December 2012

  • The founding session of the Civil Society Council of the City of Dubrovnik, which was led by the Member of Parliament and Deputy Mayor, Ms Tatjana Šimac Bonačić, was held on December 20th. President of DEŠA – Dubrovnik, Ms. Jany Hansal, was elected president of the Civil Society Council, and Ms Andrea Novaković as a vice-president. At the meeting was agreed to draw up operational plan for the next two years.
  • On December 20th 2012, DEŠA’s member attended the founding assembly of CEDRA HR in Osijek. At the meeting we have defined the statute of CEDRA HR, elected president and secretary, and agreed on a partnership statement and further actions for future joint projects.
  • The pupils from the primary school Marin Getaldić, under the supervision of their techer, Ms Snježana Viteškić, visited DEŠA’s premises on December 20th. DEŠA’s member, Ms Marija Veltruski, showed them how to make a carol from Dubrovačko primorje (traditional custom of making out delicacy with dried figs and olive branches, apples or oranges, while singing carols). Member of DESA, Mrs. Mary Veltruski, showed the children how to make carol from Dubrovačko primorje.After that, the children worked out their own carol which will be shown in their school.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the II International scientific interdisciplinary symposium, titled “Croatian folklore and ethnographic heritage in the light of Dubrovnik’s, world and tourist present “, which was held from December 11th to 13th 2012. DEŠA’s member, Romana Hansal gave a lecture on “Dubrovnik sour orange – innovation of heritage in Dubrovnik offer of gastronomic souvenirs”.
  • DEŠA’s representative visited students of the second year of the Graduate studies of Economics and Business economics at the University of Dubrovnik, and gave them the presentation of DEŠA’s activities. She introduced the student with the importance of civil society in Croatia, DEŠA’s significant projects and the importance of civic activism and volunteer work in the community. The association DEŠA Dubrovnik, for many years has been successfully co-operating with the University of Dubrovnik on various projects, and involves students in its activities.
  • For the second year in a row, DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized Sweet week to meet the Christmas, to joy of all the citizens of Dubrovnik Neretva county. Throughout the week, from December 12th to 14th, it was possible to see, smell and taste deliciacies from the entire area of Dubrovnik Neretva County. The citizens had an opportunity to participate in all organized workshops and to learn how to prepare these Christmas delicacies by themselves, with the help of industrious women from DEŠA Dubrovnik, Dubrovačka Kuća and association The League against cancer from Vela Luka. more info
  • During the “Sweet week to meet the Christmas” Deša – Dubrovnik organized a workshop on caramelized almonds. The workshop was attended by numerous fellow citizens, as well as the professor, Snježana Viteškić with her pupils from the third grade from the primary school Marin Getaldić. The workshop participants were able to see the process of preparing caramelized almonds and taste the freshly made products.
  • The representative of DEŠA participated in the lecture on the use of funds from the Cohesion and Structural EU Funds, that was organized by Dubrovnik Neretva County and prepared by the Slovenian company OIKOS. The topics were: Europe 2020 – How to examine the relevance of the projects intended for financing from structural funds and rural development funds and Preparation of projects – an overview of the process and methods in defining projects, with particular emphasis on the integration of multiple projects.

November 2012

  • We are proud to announce that the Primary School Marin Držić awarded DEŠA –Dubrovnik for its participation in the voluntary initiative “Golden Oil for golden years”, with one liter of extra virgin olive oil. The bottle is decorated with the label made by the school art section, which clearly shows us that it is enough to motivate our children to awake their creativity and social sensitivity. We congratulate to the Primary School Marin Držić for obtaining the first prize “The imprint of the heart”, in this year’s election of the most innovative models to motivate and engage pupils for voluntary work at the schools and the community, which was awarded by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development.
  • A representative of DESA participated in the workshop as a part of the project “Enhancing the capacities of Croatian Associations for the information access” that has been implemented by the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data from Zagreb and the Expert Forum from Romania. The workshop was held in Dubrovnik, on November 23rd, and was attended by representatives of civil society and local authorities from the area of Dubrovnik Neretva County.
  • The Executive Secretary of DEŠA, Ms Ana Cvjetković, was elected as one of the members of the Supervisory Board in the “shadow”, of the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”. This Supervisory Board of the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”, that was founded by the Ministry of Labor and pension systems, will ensure the effectiveness and the quality of the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development” within the 1st generation of Structural Funds. The Supervisory Board covers the following areas of work: employment, education, social inclusion, social entrepreneurship, people with disabilities, young people, women, ethnic minorities, veterans and volunteers, and as a part of the aforementioned, there were selected 9 members of the Supervisory Board “in the shadow” and 3 substitutes. The ultimate objective of the IV Component of IPA, is to prepare Croatia for a satisfactory level of absorption of funds from the European Social Fund. Through the IV IPA component, for ESF prepare not only the government and public institutions, but also a wide range of potential users of resources, such as local and regional governments, civil society organizations, social partners and others.
  • A representative of DEŠA participated in a regional forum for the citizens of Europe 2012, that was held in Varaždin, from November 15th to 16th. The Forum, which was organized by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs, was attended by over 80 representatives of civil society organizations and local authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Croatian, with the aim of establishing partnerships and creating new project ideas.
  • Dubrovnik, November 13th 2012 – The first forum of social entrepreneurship for Dubrovnik Neretva County on the topic “The roles and responsibilities in development of social entrepreneurship” was held on November 13th 2012 in the Great Hall of the City of Dubrovnik. The Forum was organized by DEŠA, DURA, development agency of Dubrovnik and Social Entrepreneurship Forum (SEFOR), and funded by UniCredit Foundation.

    The aim of the forum was to bring together all the key stakeholders of development of social entrepreneurship and to present models and identify further prospects of development of eco-social economy in the region.

    On the behalf of the Ministry of Labour and pension systems, Ms Katarina Knežević Ivanković gave presentation, as well as a deputy director of the Office for Cooperation with NGOs, Ms. Vesna Lendić Kasalo. The representatives of local government, civil society and the business sector also took part in discussion. The topics discussed at the Forum were: eco-social economy from a regional perspective, social entrepreneurship as a development model and the role of civil society in development of social entrepreneurship. Through a series of thematic forums were presented the perspectives of joint action to create new jobs on the principles of eco-social economy, especially for socially excluded groups. At the same time, opened a space for the exchange of experiences in application of different models of social entrepreneurship. više informacija

  • The ombudswoman for gender equality, Ms Višnja Ljubičić, visited DEŠA’s premises in order support us in our work and efforts to contribute to the protection and implementation of women’s and human rights. Ombudswoman for Gender Equality stays in Dubrovnik since she participates in the 21st Conference of Croatian Psychologists.
  • Member of DEŠA, Romana Hansal, implemented the campaign to raise awareness and get acquainted with volunteering and voluntary activities within the campaign “Volunteer, be a change!” all the pupils from the primary school Marin Držić. This campaign was implemented from October 10th to November 5th. As a highlight of voluntary work promotion, together with the pupils from the primary school Marin Držić, we came up to the idea to implement a volunteer initiative called “Golden oil for golden generations”. Namely, in the school yard there are 27 olive trees, which, this year (thanks to the school Eco godfather, Vrtlar d.o.o.) after pruning, gave a rich yield of olives.

    The school implemented a voluntary initiative “Golden Oil Golden Generation” on November 8th 2012 , in which participated the association DEŠA- Dubrovnik, Vrtlar d.o.o., parents, teachers, and all 511 pupils of primary school Marin Držić. Just before olive harvest, a member of DEŠA, Romana Hansal and Zrinka Kesić from Vrtlar d.o.o., gave a presentation on the meaning and value of olive trees in our area. After the presentation, we have started harvesting olives in the schoolyard. The pupils from the primary school Marin Držić, all school employees, association DEŠA and worker from Vrtlar d.o.o., participated in olive harvest and jointly picked 716 kilos of olives. more info

October 2012

  • The representative of DEŠA – Dubrovnik successfully participated with Slow Food convinium from Dubrovnik, in the Terra Madre gathering and Salone del Gusto in Torino, that was held from October 24th to 29th, where she successfully presented DEŠA’s jam made of Dubrovnik sour orange, at the stall of Dubrovnik – Neretva County and wider. Namely, the Terra Madre was filming a documentary, and it was DEŠA’s jam made of Dubrovnik sour oranges chosen to be a part of a documentary.
  • A representative of DEŠA participated in the workshop “Entrepreneurship in the culture – sustainable use of culture for development of local community,” which was held from October 25th to 26th in the IMPACT Center in Zadar. The workshop was organized by the Institute of International Relations, National Foundation for Civil Society Development and the United Nations Development Program in Croatia. The workshop embraced topics about promoting entrepreneurship in the culture and the best practices from Croatia were presented.
  • Within the frame of the grant of the EU Delegation, “Young at Heart – the Award of the European Year for Active Ageing”, Ms. Marija Veltruski won the award for the Best Senior in 2012, for her selfless work in the community. On the occasion of this award, on the October 24th 2012, Ms. Veltruski, with the help of DEŠA – Dubrovnik and the Delegation of the European Union, organized a Generational gathering at the Hotel Admiral in Slano. more info

  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik handed over a donation of two computers to the Prison in Dubrovnik, which will be used for IT training of prisoners.
  • DEŠA’s representative participated at the workshop on the topic “Social planning and quality standards of social services – procedures and application in practice,” which was held on October 17th and 18th at the Hotel Lero in Dubrovnik. The purpose of the workshop was meeting actors of social policy, social service providers from the public and private sectors in the area of Dubrovnik, with the methodology of social planning aiming to align priorities and further development of the social policy of the City of Dubrovnik. The workshop was organized by the Department of Education, Sports, Social Welfare and the Civil Society of the City of Dubrovnik, in cooperation with the “Association of Social Workers of Dubrovnik” and association “Social Policy and Inclusion, SPUK, Zagreb.”
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in ethno event “Trace of heritage and customs of Dubrovnik-Neretva County” on Wednesday, October 17th. The event was held in front of the St. Blaise’s Church, and was organized by the Association Dalmatia Event and Dalmatian hot spots magazine. With Folk Ensemble Linđo and the Center for Entrepreneurship Dubrovnik, DEŠA was a partner of the event, which aims to develop a recognizable joint tourist offer and encourage the development of small and medium entrepreneurship.
  • On Wednesday, October 10th at 01 p.m. at DEŠA’s premises in Lazareti, were awarded scholarships to students of crafts occupations in Dubrovnik – Neretva County. Member of the Board of Anthony and Evelyn Mrgudić Fund from Libertas Foundation from San Pedro, California, Ms. Lucy Hazdovac, awarded 10 scholarships to families of students from crafts schools, for the school year 2012 / 2013. This is the tenth year in a row that Libertas Foundation helps students of vocational schools in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The goal of this scholarship is to encourage young people to stay in rural parts of the county, the motivation to learn better and financial aid for the families of the poor financial situation. more info

  • Since October 5th to October 8th, the 6th Croatian Festival of jams and marmalades was held on Stradun, in front of St. Blaise’s church. Over a hundred kinds of marmalades and jams – made of oranges, figs, plums, lemons, cherries, strawberries and other fruits and herbs, homemade liqueurs, cakes, etc. were exhibited at the Festival. The festival of jams and marmalades, which traditionally, for the sixth consecutive year, enriches tourist offer of Dubrovnik, was organized by the associations DEŠA and Dubrovnik orange, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce – County Chamber of Dubrovnik. more info
  • Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Youth of the Republic of Croatia, have opened a tender for the selection of the best senior woman in the European Year of Active Ageing, under the name “Young at Heart”. DEŠA – Dubrovnik proposed its diligent member, Ms. Marija Veltruski, who was selected as one of the three equal winners for the entire Republic of Croatia.

    For years, Ms. Veltruski has been volunteering with children to whom, from an early age, points to the consequences of ecological negligence, encourages them to preserve traditional heritage, teach them about the concept of voluntary work and by connecting the youngest and senior population, realizes human relationships within the community.

    The award to was handed over toMs. Veltruski by the Head of EU Delegation to Croatia, the Ambassador Paul Vandoren and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Policy and Youth, Ms. Milanka Opačić. more info

September 2012

  • Under the slogan “Volunteer, be a change! ‘ on September 21st, the International Day of Peace, started the national campaign” Croatia volunteers! “, and by means of various public activities, individuals, organizations and businesses will promote voluntary work in their communities. DEŠA-Dubrovnik was involved into the campaign and promoted voluntary work and voluntary activities in the Gymnasium Dubrovnik and elementary school Marin Getaldić.

August 2012

  • The representatives from DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the international cultural event “The World Without Borders”, which was held in Osijek from August 27th to September 1st 2012. The event was organized by the Association Breza from Osijek, and brought together NGOs, members of the Anna Lindh Foundation. Representatives from DEŠA, Jelena Klekar and Elena Drašković, successfully held creative workshops on silk painting for children and young people from Osijek.

June 2012

  • On June 19th in Dubrovnik was held the final conference of the project „New Opportunities and New Approaches to increase the employability of young people with a university degree at the territory of Dubrovnik-neretva county (N.O.N.A.), that was implemented by DEŠA-Dubrovnik in partnership with COSPE from Fireneze, and in co-operation with CES-Branch office Dubrovnik, through IPA IV component – Human resources development. more info
  • Humanitarian and peacekeeping organization Deša-Dubrovnik, on the occasion of the Days of Associations, organized a “Day of Open Doors of the Associations” on Saturday June 16th, at its premises in Lazareti. On that occasion, the association presented its program and presented the work of the Association.At the same time, on June 16th, from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. DEŠA’s section for creative activities presented the skills of handiwork in the park at Pile and thus contributed to the denotation of the international event – (World Wide Knitting in public), which evaluates the handiwork and promotes the skills and creativity of people .
  • Zeleni Forum from Rijeka dubrovačka, Eko Omblići, Zeleno Sunce and DEŠA – Dubrovnik, with humanitarian – environmental actions denoted the World Environment Day on June 5th, in front of the Sponza palace. This joint action was named “Dubrovnik City without plastic bags – Croatia without plastic bags – the whole planet without plastic bags!”Together we presented and sold at promotional prices, recycled cotton bags, paper bags and garbage bags made of bio-degradable plastics. Children from kindergarten, young activist from Eko Omblići, pupils from the 2nd A grade from elementary school Marin Getaldić on paper bags drew and wrote ecological messages for our cleaner and greener environment. The entire revenues from the sales of organic products was designed for the association of people with dystrophy, with cerebral and polio palsy and other physically disabled people of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.
  • Famous American explorer grandmothers, Ragina Faser and Pat Johsnon, during their show “The Grannies on Safari”, paid visit to DEŠA-Dubrovnik. They were shooting their show at several locations in Dubrovnik, and also at DEŠA’s premises, where they got acquainted with the national costumes and production of indigenous delicacies, jam made from Dubrovnik bitter orange and arancini.

May 2012

  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the Day of the social enterprises 2012 which took place on May 31st 2012 at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management. It was organized by NESsT association. The leaders of social enterprises, government representatives, business and nonprofit sectors gathered together on the same spot in order to make joint comments on social enterprises and create a supportive environment for its development.
  • Within the implementation of the project “Young, brave and enterprising” DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized the final exhibition of stone cutting workshop that was held in the city of Korčula in the spring time. 18 pupils from the Primary school Petar Kanavelić from Korčula, learned how to make out stone souvenirs, and they will present their works at the exhibition at the Cultural Center of Korčula on May 25th 2012 starting at 06:30 p.m. The project “Young, brave and enterprising” has been funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.
  • The members of DEŠA’s patchwork club held a patchwork workshop on May 4th to 6th in Split , organized for the members of the League for the prevention of addiction in Split. The workshop was exceptionally well visited and the future cooperation was agreed upon.

April 2012

  • Ms. Jany Hansal, DEŠA’s president, participated in the meeting of HMRR (Croatian Network for Rural Development) in ethno-village Suza, 15 kilometers away from Beli Manastir, on April 20th and 21st 2012.

This was a regular annual conference which was preceded by a workshop on ” The Network Nowadays and Tomorrow”, where the network members gathered and made recommendations for future work. It was pointed out that the network participated in and initiated the establishment of LAGs, and the future goal of the network will be to support technically established LAGs, aid in education, strategic plans, potential further networking, etc.

Annual General Meeting of HMRR was held on April 21st with annual reports, which have been accepted and the operational plan of the Network was also approved. Two new members were also introduced to the Network: Una Lag and Lag Vuka -Dunav, so that the network now has 15 members now.

Hosts of the Network Assembly were members of HMRR, Lag Baranja and Association Slap from Osijek.

  • On the occasion of the greatest Christian holiday Easter, DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a traditional Easter workshops on knitting and egg painting, at its premises in Lazareti. The workshops on palm knitting were held from March 27th to March 28th 2012, and workshops on egg painting were held during the period from April 3rd to April 5th 2012. In addition to the traditional egg painting workshop, this year DEŠA organized a workshop on the artistic egg painting, that were held from April 4th to April 5th 2012. The workshops were attended by children from kindergartens and primary schools from the town of Dubrovnik, as well as the great number of our co-citizens.

March 2012

  • In cooperation with Dr. Dubravko Lepušić, project manager of the project “Knowledge is a pleasure,” DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a lecture for young high school students on Friday, March 30th at the premises of the Gymnasium Dubrovnik. Ph.D. Lepušić gave a lecture about the dangers brought by ignorance, irresponsible sexual behavior and the importance of education and prevention.

In all the schools in which has been presented so far, the project “Knowledge is a pleasure,” was well received, especially from young people, because the project takes the easy way, speaks their language and explains about sexually responsible behavior. This project is recommended and supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Ministry of Health, Zagreb City Government, the Agency for Education and Gender Equality Commission of Dubrovnik Neretva County.

  • DEŠA-Dubrovnik participated in the 9th Mediterranean Fair of Healthy Food, Medicinal Herbs and Green Entrepreneurship, that was held in Hotel Tirena- Babin kuk Dubrovnik, from March 29th – April 1st. The fair attracted a large number of exhibitors, experts, enthusiasts, who presented most of the organic and traditional products, which are abundant in our country.

As well as each year DEŠA presented autochthonous products and traditional crafts from Dubrovnik region, and within the Fair we organized workshops on weaving, embroidery from Konavle and the Island of Mljet, egg painting and palm knitting.

  • Within the implementation of the project N.O.N.A. – Youth in the labor market, financed by EU, DEŠA – Dubrovnik successfully implemented multiday trainings “From idea to project”, “Project Management” and “Leader approach”, which took place in Dubrovnik.

    The workshops were attended by 20 young unemployed persons from the area of Dubrovnik. Young people were acquainted with the terminology and the tools needed to write project proposals for the EU such as: the EU funds, sectors of society, Project Cycle Management, Creating logical framework, Budget Preparation, preparation of project proposals, Europass … and the Italian partner from the association COSPE and an expert on the subject of the LEADER approach, presented the importance of rural development and local action groups, as well as good examples from the region Toscana.

    The training “LEADER approach” was held in Vela Luka and Metković, as a final part of the activity package “Youth and their active role in society.” According to evaluations of the training, unemployed youth have adopted many new skills that will pass on to the future project ideas.

  • Within the implementation of the project on raising awareness about responsible disposal of waste “Trash do not have to be our enemy”, DEŠA’s member Romana Hansal visited the elementary school Marin Držić, and together with a volunteer Eta Kačić, in the classes 2A, 2c 2.b. 1.a. and 1.b. held workshops on responsible disposal of waste on March 21st and 22nd 2012. Through playing and presentation children learned what it meant to reduce the quantity of waste, to reuse it, and why it is necessary to recycle waste. Their questions and interest in the subject have shown a high willingness and desire to preserve the environment, but also understanding how the recycled waste is not garbage, but a resource that saves money, energy and preserves nature.
  • On March 20th 2012, within the implementation of the project “Trash do not have to be our enemy,” DEŠA was visited by the pupils from the 2 A class of elementary school Marin Getaldić, accompanied by their teacher Snježana Viteškić. Children were trained in responsible waste separation, conducted by DEŠA’s member Romana Hansal. Through playing with the volunteer Eta, they learned what it meant to reduce waste and re-use it, and why it is necessary to recycle.
  • DEŠA- Dubrovnik has been implementing the project “New opportunities and new approaches to increase the employability of young people with university degrees in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County” – “N.O.N.A. “), within IPA Component IV, Human Resources Development, Youth in the labor market, which is financed by the EU. Through project activities DEŠA organized a study tour to Italy for the representatives of the institutions relevant for the issues of education and employment of young people in Dubrovnik – Neretva County.

The study tour, which was realized from the March 11th to 16th 2012, Ms Terezina Orlić, president of the Croatian Chamber of Economy of Dubrovnik – Neretva County, Mr Dasen Jasprica, head of the Croatian Employment Service, District Office in Dubrovnik, Ms Ivona Vrdoljak Raguž, Head of the Department of economics and business at the University of Dubrovnik, Nina Skurić, Head of the Office of intergenerational solidarity, veterans and family, Ms Anđelka Kelava, journalist from Dubrovački vjesnik, Ms Jany Hansal president of DEŠA – Dubrovnik and Ana Cvjetković, executive secretary of DEŠA – Dubrovnik.

Besides getting acquainted with the work of the University of Tuscany, the Employment Service in the Tuscany Region, the regional offices that deal with issues of youth employment in Florence, the participants visited the Tuscany Region, the Department of Economic Development and the COSPE Association where they got acquainted with all projects which COSPE implements in the wider region. COSPE Association is a partner in the implementation of this project. Study tour enabled participants to learn more about the measures of active employment of youth in Italy, especially in the Tuscany Region, as well as to get acquainted with the examples of best practices, which we could successfully apply in our community.

  • President of the DEŠA – Dubrovnik, Ms. Jany Hansal, who is also a member of the Commission for Gender Equality of Dubrovnik Neretva County, participated in the roundtable entitled “Yes, you can do it!” dedicated to women with disabilities. The round table was organized on March 9th by the Commission for Gender Equality of Dubrovnik Neretva County on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik and the Association KRUG – branch office Dubrovnik, denoted the “International Women’s Day” with thematically rich cultural and entertaining program, on March 8th at Desa’s premises in Lazareti. Numerous women of all ages attended last night this traditional event at DEŠA’s premises. After the introductory words of Ms. Hansal and Ms Orlic, attendees were greeted by Ms Olga Muratti, on behalf of City of Dubrovnik and the Women’s Forum of SDP, but as she said herself, primarily as a woman. The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day was one of the most pressing problems of today’s woman “Women and the Labour Market “. Ms. Jany Hansal, president of DEŠA, gave a presentation,” Promotion of economic empowerment of women “and Ms. Terezina Orlić, president of the CIRCLE branch office Dubrovnik, also gave a presentation” Female entrepreneurship nowadays “. more info
  • Representatives of DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the Fifth fair of jobs which primary topic was the employment of women and persons with disabilities. The Fifth fair of jobs was held on March 8th at the premises of the University of Dubrovnik, and was organized by CES – Regional office Dubrovnik. Representatives of DEŠA coordinated the roundtable entitled “Women in the labor market”, which was attended by all relevant institutions of the labor market, and also by numerous job seekers. The conclusion of the round table was that, regardless of the time in which we find ourselves, the role of woman in the society has quite advanced compared to the previous generations, but not sufficient, nor so far as it would be necessary.
  • On March 5th 2012 have started stone cutting workshops in Korčula, within the implementation of the project “Young, brave and enterprising”, implemented by DEŠA – Dubrovnik, and the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

Workshop leader is Mr. Željko Nobilo, whose indigenous stone souvenirs have been bought by tourists an carried all around the world. Young participants of the workshop showed great interest for the work because they want to express their creativity through something new, and in the future, to contribute to the tourist offer of their native island. The results of this workshop, in the form of stone souvenirs, shall be exhibited at the end of the workshop at the City Library Ivan Vidali in Korčula, and then at DEŠA’s premises in Lazareti

  • Within the implementation of the project N.O.N.A. – Youth in the labor market, financed by the EU, DEŠA – Dubrovnik has successfully implemented trainings of several days duration “From idea to realization” and “Project Management”, which started on the March 2nd in Metković. The workshops were attended by 30 unemployed young people from the area of Neretva Valley. Young people were acquainted with the terminology and tools necessary to write the project proposals for the EU such as: the EU funds, sectors of society, Project Cycle Management, Logical Framework Development, Budget, etc. The same trainings will be held in Vela Luka on March 5th and at the beginning of April in Dubrovnik. The third training from this activity package, “LEADER approach” will be organized during the month of April in the same towns. At this training, youth will be acquainted with the best practices from the region of Tuscany. više informacija

February 2012

  • For the third year in a row, the associations DEŠA – Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik orange organized a manifestation of a humanitarian character, named “Day of sour orange” on the Candlemass day, February 2nd from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. at Luža premises. This year, we called this event a sweet-hot manifestation, since we used all features of our sour orange to create outstanding products, such as cakes, prepared by the hotels from Dubrovnik, cakes made by our volunteers and various liqueurs. Our aim was to magnify the festivity of st. Blaise and promote our products from orange and sour orange, such as jam, arancini, liqueurs, various cookies and cakes. We used the opportunity to promote the old way of eating oysters too. The lemon has arrived in Dubrovnik in the 15th century and sour orange in 10th century, so the visitors had the possibility to taste oysters from Ston with slice of sour orange and a glass of wine from Korčula and Pelješac vineyards.

This humanitarian action and sweet – hot manifestation, by donations in desserts, wine and seedlings of sour oranges, supported Dubrovnik hotels: Hotel Kompas, Excelsior Hotel & Spa, Hotel Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik, Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik, the Grand Hotel Park in Dubrovnik, Hotel Lapad in Dubrovnik, Hotel Petka Dubrovnik, Hotel Valamar Lacroma, Hotel Ivka, and wineries from Lumbarda: Cebalo, Milina Bire and Milina Lovrić, wineries Matuško and Miličić from Potomje and winery Miloš from Ponikve, while the sour orange seedlings were donated by the Institute of olive-growing and Mediterranean plants at the University of Dubrovnik. Despite bad weather, our fellow citizens joined this humanitarian action in a large number, and EŠA managed to gather 9.000,00 kn for the realization of project of Caritas “Shelter for victims of domestic violence”. more info

January 2012

  • DEŠA’s president, Ms. Jany Hansal, attended the meeting with women owners or co-owners of vineyards and wine production on the island of Korčula and Pelješac peninsula on Tuesday, January 24th. This meeting was organized by the association Krug-branch office Dubrovnik. On this occasion, Ms. Hansal agreed upon the cooperation in future activities and charity events. Thus, the winery Milina-Lovrić, Milina _Bire and Cebalo from Lumbarda and Matuško and Miličić from Potomje and winery Miloš from Ponikve, gave their contribution in wine for humanitarian manifestation “The day of sour orange”, so that all together provide help for the renewal of “Shelter for victims of domestic violence” organized by Caritas Dubrovnik.

The whole community to work for the common good.

  • Ms Jany Hansal, DEŠA’s president participated in the annual award ceremony for social entrepreneurship and annual award for socio-entrepreneurial idea. The award ceremony for social entrepreneurship has been a part of SEFOR project (Forum of Social Entrepreneurship), which has been implemented by the Organization for creative development SLAP from Osijek, in co-operation with the Center for Technical Education from Rijeka and the association Split Healthy City, and has been funded by the EU through the IPA component IV, Human resources development. DEŠA – Dubrovnik, with its idea of social cooperative “Dubrovnik sour orange”, was one of five finalists for the best socio-entrepreneurial idea.
  • The representatives of local government from Korčula and Ploče, participated in a study visit to Sutrio, Italy, from January 16th to 19th. This study visit is a part of the project “Gente che ama Ospitare”, implemented by the Italian municipality of Sutrio. At the initiative of DEŠA, Dubrovnik, the cities of Ploče and Korčula were involved in this project as partners and their representatives participated in the study visit. During the kick-off meeting in Sutrio, was signed a partnership agreement and established a joint program of work.

The exchange of experiences and knowledge through cross-border cooperation greatly contributes to more balanced sustainable development of the territories, not just at local but also at regional level.