December 2013

  • For the third year in a row, DEŠA – Dubrovnik for their fellow citizens has prepared interesting days filled with the joys of the upcoming holidays. As in previous years, DEŠA – Dubrovnik has invested extra effort in maintaining and evaluating the intangible heritage of the Dubrovnik region, and called on citizens in their premises in Lazareti to enrich their Christmas with traditional recipes and flavors.During the manifestation entitled “Sweet week to meet Christmas,” from December 16th to 20th, our co-citizens will have an opportunity to participate in all the workshops and learn to make their own Christmas delicacies of Dubrovnik region, with the expert help of industrious women from the associations Deša and Dubrovnik orange. more info
  • DESA – Dubrovnik, with the exhibition of works from its workshops, enriched the third International Scientific Interdisciplinary Symposium of Croatian folklore and ethnographic heritage, which was held from December 11th to 13th 2013 in Dubrovnik.
  • On December 5th,the representative of DEŠA visited students of the second year of graduate study Economics and Business Economics, Department of Marketing at the University of Dubrovnik, and presented them the work of the association. She presented to students the importance of civil society in Croatia, Deša’s significant projects and the importance of civic activism and volunteer work in the community. For many years DEŠA successfully cooperates with the University of Dubrovnik on various projects, and involves students in their work.
  • Within the Educational and creative center Deša, Vela Luka Municipality and the association Deša, organized foreign language courses. The second degree of the Italian language for adults, in duration of three months, started on December 3rd 2013 at the premises of the Secondary school in Vela Luka. The head of the Italian language course is prof. Natali Vlašić.

    These educational programs, which are designed for adults, are organized primarily with the aim of increasing their level of knowledge and skills and their competitiveness in the labor market.

November 2013

  • The representative of DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the round table “Pregnant at work – stop discrimination against mothers in the labor market” which was organized on November 28th by the Association Roda in Dubrovnik. This roundtable aimed to inform and sensitize employers and institutions of the forms of discrimination but also the rights of pregnant women in the labor market.
  • Jam made of Dubrovnik bitter orange, after a series of medals won at the Croatian Festivals of jams and marmalades in Dubrovnik , became a gold medalist out of our country! The association of Dubrovnik orange sent the Jam made of Dubrovnik bitter orange to the Republic of Slovenia for evaluation, in September this year . Out of 20 possible points the jam made of Dubrovnik bitter orange was graded 19 points by the jury from the Biotechnical faculty from Ljubljana, and with the highest score won a gold medal . This event , titled ” Marmalades 2013 ” , was held on October 26th 2013 in Trebnje , Slovenia , and the organizers of the festival joyfully await the advent of representatives oft he association of Dubrovnik orange at the festival next year, together with the golden jam made of Dubrovnik bitter orange. Jam made of Dubrovnik bitter orange is the local indigenous brand, which was created and developed by the association DEŠA – Dubrovnik through the eponymous project, and it continues to promote it through Dubrovnik orange , the association for the cultivation , preservation and processing of the fruits of bitter orange .
  • Council of Civil Society of the City of Dubrovnik organized a two-day workshop on the sources of financing the projects and radionica udrugeprograms for organizations operating in the city of Dubrovnik , as a part of its operating plan for 2013. In this way, CCS has presented its work, goals and purpose, and announced a series of activities to prepare the CSOs, and all with the purpose of strengthening the capacities of associations, encouraging cooperation with the City, which will ultimately contribute to the common good of the community.

    The workshop was held on November 14th and 15th, in the Small Hall of the City of Dubrovnik. The speakers were: representatives of association DEŠA – Dubrovnik, representatives of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, a representative of the city of Dubrovnik, developmental agency DURA and the STEP program representative from Split.

    Participants could hear about funding sources in Croatia , about the application forms and budget forms for national calls for proposals, about the National Foundation programs within the upcoming ESF and were given advices on EU tenders related procedures, creating partnerships, conditions, etc. You can download presentations on the website of the Council of the civil society of the city of Dubrovnik.

  • Association DESA – Dubrovnik organized again an English language course in Vela Luka, in collaboration with the Municipality of Vela Luka. The course is intended for residents of Vela Luka and other islanders.
  • For the second time this year DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized an English course for the prisoners in the Dubrovnik prison, thereby continuing the good cooperation between the administration and staff of the Prison and DEŠA – Dubrovnik. The course started in early November and has been continuously maintained in the prison several times a week. The head of course is the professor Vesna Božinović.
  • DEŠA’s member 8.11.2013. attended a workshop at Babino Polje organized by the Municipality of Mljet, in cooperation with the National Park Mljet. At the workshop, Franica Miloš from DUNEA, gave a presentation on LAG5 in which is included the island of Mljet, and Mia Hrnić from the company Bonus Project Ltd. gave a short lecture from idea to realization, and IPARD measures from 2014 to 2020. DEŠA’s member has been included in the work of the Committee for economy and EU funds of the Municipality of Mljet, with the aim to encourage the development of the island.

October 2013

  • DESA’s representative took part in the 8th Congress of women entrepreneurs from Adriatic Ionian region, that was held on October 24th to 25th at the Hotel Park Dubrovnik. The theme of this congress was “The banks in the economic crisis – women’s entrepreneurship.”
  • DESA – Dubrovnik participated in a regular election assembly of the Croatian Women’s Network , that was held on October 16th in Zagreb.
  • The representative of DEŠA participated in the session of the Board of Directors of the Partnership Council for the labor market, which was held on October 11th in Dubrovnik.

  • DESA took part in the traditional event “Herzegovinian fruits of the Mediterranean”, which was held on October 11th and 12th in Stolac, presenting our activities and local products.

  • The “7th Croatian Festival of Jams and marmalades ” was held on Stradun, in front of St. Blaise church from October 11th to 13th. Over 30 small producers from the Croatia and abroad, exhibited more than a hundred types of jams, jellies and marmalades – from oranges, figs, plums, lemons, cherries, strawberries and other fruits in all possible combinations. Festival of jams and marmalades, which traditionally, for the seventh year in a row, improves the tourist offer of Dubrovnik, was organized by the Associations DESA and Dubrovnik orange, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce – County Chamber of Dubrovnik. more info
  • The representative of DEŠA took part in the second thematic session of the Council for the Development of Civil Society, which was held on October 9th in Zagreb.

  • DEŠA’s representative participated in the board meeting of CEDRA, which was held on October 9th. The meeting took place in Zagreb and the guidelines for the further development of cluster CEDRA were agreed there.
  • With its workshops on embroidery and weaving, DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the presentation of living heritage in the Sponza Palace in Dubrovnik, which was held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage and the ICCN Dubrovnik 2013th hosted by the City of Dubrovnik and FA Linđo from September 22nd to October 6th.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the University of Dubrovnik on October 1st.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik participated in the workshop of the Development Agency of the City of Dubrovnik DURA-e regarding the Call for proposals IPA CBC Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina. The workshop was held on the 1st October at the Great Hall of the City of Dubrovnik.

September 2013

  • Libertas Foundation is a nonprofit, public and charitable organization, founded in San Pedro in December 1991. It was founded by our people, originating from different parts of our county, but also the native people from the entire Croatia, with only one, the sole purpose, and that’s helping their homeland. Since 2003 until today, for crafts occupations in DubrovnikNeretva County, Libertas Foundation has shared 125 scholarships. With the help of DEŠA – Dubrovnik, which represents the logistics to Libertas Foundation, the contest was announced in June, and more than 20 students have submitted their requests. The selected students for the academic year 2013/2014 are craftsmen from Korčula, Konavle, Dubrovačko primorje, the city of Dubrovnik, Župa dubrovačka, Pelješac, Mljet and the Neretva valley, namely: 1 pastry chef, 3 cooks, 1 hairdresser, 1 stonemason, 2 mechanics, one electrical mechanic and 1 waiter. more info
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik held a workshop on “Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship” on Friday, September 27th, on the island of Mljet. Numerous people who had gathered at the House of Culture in Zabrežje in Babino polje, the members of DEŠA who got acquainted them with long DEŠA’s work and experiences. DEŠA’s members made closer to the audience the social entrepreneurship that DEŠA promotes within the project SEFOR, and through activities of CEDRA Dubrovnik. The specific themes were dealt with, such as 3P – the basis of social entrepreneurship, people-planet-prosperity, different forms of associations and co-operatives as an ideal legal form of social enterprise that aims to employ the socially excluded groups, and development of new models of entrepreneurship that is based on generally accepted social values​​. Besides the representatives of the National Park, the Municipality of Mljet, Mljet Tourist Board, the workshop was also attended by young people from the island who want to support development of their community in order to continue living on the island. DEŠA has offered cooperation to the institutions and the youth because without cooperation at all levels, there is no development of the community.
  • On the occasion of the European Year of Citizens hearing was held in Dubrovnik, September 24th 2013, organized by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Alliance. The hearing was held at the National Library in Dubrovnik, in the Salon of the mirrors.

    The aim of the discussions is to encourage citizens to participate actively and further involvement in decision-making processes. Besides he representatives of the city and the county authorities and civil society organizations, the discussion was attended by young people from Secondary School of Economics and Dubrovnik Gymnasium, and according to their contribution and applause they deserved, they know what means to be an active citizen and to think in European rather than purely local terms.

  • Within the Congress of the European football federation on strategic issues of football in Europe, that was held in Dubrovnik, the spouses of UEFA officials visited on September 17th2013 DEŠA’s premises in Lazareti. DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized for them workshops of local delicacies, embroidery from Mljet and Konalve, weaving and patchwork. All participants were extremely satisfied with the workshops and their participation in, and they took from Dubrovnik, in addition to indigenous souvenirs, new knowledge about its preparation.
  • Within the frame of the project SEFOR, and through activities of CEDRA Dubrovnik, DEŠA organized a workshop on “Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship” in Korčula, on September 12 th. At the workshop was presented the work of DEŠA and its programs that promote social entrepreneurship, work of CEDRA Dubrovnik and good examples of social entrepreneurship in Croatia and worldwide. The workshop was attended by representatives of the Development Agency of the City of Korčula KORA, the City Museum, the City Library Ivan Vidali and other representatives’ s institutions and associations.
  • Within the project Adrinet Training: Social entrepreneurship, implemented by development agency DURA, 18 young project participants visited on September 12th. They were acquainted with the activities of the association related to the promotion of social entrepreneurship and social cooperatives. Besides getting acquainted with the programs and projects implemented by DEŠA during the last 20 years, the participants of ADRIAnet training discovered the secrets of making caramelized almonds at the workshop organized by DEŠA.
  • The representatives of DESA took part in the fourth Food Film Festival Kinookus. Kinookus FFF was held in Ston from September 4th to 8th with the general topic of Food sovereignty, and was organized by the association Kinookus in cooperation with the Festival of Slow Food on Film, with the support of Dubrovnik Neretva County, municipality of Ston, Croatian Chamber of Economy and Regional Development Agency Dunea and many others.
  • The Representatives of DESA – Dubrovnik participated in the workshop within the call for proposals “Local Initiatives for Employment – Phase II”, which was held in Dubrovnik, from September 5th to 6th at the hotel Lero.

August 2013

  • Thanks to all the friends and beneficiaries of the online shop Design with benefits that last month voted for DEŠA and enabled us to win the competition. Design with Benefits promotes and sells interesting products that are created keeping in mind the social and environmental well-being. Each month DESIGN with benefits part of their profit gives to associations which, with their creative projects contribute to solving social problems. More about Design with Benefits visit the following link: www.designwithbenefits.com

July 2013

  • Representatives of DEŠA participated in the strategic planning of CEDRA which was held from 11th to 13 July in Kapela korenička. At the strategic planning were involved all members of CEDRA, a cluster of eco – social development, which purpose is development of social entrepreneurship through a network of regional support centers. The workshop agreed on the guidelines and priorities of the network.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik participated in an expert lecture “Towards an EU funds” that was organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds and held on August 7th at the University campus in Dubrovnik.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik participated in a session of the Economic Council of the Dubrovnik County Chamber, on which have been awarded the “Golden kuna” prizes for the most successful companies in the area of the county.
  • President of DESA – Dubrovnik, Ms Jany Hansal has been elected again as a member of the Council for the Development of Civil Society, an advisory body of the Croatian Government, acting on development of cooperation between the Croatian Government and civil society in Croatia. The founding meeting of the Council was held on July 05th in Zagreb. There were elected 27 members, including 12 representatives of relevant government bodies and offices of the Croatian Government, 12 representatives of CSOs and other civil society organizations and three representatives of civil society from foundations, trade unions and employers’ associations. This is the second mandate of Ms. Hansal.

June 2013

  • Council of Civil Society of the City of Dubrovnik and the Department of Education, Sports, Social Welfare and civil society of the City of Dubrovnik organized the Open Doors Day of the Associations from Dubrovnik on Saturday, June 29th 2013. Deša Dubrovnik presented its activities at the stand on the promenade as well as the other associations from Dubrovnik. Representing the Associations from Dubrovnik to the citizens and visitors, the Council of Civil Society of the City of Dubrovnik has also marked the Croatian entry into the European Union. more info
  • Within the project “Heritage in and around us,” was organized the exhibition of works of the pupils from the elementary school Petar Kanavelić, who participated in stonecutting workshop in Korčula. Under the leadership of Mr. Zeljko Nobilo the pupils created original souvenirs made of stone in order to preserve this ancient craft of Korčula. Project was funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, and implemented by the association DEŠA – Dubrovnik.
  • The Association Deša and Deša Pro ltd. participated with their local products in the action “Buy Croatian”. The action was held on Tuesday, June 18th 2013 at Dvori Lapad. About seventy producers, out of which a dozen from Dubrovnik Neretva County, presented their products to the local residents and numerous tourists.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik participated in the informative consultation for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs named “ Production and tourism incentives from the structural funds “, which was held in Dubrovnik and organized by development agency of the City of Dubrovnik and Croatian Chamber of Economy, County Chamber Dubrovnik.
  • On Thursday, June 6th 2013, at 11:00 am, the president of DEŠA-Dubrovnik, Ms. Jany Hansal, presented the diplomas on the successful completion of English course, to the attendants in the county jail Dubrovnik. During the past two months, DEŠA organized an English course for prisoners in the County Prison Dubrovnik, which was held for several times a week at the Prison premises. Prisoners have shown great interest to learn English language, and 10 of them successfully completed this course, under the expert guidance of Professor Vesna Božinović. According to the prison governor, Mr.. Zlatko Karačić, this is perhaps the first instance in Croatia of organizing English language course in the prison for inmates, where DEŠA showed a high note of social sensitivity for all stakeholders that make our community. On this occasion, the prison governor thanked to DEŠA for cooperation and for a donation of 3 computers that will use the prisoners in informatics workshops. more info
  • DEŠA’s representatives attended the info workshop for competition for the grant “Support programs of civil society organizations in the field of advocacy and motivation for socially excluded groups” which was held in Dubrovnik, on June 05th. The workshop was organized by the National Foundation in collaboration with the Government’s Office for Cooperation with NGOs and their partners – regional support centers, including the association DEŠA – Dubrovnik.
  • DEŠA’s member participated in a workshop for stakeholders, that was held within the working out the Management Plan for the National Park Mljet, that was held on June 4th. The workshop participants were acquainted with the so far achieved results in making the Plan, prepared a draft management activities and defined possible partnerships in the implementation of activities.
  • On June 4th 2013 in Zagreb was held on 12th Supervisory Board meeting ‘in the shadow’ of the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development. Deša’s employee Ana Cvjetković participated in the work of this Board. DESA is one of nine civil society organizations from the Croatia, which has a representative in this committee.

May 2013

  • American students from the University of Georgia, visited DEŠA-Dubrovnik on May 31st, as a part of the course on the road, which organizes Ivo Pilar Institute from Zagreb. DEŠA’s president gave them a lecture on DEŠA-Dubrovnik, its origin and development during the past 20 years.
  • With the presentation of the “Silk path”, which has been created by the second-grade pupils from Dubrovnik Economic and trade school in collaboration with DEŠA and held on May 31st at DEŠA’s premises in Lazareti, DEŠA – Dubrovnik has successfully completed the project “Heritage in us and around us,” funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. The main activities of the project were lectures  on the heritage of our region with the aim of enriching the knowledge of the younger generation about the rich cultural heritage that we inherit, and creative workshops (stonecutting, embroidery from Dubrovnik primorje, knitting traps and baskets, and sericulture). The main objective of the project was to contribute to the general awareness on the importance of historical and cultural heritage and national identity. more info
  • Within days of open Lazareti, Dr. Boris Sokal gave an interesting lecture on “Environmental Toxins” at DEŠA’s premises, on May 31st 2013. With a short presentation Dr. Sokal got acquainted with threats from the environment twenty co-citizens who were present at the lecture.
  • DESA participated in the work of the CEDRA Croatia Board, held on May 28th 2013 in Zagreb. There was discussed the future activities of CEDRA Croatia as well as the construction of the base of social entrepreneurs.
  • DEŠA’s representative participated in the International Conference “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” which was held on May 23rd and 24th 2013 at the Hotel Palace in Dubrovnik.
  • On May 21st the pupils from elementary school Marin Getaldić visited DEŠA’s premises, where they participated in a workshop on sericulture and listened to lecture about the cultural heritage of Dubrovnik region. Workshop and lecture are part of the project activities “Heritage in us and around us”, which is financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. The main activities of the  roject were lectures about the heritage of our region aiming to enrich the knowledge of the younger generations about the rich cultural heritage that we inherited. The project included creative workshops on embroidery from Dubrovnik primorje, stonecutting workshop on Korčula and in Slano, workshops on knitting traps and baskets on Mljet and workshops on sericulture in Dubrovnik, with the purpose of encouraging creative skills and transfer of traditional knowledge to young people.
  • A group of students from the American University Indiana, led by Professor Dan Preston, visited DEŠA- Dubrovnik premises on May 15th 2013. Students have shown great interest in DEŠA’s activities, women’s issues, cultural and heritage issues, traditional crafts and skills, and building civil society.
  • Within the 3rd Week of Croatian Botanical Gardens and Arboretums, the May 14th 2013, the bitter orange was planted on Lokrum. The volunteer from the association Dubrovnik orange gave a lecture about the Queen of Dubrovnik gardens – bitter orange. It is the activity of the project “Planting Dubrovnik orange” implemented by the association of Dubrovnik orange in cooperation with the Association DEŠA Dubrovnik, aiming to inform and sensitize pupils from Dubrovnik elementary schools about the history and significance of Dubrovnik orange in this area.
  • Uvod u drustveno poduzetnistvo - 2Within the project SEFOR, and through activities of CEDRA Dubrovnik, DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a workshop on “Introduction to social entrepreneurship” in Dubrovnik, on May 7th. The workshop dealt with specific issues, such as various forms of association and co-operatives as an ideal legal form of social entrepreneurship. It was designed for small entrepreneurs, cooperative members and those who want to know more about the cooperative movement in social entrepreneurship. Lecturers were representatives of CEDRA Split. more info
  • Within the friendly visit to Dubrovnik, the members of the Lions Club of Ragusa, Italy, visited DEŠA-Dubrovnik in Lazareti on May 2nd. President of the Lions Club Dubrovnik, Mrs. Nives Miloš and president of DEŠA-Dubrovnik, Mrs. Jany Hansal, hosted the Italian lions and got them acquainted with DEŠA’s work.

April 2013

  • lokrum1Within denoting the Earth Day, organized by the City of Dubrovnik, Lokrum public reserve and Dubrovnik University, DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a workshop on recycling textiles on the island of Lokrum, on April 25th. Workshops were organized for children from Dubrovnik elementary schools, and DEŠA implemented it through the project “Educational and creative workshops 3R”, funded by the City of Dubrovnik. Within the frame of the same action, the association Dubrovačka naranča organized the planting of bitter oranges on the island of Lokrum, through the project “Planting Dubrovnik bitter orange”, funded by the City of Dubrovnik and the Foundation Kajo Dadić. In these activities were involved pupils from elementary schools from Lapad, Marin Držić and Marin Getaldić. The next day on April 26th , the association of Dubrovnik orange, within the same project “Planting Dubrovnik sour orange”, donated 10 plants of dubrovnik orange to the elementary school Ivan Gundulić. Together with volunteers of the Dubrovnik bitter orange, pupils planted bitter oranges and enriched their schoolyard. more info
  • DEŠA’s representatives participated in a workshop on financial transactions, which the Council of Civil Society Dubrovnik organized for organizations operating in the area of the City of Dubrovnik. The workshop was held on April 25th 2013, and lecturers were experts from bookkeeping service Konto Obad from Zagreb.
    • DEŠA-Dubrovnik has participated in Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend, which was held on April 19th-20th in Zagreb. ZWGW is designed as a gathering place for local and foreign producers, businessmen, connoisseurs and lovers of wine and haute cuisine. DEŠA’s representative has successfully presented indigenous delicacies, the products of DEŠA’s workshops.

  • Workshops on recycling textiles were held on April 17th and 19th at DEŠA’s premises. The participants had the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques and get an idea of ​​how to give new life to the old clothes for which you can not find other use. These educational and creative workshops for adults have been implemented within the 3Rs project -reduce, reuse, recycle, at DEŠA’s premises.
  • Italian language course, organized by DEŠA-Dubrovnik in cooperation with the Municipality of Vela Luka, ended on April 17th in Vela Luka. At the occasional ceremony, Professor Natali Vlašić handed diplomas to the participants of the course.
  • DESA’s representative took part in the inaugural meeting of the Council for Development of Volunteerism Dubrovnik, organized by the Volunteer Center of Dubrovnik. The meeting was held on April 17th, at the premises of Rina Mašera association.
  • The team of Euronews TV station of Brussels’s, visited DEŠA’s premises on April 11th. They recorded the stories on Croatian accession to the Euronews TV stationEU in Dubrovnik. Besides the interview with the President of the Association, Ms. Jany Hansal, they recorded some of DEŠA’s activities (creative workshops, workshops on indigenous souvenirs and foreign language courses). Euronews broadcasts world news 24 hours a day, in eleven languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. It is Europe’s leading TV channel that has been watched worldwide, in 155 countries via all distribution methods, from classic television to television set on mobile phones, the internet and tablet computers.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik became a member of the Croatian Alliance of European citizens year, 2013 (CAEYC 2013). This alliance is focused on putting European citizens at the center of the political agenda of the European Union. In Croatia, the organization has been founded by the initiator of the Association of Agencies of Local Democracy, Local Democracy Agency in Osijek, Sisak and Brtonigla, Center for Civil Initiatives Zagreb, the Foundation for partnership and civil society development Istria County, Regional Foundation for local development ZAMAH and AEGEE-Zagreb (Association of European Students) by the model of the alliance established in other EU member states on the occasion of the European citizens year, with the aim of implementing activities during 2013. The Alliance have been supported by the Office for Associations of Croatian Government.
  • DEŠA’s representative participated in the first constituent meeting of the Council for work, active aging and employment, on April 10th in Zagreb. This advisory body operates within the Ministry of Labor and the pension system, and it is composed of civil society organizations that are active in the area of labor and employment, active aging. The Council will participate in the design of future policies related to employment and active aging.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik organized an English language course for the prisoners in Dubrovnik Prison, thereby continuing the good cooperation between the management and employees of prison and DEŠA – Dubrovnik. The course started in early April and is continuously held in the prison several times a week. Currently, in the course have been involved 10 prisoners, the head of the course is prof. Vesna Božinović.
  • With the presentation of its products, DEŠA-Dubrovnik participated in the event “Easter in Dubrovačko primorje,” which was held on April 7th. Cultural and artistic event was held around the puddles in Mrčevo, and started with performance of wedding from Primorje, performed by the Association Primorski svatovi, and was followed by cultural and artistic societies, which have enhanced this event with their local dances.

March 2013

  • DESA – Dubrovnik organized a traditional Easter workshops on palm knitting and egg painting. Palm knitting workshops were held from March 18th to 20th, and egg painting workshops from March 25th to 27th. All workshops were held at the premises of DEŠA – Dubrovnik in Lazareti.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik participated in the meeting, which was organized by the Centre for Social Welfare Dubrovnik, which was held on March 26th. The topic of the meeting was the availability of information as one of the quality standards of social services, and the ways of future cooperation, with the aim of improving the quality of service to our joint beneficiaries.
  • DEŠA Dubrovnik, in cooperation with the municipality of Vela Luka, organized an English language course. The course was held at the high school “Vela Luka” in duration of three months. English teacher was Ms Andrea Živko, who handed to the participants the certificates of successful completion of the course.

    DEŠA – Dubrovnik, in cooperation with the municipality of Vela Luka, for several years held a variety of courses in Vela Luka (English language, Italian language, computer courses, etc …). DEŠA’s courses were attended and completed by a large number of people, young and old population, who, by adopting new knowledge and skills, become more competitive in the labour market.

  • As part of the Programme of regional development of civil society and local communities in the Republic of Croatia (STEP), funded by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, the workshop for representatives of CSOs and public sector organizations was held in Dubrovnik. more info
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the 10th Mediterranean fair of healthy food, medicinal herbs and green entrepreneurship, which was held at the hotel Tirena – Babin Kuk, Dubrovnik, from March 21st to 24th. The fair brought together a large number of exhibitors who presented their ecological and traditional products. DEŠA, as every year, presented local products and traditional crafts of our region, as well as workshops on weaving, embroidery from Mljet and Konavle, egg painting and palm knitting.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik participated in a meeting of stakeholders in the framework of technical assistance to civil society organizations (TACSO), which is conducting a research entitled “The Role of Croatian civil society organizations in the process of joining the EU.” The meeting was held on March 22nd in Zagreb, and was organized by TACSO.
  • A representative of DEŠA participated in a preparatory meeting directed to the implementation of a joint project of the Croatian network for 2013, organized by the National Foundation for Civil Society. The meeting was held on March 22nd.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik, in cooperation with the Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik, organized in its premises workshop on palm knitting for 15 students from the Tourism and Catering School from Grudziadz, Poland. The workshop was held on March 20th 2013. Students will stay in Dubrovnik for a month to practice in Dubrovnik hotels, and besides the work experience, they will bring to their home country the newly acquired skill on palm knitting too.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the round table “Volunteering in the City,” which was held on March 20th 2013 at the premises of the University Campus and organized by the Volunteer Center of Dubrovnik. Through the presentation “Volunteering in DEŠA”, DEŠA’s representative emphasized the importance of voluntary work and pointed to the challenges for a stronger affirmation of voluntary work in Dubrovnik Neretva County.
  • DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized workshops on egg painting and palm knitting at the Primary School Ivan Gundulić, on March19th 2013. The workshops were attended by 50 pupils with their professors. Students showed exceptional creative skills and their work will be presented at the Easter exibition which will be organized in elementary school Ivan Gundulić. Members of DEŠA enjoyed the sharing of knowledge on these curious and creative elementary school pupils, and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized the workshop on stonecutting in the Town of Korčula, within the implementation of the project “Heritage in and around us”. The workshop started on March 18th. Numerous young people from Korčula applied for this workshop, as well as the pupils from the primary school Petar Kanavelić, who will learn how to prepare authentic souvenirs made of stone. This project has been funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.
  • DEŠA’s representative participated in the dissemination of research results of quality tourist offer, which was conducted within the action the “Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia 2007 – 2012 “. This event was held in Valamar Dubrovnik Lacroma Hotel, on March 15th. The results of research conducted with the “DESTqual” method of quality control of tourist destinations in our county, were presented by the project manager Ph.D.Saša Poljanec Borić and Ph.D. Ivana Ferić from the Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar.
  • Representatives from DEŠA participated in the electoral assembly of the European House Dubrovnik, which was held on March 14th. At the assembly were presented the strategic plan of EHD, the changes in the statute and the annual report.
  • Representatives from DEŠA participated in the presentation of the Program to encourage entrepreneurship and crafts – “Entrepreneurial impulse” for 2013, which was held on March 11th.
  • A representative of DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the presentation of the operational plan of the Council of Civil Society Dubrovnik, which was held on March 11th at the Dubrovnik city hall.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik held regular electoral assembly March 08th, starting at 17:30 p.m. at DEŠA’s premises in Lazareti. A new Governing Board of DEŠA Dubrovnik was elected, in which were confirmed former and elected new members, namely; Jany Hansal Nives Miloš, Marija Veltruski, Vesna Pejović and Dubravka Zvrko. The new Supervisory Board was elected too as follows: Terezina Orlić (CCE – Dubrovnik ), Ivona Vrdoljak Raguž (University of Dubrovnik) and Katarina Krile (CES – Dubrovnik regional office). With a selection of new bodies, the Assembly discussed the proposals for denoting the 20 years of DEŠA-Dubrovnik activities. more info
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a workshop on making the trap and basket from the island of Mljet at the island of Mljet, within the implementation of the project “Heritage in and around us.” The workshop began on the March 2nd in the Cultural Centre in Babino polje, and included 20 children and elderly residents from the Mljet. more info
  • A representative of DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in a roundtable „Women in Politics” which, on the occasion of “International Women’s Day”, was held on the March 4th at the premises of the University of Dubrovnik, organized by the Commission for Gender Equality of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in a roundtable discussion, “Perspectives of young people in the Croatian accession to the European Union” held on the 1st March at the Hotel Valamar Lacroma in Dubrovnik. A representative of DEŠA presented DEŠA’s projects and activities that encourage young people to take an active thinking, and increase their level of knowledge and skills. The round table was organized by the HDZ youth Dubrovnik – Neretva County and the City of Dubrovnik.

February 2013

  • Within the extracurricular activities in the primary school Slano, DEŠA organized workshops on the embroidery from Dubrovačko primorje for pupils and their teachers. These activities have been organized within the implementation of the project “Heritage in and around us,” funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. The workshops are a continuation of many years of successful cooperation between DEŠA and primary School Slano.
  • A representative of DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the eleventh session of the Commission for Gender Equality in Dubrovnik Neretva County.

  • DEŠA’s representative participated in the educational cycle on management of volunteers, organized by the association “Youth Bonsai Tree” from Dubrovnik and the association Mi-Split within the project named “The Stock Exchange of Goodness”. This educational cycle has been held under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth. The goal of the education was to develop skills – knowledge, competencies and attitudes of the workshop participants, in order to qualify them to introduce or enhance volunteer programs in their organizations. Training was conducted in two two-day block in January and February of the 2013. Education for “The module I” was held on January 18th and 19th, and training for “Module II” was held on February 08th and 09.
  • Two representatives from DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the workshop “Business Overview of the European Social Fund – preparing the lists of proposals Local Partnerships”, which was held on February 7th 2013 at the premises of the Regional Development Agency Dunea. At the workshop were presented successful examples of social entrepreneurship projects financed from the European Social Fund (ESF), discussed potential projects of social entrepreneurship in Dubrovnik Neretva County, and defined and analyzed target groups and potential project partners.

  • On the occasion of the Day of the City of Dubrovnik and the day of St. Blaise, patron saint of Dubrovnik, on February 2nd 2013, the meeting of the City Council was held in Marin Držić theater. At the meeting participated: the Croatian Deputy Prime Minister – Ms Milanka Opačić, Minister of Culture – Ms Andrea Zlatar Violić, President of the Croatian Parliament – Mr Josip Leko and heads of city and county government. This year, on the occasion of the Festival of St. Blaise, the six prizes of the City of Dubrovnik were awarded and one Life Achievement Award.

    The awards for outstanding contribution to the promotion of the City of Dubrovnik was given to a non-profit organization Libertas Foundation from San Pedro – in whose name the award took Jany Hansal , president of Deša – Dubrovnik. more info

  • For the fourth year in a row there was held a manifestation of a humanitarian character named “Day of bitter orange”, organized by DEŠA – Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik bitter orange, on Candlemas, February 2nd, from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m., at the premises of Luža. This year too, we have named this event sweet-spicy event, since we take advantages of all the features of our sour orange to create outstanding products, from cakes that were prepared by Dubrovnik hotels and the pastries made by our volunteers to the various liqueurs. Our aim was to magnify the celebration of St. Blaise’s Day and to promote our orange and sour orange products, such as jam, arancini, liqueurs, various cookies and cakes. Visitors had an opportunity to taste the oysters from Ston with the slice of sour orange and a glass of wine from the vineyards of Pelješac and Korčula. more info

January 2013

  • The English language courses in Vela Luka and Orebić started at the end of January 2013. The courses are organized by DEŠA in cooperation with local organizations and municipalities. Within three months of the courses, the students will learn the basics of a foreign language, especially the communication with tourists.
  • DEŠA in the magazine for the culture of the table “Food & drinks.” “Dubrovnik bitter orange” played an important role in the history of the town and the entire Dubrovnik region. Bitter oranges were grown in a special place in the garden, with glory jet (covered terrace), so that they were pretty for the sight , decoration of the summer villas, and its fruits and leaves were used in the gastronomy, as a spice and for medicinal purposes. Dubrovnik roasted meat was necessarily accompanied with sour orange and herbal teas from the leaves of sour orange, especially after a heavy meal, were widely known. The special jam was made of Dubrovnik bitter oranges, and the recipes have been preserved until nowadays. More information in the article in the magazine, “Food &drinks”
  • The strategic planning of CEDRA – Dubrovnik was held on Tuesday, January 15th 2013, at the premises of the University of Dubrovnik, Department for Business Economics. The signatories of the Agreement on the Establishment of CEDRA Dubrovnik, mapped the resources, set priorities and opened a space for the exchange of experiences and a new dimension of cooperation.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the University of Dubrovnik, the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Dubrovnik, DUNEA regional development agency , development agency of the city of Dubrovnik DURA, Dubrovnik Center for Entrepreneurship and DEŠA – Dubrovnik.