Sweet week to meet the Christmas

For the second year in a row, DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized Sweet week to meet the Christmas, to joy of all the citizens of Dubrovnik Neretva county. Throughout the week, from December 12th to 14th, it was possible to see, smell and taste deliciacies from the entire area of Dubrovnik Neretva County. The citizens had an opportunity to participate in all organized workshops and to learn how to prepare these Christmas delicacies by themselves, with the help of industrious women from DEŠA Dubrovnik, Dubrovačka Kuća and association The League against cancer from Vela Luka.

DEŠA Dubrovnik, in cooperation with Dubrovačka kuća, showed how to make kotonjata, mantala, arancini, caramelized almonds and jam made of Dubrovnik bitter oranges, while the women from Vela Luka showed how to make traditional delicacies from the island of Korčula, such as hrostule, pršurate (kind of donuts), lumblija and utopljenici.

This year also, the pupils from the primary school Marin Getaldić, visited these workshops, as well as numerous co-citizens, and media representatives from Dubrovnik also gladly took the “ladle” in their hands.

The unavoidable part of the sweet week was the competition for the best quince cheese, mantala and caramelized almonds. The jury of experts chaired by professor of Culinary Arts, Mr. Josip Žuvela, had a sweet, but difficult task to choose the best of numerous delicacies that were brought for assessment from different parts of our county. In the category of the quince cheese, there were 22 different products, in the category of mantala 14 products, and in the category of caramelized almonds were 13 products.

Today, on December 14th, we celebrated the richness of diversity and the perfection of harmony for gourmet palates.

The awards for quince cheese:

1. Golden plaque share:

  • Dubrovačka kuća d.o.o., Dubrovnik
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik
  • Paulina Klokoč, Župa dubrovačka

The awards for mantala:

1. Golden Plaque: OPG Đano, Konavle, Dubravka

2. Silver Plaque: Agritourism Brautović, Konavle Močići

3. Bronze plaque share:

  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovačka kuća, Dubrovnik

The awards for caramelized almonds:

1. Golden Plaque: DEŠA – Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik

2. Silver Plaque: Dubrovačka kuća d.o.o., Dubrovnik

3. Bronze plaque: Mirjana Handabaka, Župa dubrovačka