For the fourth consecutive year, DEŠA-Dubrovnik for their fellow citizens has prepared interesting days filled with the joys of the upcoming holidays. As in previous years, Deša Dubrovnik has invested extra effort to maintain and evaluate the cultural and traditional heritage of the Dubrovnik region, and called on citizens to its premises in Lazareti, to enrich their Christmas traditional recipes and flavors.

The event called “Sweet week spiritual groups” which lasted from December 15th to 19th, is intended for our co-citizens who will have an opportunity to participate in all the workshops and learn to make their own Christmas delicacies of Dubrovnik region, with the expert help of industrious women from the associations Deša and Dubrovnik orange.

In order to achieve better results of workshops, renowned delicacies houses from our town also joined us, and so Dubrovačka kuća contributed to the success of the workshop on making arancini and almonds coated in sugar, while Nikolina Farčić from the patisserie Pupica shared with us the secrets of making a sponge cake (pandišpanj). The members of the associations Deša and Dubrovnik orange, have shown how to make kotonjata, mantala, prikle and our award-winning jam made of Dubrovnik bitter orange. Ms Anita Porča led a workshop on Ston macaroni cake.

This year we had a great pleasure to organize the workshop in cooperation with the Croatian-Russian society “Art without borders”. Diligent members of society, at DESA’s premises, organized a workshop on making traditional Russian gingerbread “Prjanki”. With drizzling of rain and softly whistling of the original Russian samovar, workshop conjured up the spirit of the Russian Christmas traditions. This year, DESA’s workshops were highly attended.

An inevitable part of a sweet week was, of course, the competition for the best kontonjata, mantala, arancini and almonds coated in sugar. The jury composed of experts chaired by prof. Culinary Josip Žuvela, had sweet but a difficult task to choose the best of the excellent delicacies that were brought from various parts of our county. In the category kontonjata were 7 different products, in the category mantala 9, in the category almonds coated in sugar 6, and in the category of arancini 9.

Prizes for the best delicacies were given to the following competitors:

The awards for kontonjata:

  1. Gold Plaque: Dubrovačka kuća d.o.o.
  2. Silver Plaque:Paulina Klokoč
  3. Bronze Plaque: Cvjetković marija

The awards for mantala:

  1. Gold Plaque : Mare Miljanić
  2. Silver Plaque: Dubrovačka kuća d.o.o.
  3. Bronze Plaque: Nike Ivaniš

The awards for the almonds coated in sugar ( bruštulani mjenduli):

  1. Gold Plaque: Dubrovačka kuća d.o.o.
  2. Silver Plaque: DEŠA – Dubrovnik

The awards for orange peels coated in sugar ( arancini):

  1. Gold Plaque:Katarina Gaće
  2. Silver Plaque:Katarina Gaće
  3. Bronze Plaque: OPG Miletić
Slatki tjedan u susret Bozicu 2014 DESA (1)
Slatki tjedan u susret Bozicu 2014 DESA (3)
Slatki tjedan u susret Bozicu 2014 DESA (2)Slatki tjedan u susret Bozicu 2014 DESA (5)Slatki tjedan u susret Bozicu 2014 DESA (4)