottery), workshops of old crafts as well as production of autochthonous products. DEŠA has very high sensibility for people and community , especially for vulnerable groups. DEŠA’s team consists of highly motivated group of persons ready to make changes in the community and showing great desire for constant growth, new experiences, new skills and education.


One of the main Deša’s strength are values of social and humanitarian organization with long history of activities. Deša is highly recognized in the community and has immense support of numerous individuals and organizations, which enables development of quality partnerships in the community and region. Within its diverse and wide field of activities DEŠA has achieved great abilities and skills in organizing of big manifestations and educational forms (conferences, workshops), as well as experiences and knowledge in creation and realization of projects. DEŠA has developed special skills in public advocacy and taking part in formation of local and national politics. Additional strength and support of the organization are the premises of Deša , situated in an old fort called Lazareti .

DEŠA – Branch association Slano

Founded on 21st March, 2001

DEŠA Slano has a main target to actualize problems of neglected and destroyed cultural and natural heritage of Dubrovačko primorje region. They started with a long- term project callled „ Revitalization of Dubrovačko primorje Identity“.

Nowadays DEŠA Slano is a creator of positive changes in the local community by organizing different educational programms and lectures on promotion of sustainable development which include all community members, especially young generation.

DEŠA’ s Operational Team:

Ana Cvjetković - Executive Director

Ana Grgić – Professional assistant of programme realization

Antonio Benussi – Professional assistant of programme realization

Romana Tomic – Professional assistant of programme realization

Anđela Buntić – Professional assistant of programme realization

DEŠA – Dubrovnik, Frana Supila 8, 20 000 Dubrovnik

DEŠA – Slano, Trg Ruđera Boškovića b.b., 20 232 Slano

Executive board: