About us

DEŠA is non-governmental organization (NGO) which has been active in Dubrovnik since Homeland War in 1991, and it was founded and registered formally in 1993. Its main target was to help and support women, victims of the war and their families to cope with difficult situation in which they found themselves because of the war.

Desa’s Vision


Community that uses its resources based on the principle of sustainable development, support civil responsibility, develops civil society and build partnership of all participants in creation of common well being, based on solidarity, social sensibility and shows respect and understanding for all kinds of diversity.

Desa’ Mission

DEŠA is an organization of civil society working on sustainable social, economic, cultural and environmental strengthening and building of the community. DEŠA actively responds to citizens’ needs, especially offers support to socially sensitive groups by involving them in the local community life. DEŠA reinforces the social capital, in particular the role of women and young population as the bearers of positive changes in the society. DEŠA’s mission is realized through information system, raising awareness, lifelong education and learning, consulting, volunteering and direct involvement and work in the community.

Values and Principles of Work

During the planning process, previously defined values have been upgraded and principles of work determined.


  • Solidarity
  • Social sensibility
  • Environmental awareness
  • Righteousness
  • Respect for diversity
  • Nonviolence
  • Fellowship / togetherness
  • Courage


  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Cooperation
  • Partnership
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Creativity

DEŠA is a member of “European House Dubrovnik” and “Croatian Women’s Rural Network” and one of co-founders of Croatian Network for Rural Development, as well as co-founder of Croatian Network for Rural Development , Cluster KOLO and Cooperative for ethical financing (ZEF).

DEŠA supports „Platform 112 – for Croatia in whcih low rules, “, consisting of civil society organizations gathered on the occasion of monitoring state of human rights and rule of the law in the Republic of Croatia.

DEŠA – Dubrovnik has become a member of Croatian Alliance European citizens year 2013. (HAEGG 2013.). This alliance aims to put European Citizens in the center of EU political programme.

DEŠA – Dubrovnik is co-founder of the Center for support to the victims and witnesses with headquarter in Osijek. The Center is non-partisan, non-profit and volunteering form of association of several organizations in order to offer a comprehensive support to victims and witnesses of criminal offences before, during and after trial.

DEŠA is a member of Platform CROSOL. The target of this Platform is to build and reinforce civil society organizations capacities for offering international development cooperation and humanitarian aid. More at http://www.crosol.hr/

DEŠA – Dubrovnik is co-founder of Cluster for eco-social innovations and development (CEDRA HR) hence the Center of support for existing and potential social entrepreneurs is in Dubrovnik-Neretva Region.

The Management Board:

  • Jany Hansal – president
  • Antonjeta Nives Miloš
  • Marija Veltruski
  • Vesna Pejović
  • Dubravka Zvrko

Members: 42

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DEŠA – Dubrovnik
  • Frana Supila 8
  • tel: +385 20 420 145
  • tel: +385 20 311 625
  • fax: +385 20 411 033
  • desa@du.t-com.hr

MB: 0527831
OIB: 98975566716
Registration number 19000124
RNO: 0015385