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Within the project E-DUTEKA, which has been implemented by the associations “ Dubrovnik orange” and “Chrobatia”, the workshop “Good governance and strengthening the capacities of local civil society organizations” was held on February 23rd, 2015, in the City Hall in Opuzen.

The president of Dubrovnik orange and longtime head of DESA-Dubrovnik office, Ana Cvjetković, spoke about the financial operations of NGOs and adaptations of the Statutes and documents to the new laws and regulations. She quoted DEŠA’s experience as an example of good practice, but also presented mistakes and obstacles which the associations encounter with. She spoke also about (not) adjustment of Croatian laws to non-profit organizations, which Croatian legislation still not fully recognize as a separate entity.

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The workshop was attended by representatives of NGOs from Opuzen and the surrounding areas, and on this occasion were announced workshops on application on local and national calls for proposals, and the withdrawal of funds from the European Social Fund, which will also be organized in the Neretva valley and Dubrovnik in March, within the project E-DUTEKA.

Grants for the implementation of the project were approved to the association Dubrovnik orange, based on the call for proposals for micro projects support for innovative activities of small civil society organizations for local development, through the Operational Programme Human Resources Development, financed by the European Social Fund. Contracting authorities of the project are the National Foundation for Civil Society Development and the Office for Cooperation with NGOs.

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