Final conference N.O.N.A.

Youth in the labour market

On June 19th in Dubrovnik was held the final conference of the project „New Opportunities and New Approaches to increase the employability of young people with a university degree at the territory of Dubrovnik-neretva county (N.O.N.A.), that was implemented by DEŠA-Dubrovnik in partnership with COSPE from Fireneze, and in co-operation with CES-Branch office Dubrovnik, through IPA IV component – Human resources development.

After the greeting words from the deputy county prefect, Mr. Frano Skokandić and Mr. Dasen Jasprica, head of the CES-Branch office Dubrovnik, DEŠA’s president, Ms Jany Hansal presented the project results. The partners from Italy, Mr. Giovanni Gravina and Ms. Maria Donata Rinaldi presented the association COSPE and share the experiences from their projects with young people implemented worldwide.

Ms Mirjana Stanković from CES, Regional Service Dubrovnik contributed to the conference with the presentation on the topic: “National Programme for Stimulation of Employment 2011 -2012.”

Interesting presentations were performed by the project beneficiaries who shared their personal experiences of participation in the project: Iva Pozniak and Mario Didović from Dubrovnik and Igor Antolović from Metković.

It was concluded that: the project “NONA – Youth at the labor market in Dubrovnik Neretva County “has been fully implemented. It was planned that the project involve 130 beneficiaries, but it included in even 152 beneficiaries.46 beneficiaries, with the help of skills and knowledge acquired during the project implementation, managed to find a job, which is 30% of the total number of beneficiaries of the project activities.

At the conference the project partners agreed on monitoring and providing necessary support to the project beneficiaries in their further placement of acquired knowledge and skills in the labor market.

The extraordinary success of the implemented project is reflected in the fact that the project partners are connected and with coordinated action throughout the entire project created a partnership model that should be applied and jointly positioned, by a young project participants, and young people in general, in order to secure their rights and competitive position at the labor market.