December 2011

  • In co-operation with Dubrovačka kuća and Tourist Board of Dubrovnik, DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized a Day of sweet delicacies from Dubrovnik, in front of the Sponza palace on December 17th. All visitors had an opportunity to taste traditional gastro delicacies from Dubrovnik region (such as mantala, kontonjata (quince cheese, arancini, almonds crusted in sugar etc….)
  • On the occasion of the „Sweet week to meet the Christmas“organized by DEŠA-Dubrovnik, DEŠA’s premises were full of interesting events, joy and sweetness on December 14th. Women from Vela Luka and Blato were making sweet delicacies from their island, and our co-citizens had an opportunity to taste it all, and our small volunteers from the Primary school Marin Getaldić and Kindergarten from Cavtat, had a special delight.

All those who were waiting for the results of the contest for the best kontonjata (quince cheese) and mantala (delicacy made of must) were happy gaining valuable awards for these old indigenous delicacies. The awarding committee, made up of experts and under the chairmanship of culinary professor Mr. Josip Žuvela, had a very difficult task to choose the best from the excellent delicacies that were brought from various parts of our county. In the category of Kontonjata there were 20 different products and in the category of Mantala only 8 products. These are not small figures since mantala is delicacy dating from ancient times, and nowadays, only a few people know how to prepare it. In our consumer society Mantala is almost unknown. more info

  • The International interdisciplinary scientific symposium „ Croatian folklore and ethnographic heritage in the light of the actuality in Dubrovnik, world and tourism“organised by Folklore Ensamble Linđo was held from December 11th to 13th in Dubrovnik. DEŠA’s representative took active part in this Symposium giving the presentation „Silk – our cultural heritage“. She presented the importance of silkworm in the life of the people of Dubrovnik region and the role of DESA in the renewal of traditional craft of silk production and silkworm breeding in Dubrovnik area.
  • Within the implementation of the project „ Together for sustainable development of Croatia“, he president of DEŠA, Ms Jany Hansal, together with 14 representatives of Croatian Network for Rural Development, paid a visit to Bruxelles and rural area in Western Netherlands, from December 5th to 9th.Besides Croatian Network for Rural Development and ODRAZ, the participants of this study visit were representatives of DEŠA, LAGs from Gorski Kotar, PRIZAG and a new LEADE initiative named Izvor. The participants of this study visit had a series of interesting meetings, gathered useful information and suggestions, and met the inspiring experiences in the field of rural development in Netherlands. The study visit was organized by ODRAZ, Croatian Network for Rural Development and Mr. Paul Kosterink, the partner from Netherlands.
  • The participants especially highly rated their encounter with DG AGRI of European Commission, where during the 2,5 hours they had an opportunity to talk with 5 interlocutors from various units, and got acquainted with the proposed turnover in the politics of rural development, foreseen commitments of Croatia until and after the accession, but also to present their attitudes and ask questions, mostly about the implementation of the LEADER measure.
  • Slovenian Cultural Society Lipa from Dubrovnik and the Slovenian Cultural Society Triglav from Split arranged an exhibition on the bobbin lace in Idrija technique at DEŠA’s premises. The exhibition was open daily from December 5th to 9th from 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.

November 2011

  • DEŠA’s representatives participated in the workshop of the IPA programme CBC CRO-BIH cross -border project. The workshop was held on November 18th 2011.at hotel Mogorjelo in Čapljina, and was organized by the Regional Center for Gender Equality in Zagreb. The project aims to improve cross-border cooperation between the Dubrovnik Neretva county and the Herzegovina-Neretva County through the joint participation of women in the rural tourist offer.
  • DEŠA’s representative participated in the Training on the financial aspects of the implementation of projects financed by the EU, that took place on November 17th and 18th in Zagreb. The Training was organized by TACSO office in Croatia.
  • Within the EU project M.O.T.S. has been implemented by DESA – Dubrovnik in partnership with the Center for Entrepreneurship Dubrovnik and the Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Dubrovnik, on November 10th 2011 the representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship, Directorate for International Cooperation in the Field of Labor and Social Security, and representatives of the European Commission, Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and inclusion – DG EMPL, paid visit to DEŠA. They have already visited 4 Slavonian counties that have used a maximum funding from European funds, and Dalmatian counties, which have used the minimum advantage of EU funds, including Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The exceptionally successful results of the MOTS (Women in the labor market) were presented by Ms Jany Hansal, the president of DEŠA, who emphasized the importance of good partnership in the implementation of such projects and achievement of top results. Since the project M.O.T.S. resulted with significant results (233 beneficiaries of the project, and 68 of women over 40), the representatives of the Commission expressed their satisfaction and encouraged DEŠA to follow up and further apply on EU Calls for proposals.
  • DESA’s president, Ms Jany Hansal participated in the 6th Congress of women entrepreneurs from Adriatic-Ionian region, that was held on November 3rd and 4th in Split. The topic of the Congress was „Networking- one of the instruments of success“. Ms Hansal gave the presentation on „ The ways in which the Civil society organization encourages women’s entrepreneurship“.

October 2011

  • DESA’s representative participated in the Training on formatting, monitoring and evaluation of the measures of active politics of employment, that was held on October 27th and 28th in Šibenik, in organization of Croatian Employment Service, the contracting authority for the projects „Women in the labour market“. This training was intended for representatives of public institutions and civil sector who were involved in formatting, monitoring and implementation of the measures of active politics of employment. DESA – Dubrovnik and its project „More opportunities through new skills“ was presented as the organization which, through its project for women in the labour market, achieved excellent results in employability and self-employment of the project beneficiaries. DESA’s representative gave a presentation on the project „Women in the labour market – MOTS“, which DESA implemented in co-operation with Dubrovnik centre for entrepreneurship and Croatian Employment service- branch office Dubrovnik.
  • The conference „Women in the labour market in Dubrovnik-neretva county“ took place on Thursday, October 20th, at the premises of Centre for Advanced Academic Studies Dubrovnik. This conference was the final activity of the project „New opportunities through new skills“, that has been implemented by DEŠA-Dubrovnik in co-operation with partners: Dubrovnik centre for entrepreneurship and CES-Branch office Dubrovnik, through the component IV- Human resources development. more info
  • The 6th GEF Biennial International Waters Conference, organized by Global Environment Facility and the United Nations Development Program, took place from October 17th – 20th in Dubrovnik. The conference was attended by 350 participants from 80 countries. DEŠA-Dubrovnik gathered children and teachers from Primary school Gruda – local school Pridvorje, Kindergarten “Konavle”, Cavtat – mixed nursery group II, Kindergarten Slano and Primary school Lapad, who worked out paintings and drawings on the topic of waters, and their exhibition garnished this conference with Mediterranean colors. During the conference DEŠA-Dubrovnik presented old traditional crafts from Dubrovnik region, and offered indigenous souvenirs and gastro souvenirs such as: arancini, almonds coated in sugar, jam made of Dubrovnik sour orange, and all participants of the conference wanted to taste it.
  • Within the implementation of the project „New opportunities and new approaches to increase the employability of young people with university degree at the territory of Dubrovnik-neretva county“, implemented by DEŠA-Dubrovnik in co-operation with its partners and financed by European Union, a kick-off meeting was held at the premises of the Municipality Vela Luka.
  • The mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Boris Žuvela with DEŠA’s president agreed upon continuation of successful co-operation in organizing educational courses. Furthermore, within the implementation of the project N.O.N.A., at the City Hall was organized motivational workshop for young unemployed persons. On this occasion DEŠA presented to them project activities and opportunities to take part in courses and workshops for free.
  • On the occasion of denotation of International year of voluntary work, Croatian Employment Service-Branch office Dubrovnik organized a forum entitled „ The importance of voluntary work in the community“. The forum was held on October 12th, In the City Hall Dubrovnik. At the forum participated DEŠA-Dubrovnik, the Association of multiple sclerosis, the Family centre Dubrovnik, Volunteer’s Centre Dubrovnik, the Association of volunteers MI, Split and ACMT Dubrovnik. DEŠA’s president, gave a lecture on the importance of the voluntary work for the community. There were also presented experiences of other stakeholders from Dubrovnik-Neretva County, who actively nourish and promote voluntary work, as well as the experiences of the guests from Split-Dalmatia County, aiming to emphasize the importance of this altruistic work.
  • DESA’s representatives participated in the fair manifestation “Herzegovinian fruits of the Mediterranean”, that was held on October 7th and 8th in Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the first time that DESA presented its programs, activities and products at this event.

September 2011

  • The 5th Croatian Festival of Jams and Marmalades was held from September 30th – October 2nd in Dubrovnik. Over a hundred kinds of marmalades and jams – made of oranges, lemons, figs, cherries, strawberries, plums and everything you can imagine, domestic liquors and cakes were exposed at Stradun in front of the St. Blaise’s Church, on the Fifth Croatian Festival of Jams and marmalades. The Festival of jams and marmalades has grown into a traditional event that additionally enriches the tourist offer of Dubrovnik in October. It has been organized by NGOs DEŠA-Dubrovnik and ‘Dubrovnik orange’, in cooperation with Croatian chamber of economy – branch office Dubrovnik. more info
  • DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized the round table on the topic “Establishing partnerships between the employment and education” – experiences from the Tuscany Region, on September 27th2011 at 10: 00 a.m. at the hotel Petka. This roundtable is a part of the project “New opportunities and new approaches to increase the employability of young people with university degree at the territory of Dubrovnik-Neretva County” which has been financed through the IPA IV. Component – Human Resources Development (HRD IPA) program of the European Union for Croatia, Youth in the labor market, and implemented by DESA-Dubrovnik in partnership with NGO COSPE from Florence, in co-operation with Croatian Employment Service- branch office Dubrovnik, and contracting authority is the CES Department of Finance and Contracting of the EU projects.The overall objective of this project is to increase the employability of young people as well as with university degree at the territory of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. more info
  • On Friday, September 23rd, at 11:30 a.m. at DESA’s premises in Lazareti, were awarded scholarships to students of crafts schools from Dubrovnik-neretva county. President of the Libertas Foundation from San Pedro, California, Mr. Niko Hazdovac together with members of the Board of the „Ante and Evelyn Mrgudić Foundation“, Mr. Vlaho Lonza, Božidar Drašković and Luci Hazdovac, awarded ten scholarships to the students from crafts schools, for the school year 2011/2012. The special guest was the daughter of Ante and Evelyn Mrgudić, the founders of this foundation, Ms Kate Mrgudić. This year, scholarships were given to future artisans from Mravinjac, Dubrovačko primorje, Vela Luka, Konavle, Mokošica, Mljet and Dubrovnik for the occupations: carver, hairdresser, cook, electro-installer ant auto-mechanic. This is the nineth year in a row that Libertas Foundation supports the students from crafts schools in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The aim of this scholarship is to encourage young people to stay in rural parts of the county, the motivation for better learning and financial support to families of poor financial situation.
  • Within the implementation of the project “New opportunities and new approaches to increase the employability of young people with a university degree at the territory of Dubrovnik-neretva county (N.O.N.A.), DESA-Dubrovnik and CES – Branch office Dubrovnik, organized group counselings for the unemployed, highly educated young people, age 20-29. Group counselings were held on September 8th and 16th at the premises of the CES Metković , and at the premises of the Open University – Ploče.
  • On this occasion, there were presented the project activities and opportunities for participation in free courses and workshops within this project. The project has been implemented by DESA – Dubrovnik in cooperation with NGO COSPE and CES – regional office in Dubrovnik. The media partner is Radio Laus, and project is funded by the EU.
  • The International Gastronomic Film Festival named Kinookus, was held from September 14th to 18th in Ston. This Festival was organized by the Association Kinookus in cooperation with the festival of Slow Food on Film, and with the support of Dubrovnik-Neretva county, municipality of Ston, Croatian Chamber of Economy and Regional Development Agency Dunea and others. As a part of this festival was organized Kinookus placa, in cooperation with DEŠA-Dubrovnik, with presentation of DEŠA’s indigenous products.
  • The section Kinookus was planned as meeting point with university and scientific experts. Guests and visitors at the Festival had an opportunity to attend lectures and dicsuss with experts from appropriate fields the aspects of the food (nutritional, artstic, sociological, ethnological, philosopical etc..)the aim of this Festival was to create a cultural manifestation which valorizes heritage of our territory, local gastronomy and customs.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik took part at the 5th Lifelong Learning Week, which took place on September 8th in PLOČE, in the organization of the Croatian Employment Service, regional office in Dubrovnik. The objective of the action is to emphasize the importance of diversity of lifelong learning and numerous forms and ways in which it has been realized, and motivate people for greater participation in learning activities. As a part of this activity was organized thematic workshop for the unemployed, at the premises of the Open University in Ploce, and Days of Open Doors, at which the institutions involved in lifelong learning from Dubrovnik-Neretva County and Split – Dalmatia County presented themselves. DESA presented its educational programs and a new project Youth in the labor market, financed by the EU.
  • The Office for co-operation with NGOs of the Croatian Government, approved the co-financing DEŠA’s project „More opportunities through new skills“ that has been financed through IV component of IPA programe „Women in the labour market“ – Humane resources development , European Union Programe for Croatia. DEŠA has been successfully implementing this project since November 2010.

July 2011

  • The office for cooperation with NGO’s of Croatian Government approved the co-finance of DESA’s project “More opportunities through new skills”, that has been funded through the IPA IV component of the program “Women in the labor market” – Human Resources Development, program of the European Union for Croatia. DESA has been successfully implemented this project since November 2010.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik participated in a thematic conference of the Croatian network for cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean named: „Civil society of the Mediterranean – a guarantee of dialogue and cooperation“, which was held on July 14th and 15th 2011 at the premises of IMPACT – European Centre for Cross-Sector Partnership in Zadar.
  • Shortly before the conference, there was held the annual meeting of the Croatian Network on July 14th at 02:00 p.m., at which were discusses the topics of the election of Croatian Network Coordinator for the period after 2011. The conference began in the afternoon and it was attended by: Ms Cvjetana Plavsa-Matic – Director of the National Foundation for Civil Society, Nives Malenica – Coordinator for the Union for the Mediterranean – MFA, Hoda Mansour – Egyptian representative of ALF network, Robert Manchin – Director of The Gallup Europe, Ferdinard Richard – Director Roberto Cimetta Fund and other experts who contributed to the success of this conference.
  • The president of DESA-Dubrovnik, on July 12th 2011 signed an agreement on the implementation of the project „New opportunities and new approaches to increase the employability of young people with university degree in Dubrovnik Neretva County“, N.O.N.A., which will be implemented in partnership with NGO COSPE, Florence, Italy. This project has been financed through the IPA IV. Component – Human Resources Development Program of the European Union for the Croatia, Youth in the labor market, and its implementation will last 12 months .With this project we want to contribute to reduction of unemployment of young people with university degree, in a way that we designed activities according to the requirements of the labor market in Dubrovnik Neretva County. The implementation of intensive training through the project activities will increase the level of knowledge and skills of young people, that will increase their competitiveness and greater acceptance by employers.
  • DESA-Dubrovnik participated in the action “Buy Croatian” and “Diligent hands”, which was held on July 2nd in Dubrovnik. With this action has been encouraged Croatian production and promotion of domestic products in order to raise their competitiveness on global market, and, at the same time, the public awareness on the importance of production and consumption of high-quality Croatian products has been increased.

June 2011

  • On Saturday, June 18th 2011, DEŠA-Dubrovnik denoted „The International Day of Quilting and Knitting“. The workshop of handicrafts was organized with the motto „By means of handicraft against the stress“. With this activity DEŠA gives its contribution to sensitizing the public regarding creativity of handicrafts. DEŠA’s members invited all women who make embroidery, knitting, patchwork… to join them at the courtyard of DEŠA in Lazareti.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik organized an international conference “Sustainable development through responsible tourism”, that was held on 9th to 10th June 2011, at Hotel Petka in Dubrovnik. This conference is the third in a row and the final gathering of domestic and foreign professionals from different sectors, which are now involved in thinking about sustainable development in general and, in particular, on the development of tourism. More info

May 2011

  • The representatives of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia, Ms. Angela Taylor, head of the project team and Ms Vanja Hazl, an expert on the labor market, in the context of implementing the evaluation of active labor market policies that are designed to target vulnerable groups of women in the period 2007 to 2010, paid an informal visit to DEŠA-Dubrovnik on May 30th. DEŠA-Dubrovnik has been currently implementing the project “More opportunities through new skills“, funded from the EU within the IPA Component IV Human Resources Development 2007-2011, under the Grant Scheme “Women in the labor market.”
  • Representatives of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Jean-Marie Moreau, First Secretary and Head of Section Institution Building and Social Cohesion, and Ms. Rima Joujou – Deljkić, Task Manager, Social Policy and Employment, paid an informative visit to DESA-Dubrovnik, on May 25th. During the meeting they were acquainted with DESA’s activities in general, and specifically with the activities of the EU funded project “More opportunities through new skills”, co-funded from IPA IV Human resources Development 2007-2011, in the framework of the Grant Scheme “Women in the Labour Market”.
  • On the May 24th, the passengers from Peace Boat – Japanese ship of peace, visited DESA’s premises. DESA organized workshops on weaving, embroidery and autochthonous delicacies. DESA’s members invited our Japanese friends for lunch at their homes. The visit of the passengers from Peace Boat (Japan Grace) has become a tradition over past 11 years.
  • President of DEŠA – Dubrovnik, Ms Jany Hansal, participated on the round table within the 13th meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Committee Croatia-EU, which was held on May 16th-17th in Dubrovnik. The round table was organized in cooperation of the Delegation of the Croatian Parliament in the Joint Parliamentary Committee with the Croatia-EU and the Europe House Dubrovnik. The head of Delegation of EU in Croatia, Mr. Paul Vandoren, the members of the European Parliament, the members of the Delegation of the Croatian Parliament in the Joint Parliamentary Committee Croatia-EU and representatives of nongovernmental organizations, businesses, students and journalists took part at this meeting.
  • They talked about the state of the negotiations and relations between the European Union and the Republic of Croatia.
  • Pupils from Elementary School Antun Masle from Orašac, visited the association DEŠA-Dubrovnik on May 04th 2011. DEŠA’s representatives presented their work and project activities of the association to the pupils, with a special emphasis on projects of breeding silkworms and silk production.

April 2011

  • On the occasion of the greatest Christian holiday, the Easter holiday, Desa – Dubrovnik successfully organized a traditional Easter workshops on egg painting, at its premises in Lazareti. Workshops on egg painting were held on April 19th and 20th at DESA’s premises in Lazareti. The aim of these workshops was to preserve this traditional custom and transferring this knowledge onto younger generations.
  • The members of DEŠA-Dubrovnik and the pupils from the 3rd grade from the Primary school „Marin Getaldić“, visited the nursing home for elderly people “Domus Christi“ on April 20th. DESA’s members and pupils gave Easter eggs to the nursing home protegees and spent time in pleasant company with them. The eggs were made at school workshops.
  • On the occasion of Easter, the greatest Christian holiday, DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a traditional Easter workshops on palm knitting, at its premises in Lazareti. Workshops on palmknitting aim to contribute to preserving the traditions of Dubrovnik region as part of Croatian cultural heritage. As every year, this event has visited a large number of children, students and adults who want to try their hand at this traditional skills.
  • DEŠA-Dubrovnik, within the framework of the project „Adriatic, small businesses and local development “, has been implementing the activity of micro-crediting, and in cooperation with Dubrovnik – Neretva County, have established the Commission for a credit programme ” Rural Tourism “. Presentations of the credit programme were held during the time period from April 13th to 15th, in Konavle, Ston, Ploče, Orebić and Blato.
  • Within the implementation of the project „By means of knowledge to a better future“, DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized a workshop „Rural development and LEADER approach“. Workshop was held in Trebinje on April 6th, in cooperation with association Women’s centre Trebinje. The lecturers were Ms Višnja Jelić Muck from the Croatian Network for rural development and Ms Lidija Pavić Rogošić from the association Odraz from Zagreb. They gave presentation of LEADER approach, rural development in European context and Croatian experiences with LEADER. The project has been financed through the call for proposals for initial cooperation in the field of implementation of international development assistance of the Croatian National Foundation for civil society development.

March 2011

  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a lecture on natural methods of treatment which was held on Monday, March 28th 2011. at DESA’s premises in Lazareti. The lecture elaborated the topics: Medicinal plants in the contemporary life, fitotherapy and Bioenergy. Lecturers were homeopath John Lesinger, fitotherapist Nedjeljka Jurin and biotherapist Denis Kaštelan.
  • DEŠA-Dubrovnik participated in the 8th Mediterranean Fair of Healthy Food, Medicinal Herbs and Green Entrepreneurship, that was held in Hotel Valamar Lacroma, from March 24th – 27th.

As well as each year DEŠA presented autochthonous products and traditional crafts from Dubrovnik region, and within the Fair we organized workshops on weaving, embroidery from Konavle and the Island of Mljet, egg painting and palm knitting.

  • An Annual Assembly Meeting of DEŠA-Dubrovnik took place on March 22nd 2011 at DEŠA’s premises in Lazareti. President of the association Ms. Hansal, presented a report on the work of the association and report on financial state of the association in 2010. After adopted reports, the proposed program and operational financial plan for 2011 were proposed and adopted.
  • Within the implementation of the project „ More opportunities through new skills“, DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized another workshop on autochthonous souvenirs. About 20 unemployed women from Konavle region took part in this workshop. After the presentation of autochthonous products from our County and possibilities of their valorization and placement, we also organized workshops on embroidery (from Konavle and Island of Mljet), workshops on packing the autochthonous souvenirs, workshop on making arancini ( orange peels crusted in sugar) and sweet almonds ( almonds in sugar), workshop on patchwork and workshop on the Jam made of sour orange from Dubrovnik region. The participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with all phases of making out these traditional souvenirs which, in many ways, enrich tourist offer of the entire Dubrovnik-neretva county.
  • Within the implementation of the project “New knowledge and skills of citizens in the local community – the foundation of the future of Croatia in the EU”, implemented by DEŠA – Dubrovnik in cooperation with the League of Korčula, the lectures and workshops were organized on March 17th to 19th in the town of Korcula.

A great number of young people from Korčula took part in the training. After the presentation, “Opportunities for EU funding” there was held a training “Project Cycle Management”. Young people from Korčula who participated in training, through practical exercises have tried to solve some of the problems encountered in everydays’ life on the island. In addition to practical exercises on Project proposals, by exchange of ideas they have came up with interesting solutions regarding certain problems. The most positive comments on the workshop were linked to an innovative interactive approach to learning with which many of them have met for the first time. Participants were introduced to all stages of the EU project cycle and have met with the tools necessary to solve a particular problem. The enthusiasm with a workshop and trainers, who had an individual approach, was evident on the first day of training, and it was confirmed by the evaluation conducted at the end of training. Final words of participants and the trainers have emphasized the need to organize similar training and seminars, in order to contribute to the better life of people, and especially young people in smaller communities like Korcula. The project is financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. The project objectives were to train young people on the island of Korcula on writing EU proposals, to inform young people on the island of Korcula on the possibilities offered by EU funds and to increase the level of knowledge and skills for better understanding the future of Croatia in the EU.

  • Within the project “More opportunities through new skills“, a workshop on autochthonous souvenirs was held on March 10th and 11th in Dubrovnik. The workshop involved a large number of unemployed women, who have expressed a particular interest in this kind of education. After the presentation held by Ms. Jany Hansal, there were held workshops on embroidery (from Konavle and the Island of Mljet), where the participants had an opportunity to learn the basics of making embroidery and its application to everyday use items and souvenirs. Furthermore, the workshop on packing of autochthonous delicacies where the students get acquainted with the ways of packaging delicacies (almonds crusted in sugar, orange peels crusted in sugar, dried figs …) as souvenirs. This workshop was managed by famous Dubrovnik entrepreneur, Ms. Lucia Orešić. Workshop on arancini and sweet almonds gave the opportunity to participants to try themselves in making these delicacies. Workshop on patchwork and enabled participants to get acquainted with the basics of patchwork techniques and numerous options for the production of souvenirs in the patchwork. At the workshop of making jam from Dubrovnik sour orange, participants were acquainted with all phases of making jam based on the old standardized recipes.DEŠA has been implementing this project in partnership with CES, Regional Office Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Center for Entrepreneurship, IPA IV. Component – Human Resources Development program of the European Union in Croatia, and project activities are designed for long-term unemployed women and unemployed women over 40 years.
  • In order to denote International Women’s Day, DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized thematically rich cultural and entertaining program, that was held on March 07th at Desa’s premises in Lazareti. The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day was: Protection of women’s health. In cooperation with associations of business women Krug Dubrovnik, and Krug Split, DEŠA organized a lecture on the health prevention on the topic “The role of the bras in the breast health protection”. The lecturer was Mrs. Smilja Rađa, a member of Krug Split and the head of the Educational Center “Woman” in Split. The lecture was attended by many women, and in particular we have to mention the large number of high school students, who were very interested in this topic.

After the lecture, followed the opening of the sales exhibition of handicrafts made by members of the League Against Cancer Pelješac – Korčula – Lastovo – Mljet, branch office Vela Luka. There was also held Desa’s traditional party, with a rich cultural and entertaining program. After the introductory words of the president of the association Ms. Jany Hansal, who welcomed all present, women were greeted by Mrs. Tatjana Simac Bonacic, Deputy Mayor and MP and Mrs. Tatjana Vučetic vice mayor of Vela Luka municipality, who also opened the exhibition. Our women from Vela Luka impressed everyone with their creativity and excellence of garments and decorative items for home decoration.

Our party was attended as well by Mrs. Olga Muratti, a member of the Presidency of the Women’s Forum SDP Dubrovnik, Ms. Dubravka Marunčić, president of the Woman’s group “Katarina Zrinski“ Dubrovnik, Ms. Jadranka Ničetić, president of the Women’s Initiative HNS, and Mrs. Terezina Orlic, President of the association Krug, branch office Dubrovnik. In spite of unfavourable weather conditions, strong winds and large cold, DEŠA’s premises were glowing with the warmth and togetherness, and they were filled with women of all age groups, who have learned something new, socialize and were entertained as always in Deša.

We have an opportunity to inform all respected citizens to visit the exhibition, which will stay open until 20.03.2011.By purchasing the exhibited items they will contribute to the noble effort to help women to buy “mammograph” for Health Center in Vela Luka.

February 2011

  • DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized the workshop „The basics of shooting and writing stories” intended for pupils from the elementary school Slano. The workshop leaders were Maro Kocković, Zlatko Tomic and Nikola Kapidžić. During the course of the February, pupils recorded by themselves, a video about life in a small town on the Adriatic coast. This video won the first prize at the Regional Competition Lidrano. The recording can be seen at this link: http://vimeo.com/20662267
  • Within the implementation of the project “More opportunities through new skills” DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized the courses for long-term unemployed women and unemployed women over 40ies. The courses of English language and Italian language in Dubrovnik Blato and Metkovic started on February 8th. Until now, into these project activities have included 130 long-term unemployed women and unemployed women over 40ies from the area of Dubrovnik – Neretva County. The project also embraces the workshop of traditional souvenirs production, computer courses and education on entrepreneurship and accounting which will be held next month in Dubrovnik, Korcula, Metkovic and Konavle.
  • The associations DESA – Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik orange organized the manifestation named „Day of sour orange”, that was held on February 2nd, from 09 a.m. to 05 p.m., in front of the Sponza palace. Our aim was to give DESA’s contribution to the Festival of Saint Blaise and to promote the sour orange from Dubrovnik region and the products made of sour orange (jam, arancini, liqueurs, cakes ,..). There were also offered the oysters from Ston with a glass of wine from Konavle. This manifestation had a humanitarian character too, and the entire sales revenue has been assigned for the flood victims in the Neretva Valley. During this manifestation has been collected 11.000,00 kn.

This humanitarian manifestation was sponsored by Dubrovnik hotels: Adriatic Luxury Hotels; Excelsior Hotel and Spa, Hotel Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik, Hotel Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik, Importanne Resort; Hotel Neptun, Grand Hotel Park Dubrovnik, Hotel Petka Dubrovnik, Hotel Valamar Lacroma, defenders cooperative „Mirna luka“ from Ston and wine producers: DUBROVAČKI PODRUMI d.d. Gruda, BRATOŠ VINA d.o.o. Gruda, Crvik d.o.o. Čilipi, Miljas d.o.o., Pridvorje i PZ Malvasija dubrovačka, Pridvorje.

  • For outstanding achievements over many years in the field of human rights, developing civil society sector, voluntary work and charitable activities DEŠA – Dubrovnik was awarded by the City of Dubrovnik for 2010. The award was presented to Mrs. Jany Hansal, DESA’s president , at the festive session of City Council that was held on February 2nd 2011.
  • In cooperation with the Municipality of Vela Luka, and within the project “Adriatic, small businesses and local development”, DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a continuation of foreign language courses in Vela Luka. The advanced course of English and Italian language began on February 1st 2011. The course will last 4 hours per week during the next 3 months.

January 2011

  • At the premises of the association Blage Ruke Slano, ULIPUD Dubrovnik opened the exhibition from January 25th to February 7th 2011. The members of DESA-Slano present their works as the guests of the exhibition.
  • The exhibits were made at workshops of Deša – Slano, through long-term work of the „Small school of the embroidery from Dubrovnik primorje“ in Slano. The school operates with the goal of renewal and application of the embroidery from Dubrovnik primorje, which have been almost lost and forgotten.
  • We thank to the organizers of the exhibition for hosting the members of DEŠA-Slano!
  • DESA’s representative took part in Viroexpo, 16th International Fair of economy, crafts and agriculture, that was held from January 21st to 23rd in Virovitica. This is one of the largest regional fairs in Croatia, and it has been organized by Virovitičko-Podravska County , Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatian Chamber of Crafts, under the high sponsorship of the Croatian Government.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the first working meeting of the project „By means of knowledge to a better future“, that was held on January 20th in Trebinje. The association Women’s Centre Trebinje is the partner in the implementation of the project. This project is funded through the Call for proposals for an initial cooperation in the implementation of international developmental assistance the Croatian National Foundation for Civil Society Development.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik, with its partners Dubrovnik Center for Entrepreneurship and Croatian Employment Bureau, Regional Office Dubrovnik, has been implementing the project named „More opportunities through new skills – M.O.T.S.“, within the IPA IV. Component – Human Resources – European Union Programme for Croatia. As part of this project, we organize free training courses and seminars in the areas of: the city of Dubrovnik, Konavle, the island of Korcula and Neretva valley, for the long-term unemployed women and unemployed women over 40 years.

Planned courses and seminars are:

  • English language course
  • Italian language course
  • Workshop of autochthonous souvenirs
  • Basics of Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting, Taxes & Finance
  • Informatics course

All interested long-term unemployed women and unemployed women over 40 years, can register and obtain more information on telephone number 311 625 or 420-145 until 28.01.2011.

  • On January 7th 2011 has already started the eighth small school of embroidery from Dubrovnik Primorje at the premises of DESA Slano. The 8 girls who are interested in, have already applied for this school, and they will be organized in two groups: the initial and the advanced group. Beginners will cope with the basics of the embroidery from Dubrovnik Primorje

Advanced group of girls will acquire the skills of application of the motifs from the national costumes from Dubrovnik Primorje, and creatively produce the artifacts-perhaps future souvenirs. The workshops will be free, as in all previous years. It will be organized by volunteers from Desa Slano and the necessary materials will be provided by Desa Dubrovnik. Workshops are held every Friday from 03:00 p.m.