December 2010

  • DEŠA – Slano, the branch office of DEŠA – Dubrovnik, organized a humanitarian action with its youngest members, on December 23rd at the elementary school Slano. The entire revenues from the purchase of greeting cards made by young members of Desa – Slano, is intended to help Antonio Vatović, a pupil from elementary school Primorje Smokovljani, who has been seriously ill, and at this moment, he is on treatment in hospital.
  • In order to denote the International Volunteers’ Day and the upcoming Christmas holidays, members of DEŠA Dubrovnik and the pupils of the 1st a grade, from the primary school “Marin Getaldić”, led by their teacher Ms Snjezana Viteškić, visited „Domus Christi“ the institution for elderly people in Dubrovnik, on December 20th.
  • With occasional program, DEŠA’s members and pupils brought to the protegees the autochthonous delicacies made at DEŠA’s workshops.
  • On December 14th, 2010., was held a presentation of the project “More opportunities through new skills“ implemented by NGO DEŠA – Dubrovnik, with its partners Dubrovnik Center for Entrepreneurship and Employment Agency, Regional Office Dubrovnik.
  • One-year project, “M.O.T.S.” (More opportunities through new skills) -is the only project from the Dubrovnik – Neretva County funded through the IV. IPA component “Women in the labor market” – Human Resources Development program of the European Union in Croatia. In the entiref Croatia only 18 projects were funded under this call. Desa – Dubrovnik is implementing leader of the project “Mots”, which has signed an agreement on the implementation worth EUR 916,000.00.

The main objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of long-term unemployed women and unemployed women from 40-65 years in the area of Dubrovnik – Neretva County has by intense trainings through the project activities. The project also includes rural areas that are also the most widespread in the Dubrovnik – Neretva, and the city of Dubrovnik with the largest number of unemployed women.

  • The association DEŠA – Dubrovnik, defenders Cooperative “Kosir” from Split and defenders cooperative “Mirna luka” from Ston, organized a lecture on the topic “Possibility of collecting, purchase and cultivation of medicinal plants”. The lecture was held on December 9th 2010, at the school premises in Topolo. This lecture was organized within the framework of the project „New knowledge and skills of citizens in the local community – the foundation of Croatia’s future in the EU”, funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.
  • DEŠA’s representative, Ms Jany Hansal, together with Mr. Mišo Milovčević, represents the City of Dubrovnik at the Christmas Fair in Rueil Malmaison, from December 2nd to 8th 2011. Rueil Malmaison is a town near Paris, with which the City of Dubrovnik cooperates intensively working on the process of twinning.

November 2010

  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a lecture on the topic “Health and prevention of addiction”, on November 30th 2010 at the premises of DESA-Dubrovnik. This lecture was organized in the framework of the project “Re-socialization of addicts through additional education“, funded by the Ministry of Family, Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity. Lecturer was Dr. Boris Sokal.
  • Within the implementation of the international project „Adriatic, small entrepreneurship and local development” DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized for small entrepreneurs from our County a study visit to Marche Region, Italy from November 14th to 20th 2010. Participants in this study tour were family farms from Dubrovnik Neretva County, which have been engaged in agriculture and home hospitality, oil producers, wine producers, shellfish producers, etc. The purpose of this study visit was to introduce best practices examples, exchange of knowledge, skills and experience, with emphasis on organic production and environmentally friendly tourism development. MORE
  • Under the grant, “Women in the labor market,” IPA – IV component, on November 16th, the signing of contracts was held in Zagreb, attended by the President of DEŠA-Dubrovnik. DEŠA was awarded a grant for the project M.O.T.S. (More opportunities through new skills), implemented in partnership with the Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Center for Entrepreneurship. Within this project, DEŠA will organize various educations specifically designed for long-term unemployed women from wider territory of Dubrovnik – Neretva County.
  • The representative of DESA-Dubrovnik attended the first International Scientific Conference “Status and role of women in rural areas”, which was held in Zagreb, on November 17th and 18th 2010. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Rural Development, on the occasion of the World Day of Rural Women – October 15th, under the sponsorship of the Croatian Government.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik has participated in the exhibition “NP Mljet 1960 – 2010. ” that was held on November 10th 2010 in Zagreb, and organized by the National Park Mljet. The day after, on November 11th 2010, there was a multimedia exhibition “Mljet 1960 – 2010 ” at which DESA’s representative presented the renewed parts of Mljet embroidery and traditional costumes of Mljet.
  • DEŠA’s representative participated at the 5th Congress of Entrepreneurs of the Adriatic-Ionian region that was held in Herceg ethno village of Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the November 8th and 9th. This Congress is the outcome of the Round Table for female entrepreneurship in the framework of Adriatic-Ionian chambers of commerce, which brings together regional chambers of commerce of the Adriatic-Ionian region.
  • On November 3rd DEŠA – Dubrovnik started with creative workshop on drawing and painting. Head of the art workshop is an academic painter Ms. Ivana Redžović. The workshop elaborates a variety of drawing echniques, showing the volume on the surface, painting techniques, coloristic painting and other techniques. Drawing and painting workshop attracted a large number of stakeholders, and we shall organize the another one in February 2011.

October 2010

  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik took part in a media project named „Democracy and civil society development“ which has been implemented by the association for protection and improvement of human environment „Franjo Koščec“. The interview with the President of DESA was recorded, in which Ms. Hansal presented problems which still occur in civil society.
  • On the occassion of the World Day of Rural Women, Commission for Gender Equality of Dubrovnik – Neretva County organized a round table on the topic “Women in rural areas of Dubrovnik – Neretva County: Opportunities and Challenges”. With representatives from the Office for Gender Equality, Dubrovnik – Neretva County and the members of the County Commission for Gender Equality, the counterparts for the roundtable were the representatives of rural women in the county. The round table was held on October 22nd in the City Big Hall, Pred Dvorom 1, in Dubrovnik.
  • The National Foundation for Civil Society Development, as the coordinator of the Croatian Network for Cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean, organized an exhibition titled “Faces of the Mediterranean”, within the frame of the 30th session of the Governing Board of the Anna Lindh Foundation, which was held on October 19th 2010, at 07:30 p.m. at the premises of Ethnographic Museum in Dubrovnik. The opening of the exhibition was attended by 43 delegations of countries-members of the Anna Lindh Foundation, the representatives of the Anna Lindh Foundation, Director of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Ms. Cvjetana Plavša-Matić and the representatives of members of the Croatian Network for Cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean. DEŠA – Dubrovnik, with its delicacies, “spiced up” the event.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik, within the implementation of the project “Educational Centre for Women and Youth” and the project “Adriatic, small businesses and local development”, organizes courses in English and Italian language in Vela Luka. The implementation of these activities have been financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Italy, Marche Region, Ministry of Family, Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity and the Croatian Agency for Small Enterprises.
  • Courses for pensioners and the unemployed persons will be organized at the premises of the Secondary School Vela Luka, in cooperation with the Municipality of Vela Luka.
  • In cooperation with Dr. Dubravko Lepušić, the project manager of the project “Knowledge is a pleasure,” DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized lectures on Friday, October 15th, in the Secondary School of Economics and at the Tourist and catering secondary School. In all the schools in which has been presented so far, the project “Knowledge is a pleasure,” was well received, especially from young people, because the project takes the easy way, speaks their language and explains about sexually responsible behavior, violence prevention and drug addiction among youth.
  • This project is recommended and supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Ministry of Health, Zagreb City Government, the Agency for Education and Gender Equality Commission of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.
  • DESA’s representative took part in a seminar named “Reference frame for the model of social mentoring”, which was held on October 6th and 7th in Metkovic. This seminar was organized by the company European Profiles S.A., in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Care, within the project “Establishment of support in social inclusion and employment of disadvantaged and marginalized groups.”
  • In cooperation with Dubrovnik County Chamber of Commerce and the Association for the promotion, breeding, care and treatment of sour orange “Dubrovačka naranča”, DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized “Fourth Croatian festival of jams and marmalades”, in Dubrovnik, from October 1st to 3rd 2010. This “sweet Festival” slowly but undoubtedly has transformed into a traditional manifestation of our City. The aim of the festival is to introduce the quality products from small producers from all over Croatia. MORE

September 2010

  • From September 16th to 19th, in Ston was held the first international gastronomic film festival in Croatia, named Kinookus. The Festival was was organized by the Kinookus association in cooperation with the festival of Slow Food on Film, and with the support of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Municipality Ston, Croatian Chamber of Economy and Regional Developmental Agencie Dunea. The aim of this activity is to create a cultural event, which valorize the heritage of our territory, local gastronomy and traditions. As a part of this activity, Kinolokus fair was organized in cooperation with DEŠA association wit presentation of their indigenous products.
  • DEŠA’s representatives participated in the 4th Lifelong Learning Week, that was held on September 15th in Metkovic, and organized by the Croatian Employment Bureau, regional office Dubrovnik. The aim of this action is to increase awareness of the importance of lifelong learning, to increase access to information on lifelong learning, and to motivate people for the stronger participation in learning activities. Within this activty, there was organized the press conference at the premises of Croatian Employment Bureau, branch office Metković and Info desk in front of the Mercator shopping center in Metković. 15 schools and institutions involved in lifelong learning , through brochures and leaflets, presented its offers at Info desk. DEŠA presented its educational programmes and a new project, “Women in the labor market“, which was approved by the EU.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated in the meeting of women entrepreneurs, organized by Chamber of Commerce, Dubrovnik Neretva County Chamber and the Italian branch of the Network of professional business women. Meeting and the occasional press conference was held iat the premises of the Postgraduate Centre Dubrovnik, on the September 4th 2010. On this occasion, our women and visiting women entrepreneurs, had the opportunity to establish contacts and exchange experiences.

August 2010

  • The scholarships to students of crafts Schools from Dubrovnik-neretva county, were delivered on Tuesday, August 31st 2010, at 11 hours, at DESA’s premises. President of the Libertas Foundation from San Pedro, California, Mr. Niko Hazdovac together with members of the Board of the Ante and Evelyn Mrgudić Foundation, Mrs. Lucy Hazdovac and Mr. Vlado Lonza, handed over ten scholarships to the pupils fromcraft schools for school year 2010/2011.
  • This is the eighth year in a row that Libertas Foundation supports the pupils from crafts schools in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The aim of this scholarship is to encourage young people to stay in rural parts of the county, the motivation for better learning and financial support to families of poor financial situation. This year, scholarships were given to future artisans from Ston, Konavle, Mljet, Dubrovnik, Trsteno, Peljesac and Korcula: 2 shop assistants, 2 waiters, 2 hairdressers, 2 carpenters and 2 cooks.
  • DEŠA’s representative took part in the exhibition “At the old fires“, that was held on August 27th in Ploce, and organized by the HDZ Womens community “Katarina Zrinski“ from Ploče. This year, the HDZ Women’s community “Katarina Zrinski” from Ploče singed its first anniversary. Ms Marija Vučković, the vice-county prefect, greeted numerous guests, and Ms. Jany Hansal gave a presentation on DESA’s work.

July 2010

  • On July 12th the representatives of DEŠA participated in a tour of Dubrovnik primorje, organized by the association SLAP. The tour included in particular the village Topolo and presentation of Eco Center in the renovated former school premises. The aim of this trip was to introduce the media and travel agents with the efforts of the Association SLAP to revive the rural areas of Dubrovnik primorje.
  • Ms. Jany Hansal, president of DESA-Dubrovnik, participated at the workshop of strategic planning of the Council for Development of Civili Society, that was held on July 8th and 9th at the premises of Tomislavov Dom on Sljeme. As a part of this event, the 3rd Meeting of the Council for Development of Civil Society was held.
  • Desa-Dubrovnik participated in the action “Buy Croatian” and “Diligent hands”, which was held on July 3rd 2010 in Metkovic. The action included a numerous companies from Dubrovnik-Neretva County and other counties, as well as persons from the public, cultural and political life of Dubrovnik-Neretva županije. With this action has been encouraged Croatian production and promotion of domestic products in order to raise their competitiveness on global market, and public awareness on the importance of production and consumption of high-quality Croatian products has been increased.

June 2010

  • Ms. Jany Hansal, president of Desa-Dubrovnik, Mr. Nikola Dobroslavić, Prefect of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, and representatives of commercial banks have signed agreements on business cooperation on the implementation of the Program of encouragement of small and medium enterprises development in Dubrovnik-Neretva County – Project “Incentive 2010″, as well as agreements on business cooperation on the implementation of the Program of encouragement of small and medium enterprises development in Dubrovnik-Neretva County – Project “Rural Tourism”.
  • Within the project “Incentive 2010th” has been foreseen the amount of 10 million kuna, and the county will participate in it by co-financing the interests at the amount of 4 per cent at six commercial banks. Within the project “Rural tourism”, in which the deponent is Desa-Dubrovnik and the amount of which is 1.1 million kuna, the County will partake in four commercial banks to cover the costs of 3 percent interests. Desa Dubrovnik has been implementing this activity within the project “Jadran, small businesses and local development” 8192/Cospe/CRZ, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Italy and Marche Region.
  • Deša’s Patchwork Club, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, organized a workshop on patchwork and other handicrafts on the terrace of Gradska kavana, on June 19th 2010. The aim of this activity was to sensitize the public about the creativity of all kinds of handiwork. The European Day of handiwork has been denoted on this day all over the Europe. DEŠA’s members invited all people interested in knitting, embroidery, patchwork… to join them at the terrace of Gradska kavana.
  • Desa – Dubrovnik, its branch office Slano and Primary school Slano organized the photo exhibition entitled “I love Slano, Primorje, Croatia” for local population of Slano. The aim of the exhibition was to draw attention at the importance of the environment and to raise the awareness on the fact that the appearance and health of the environment depends on responsible behavior of each of us.
  • In its activities DEŠA tries to involve youth and young children in order to encourage them to take active participation in local community development projects. In this sense, in 2009, DEŠA enabled young people the participation in the competition „I love Croatia“ and they got the Award for 2nd place for artistic work on the protection of freshwater turtles in Majkovi.
  • In continued co-operation young people were enabled to take many photos on the topic of environment protection (good and bad examples) over the past year. Selected photos with accompanying commentaries were displayed at the entrance of the primary school Slano on Thursday, June 17th and on Friday, June 18th 2010. The exibition will be open till July 1st.
  • The associations DEŠA-Dubrovnik, Eko Omblići and Volunteer’s Centre Dubrovnik organized the special programme on the occasion of the World’s Day of Environment protection, in front of the Sponza Palace, on Saturday, June 05th 2010.
  • The work of these associations was presented on the three stalls, and on the boards Desa – Dubrovnik presented the results of the cooperation on environmental projects with a class IV a from Primary school Marin getaldić, the Primary school Slano, the Primary school Mljet, Kindergarten Slano and Kindergarten Konavle, Cavtat – mixed kindergarten group I.
  • Volunteer’s Centre organized a occasional event – competition in jumping in cloth bags, and winners were awarded with prizes.
  • The entire revenue from the sale of linen bags, autochthonous souvenirs and occasional brochures is assigned for the treatement of the sick girl Amalia.
  • After the occasional programme, the excursion to Lokrum was organized for all participants, thanks to the free tickets given by the Public Institution the Lokrum Reserve.
  • All participants had the opportunity to witness at environmental cleanup of seabed around Lokrum “Eco Dubrovnik 20 101,” which was performed by about 50 divers from home and abroad.
  • The concert took place on June 6th, in the King Richard’s Pub, with the ticket price of 10,00 kn and the entire revenue from the tickets was given for the same humanitarian purpose. The acoustic charity concert was performed by Bossa noga, Father McKenzie, Gruhak and vocal group Amfora.

May 2010

  • Within the activities of local action plans for the area of Dubrovnik – Neretva County, and the project “Adriatic, small businesses and local development” at DEŠA’s premises was held a meeting with a teachers and students from the University of Dubrovnik. Research and publications within the local action plans will be finished in mid-June, and cooperation between Dubrovnik University and DEŠA –Dubrovnik will be continued.
  • UN Development Programme (UNDP) within the project of biodiversity preservation through sustainable development of Dalmatian coast – COAST, in cooperation with Desa – Dubrovnik association and Municipality Dubrovačko primorje, organized a lecture entitled “Traditional species and breeds of Dubrovnik area – a basis for sustainable development and improvement of tourism“. The lecture was held on Thursday, May 20th in Slano, at the premises of Fire station Slano. The main speaker was M.Sc. Roman Ozimec, an expert for agricultural biodiversities in the COAST project.
  • In cooperation with a team of doctors from TWINLAB, Zagreb, Desa organized preventive check-bone density with ultrasound transmission device on May 19th 2010 at DESA’s premises in Lazareti. Over 75 citizens from Dubrovnik region took this medical examination.
  • Within the implementation of the cross-border project “Adriatic, small businesses and local development”, which DEŠA has been conducting in cooperation with the association Cospe from Florence and with Marche Region, we have included students from Dubrovnik University into the activity of working out local action plans for the territory of Dubrovnik – Neretva County. Students of the department of economics and business studies, tourism direction, are working out their thesis on the topics of of rural tourism development in Dubrovnik-neretva county and they are conducting a research on the possibilities for the development and establishment of local centers of development. In order to get them acquainted with examples of best practices of such development in Italy, DEŠA organized for students a study visit to the Marche region, in the period from May 10th to 14th 2010.
  • Marche Region has greatly developed and strengthened the promotion of its territory through the local tourist systems (so called STL) named Marca Anconetana. Marca Anconetana combines 48 out of 49 municipalities from the province of Ancona, which all together have been promoted at the global market.
  • Within the system of Marca Anconetana, students have met and visited the representative of Marca Anconetana, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the Province of Ancona, a consortium Frassasi, stakeholders of theproject “Teatro dei Profumi e dei Sapori”, Association of Riviera del Conero, LAG Colli Esini, president of the Museum system and representatives of University of Ancona.
  • We have an honour and pleasure to inform you that our president, Ms. Jany Hansal, has been awarded by Dubrovnik – Neretva County for outstanding achievements in the previous year. The award was presented to her today, May 12th 2010, on the occassion of the Day of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.
  • There are many achievements and merits of Ms. Hansal in recent years of her work. We beacame accustomed on Ms Hansal as an active person, full of new ideas and always willing to help to all county residents. She draws strength from all the good she had done for many people in Dubrovnik – Neretva County. The entire DESA’s team has been exceptionally honoured and pleased to work with such a person, full of warmth and encouragement to others and with highly expressed human values.
  • In a wider spectrum of areas, Ms. Hansal left deep traces with her activities, at the pride of the City and the County. We do believe that this award will be incentive for her future activities, which will surely lead to further success, and of course, new awards.

April 2010

  • According to the action plan of activities within the project on Environmental education on the island of Mljet, Mrs. Jany Hansal and Marija Weltrusky visited several locations on the island and took photos of specific details in the environment, on Sunday, April 25th 2010. MORE
  • Within the implementation of the project “Adriatic, small businesses and local development”, Desa – Dubrovnik has implemented the activity of microcredit. In cooperation with Dubrovnik – Neretva County there was formed the credit program, for which Desa and Dubrovnik-neretva county will join the financial means for guarantee deposit funds and interest subsidy. This is for the first time that NGO invests as a guarantee deposit the funds from an international project.As a part of this project activity, Desa Dubrovnik-organized presentation of the consortium ARTIGIANCREDITO, non-profit business entity of Tuscany Region, which connects the Region, entrepreneurs and commercial banks, which owns and develops a methodology for local development, with the aim of small and medium entrepreneurship development. The presentation was held by Mr. Gianni Faralli, an expert from consortium ARTIGIANCREDITO from Tuscany, in charge for local development and cooperation between local institutions, banks and small entrepreneurs. On April 27th, the presentation was held at the premises of City Hall in Korcula, and on April 28th at the premises of development agency DUNEA in Dubrovnik. MORE
  • At the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, that was held on March 24th, Ms. Jany Hansal, president of DEŠA-Dubrovnik, was appointed as a member of the Croatian Government Council for Development of Civil Society. Croatian Government Council for Development of Civil Society is an expert body of the Croatian Government, which works on development of the application and effectiveness of the Programme of cooperation between the Government and non-governmental, non-profit sector, on the implementation of the National Strategy for the creation of fostering environment for development of civil society, development of philanthropy, social capital, partnerships and intersectoral collaboration.
  • DESA’s representative participated in the workshop of the SEENET program, which was held on April 23rd in Dubrovnik. This workshop is a continuation of the workshop held in Mostar, and its goal is to identify the activity of “Valorisation of local resources in order to develop rural tourism in the region of Herzegovina and Dubrovnik“.
  • DESA’s representative attended the first workshop of the Project of Local Partnerships for Employment – Phase 3, which was held on April 22nd, at the premises of the Regional Development Agency Dunea. The workshop aims to provide information on the IPA / ESF framework, information about the partnership approach, the presentation of best practices and to identify potential stakeholders for the future establishment of local partnerships for employment.
  • Pupils from Dubrovnik Grammar school visited DESA’s premises on April 22nd and inn this way they denoted the Day of the Planet Earth. On this occasion the pupils were acquainted with Desa’s projects and activities on environment protection.
  • Ms. Jany Hansal, president of DESA – Dubrovnik, took part in the Second Croatian Congress of Rural Tourism named “The concept of long-term development of rural tourism“, which was from April 21st to 25th In Mali Losinj. Ms. Hansal presented Desa’s activities implemented with the aim to encourage development of rural tourism in Dubrovnik – Neretva County. She also gave the presentation of the French association Accueil paysan. Desa, in cooperation with the Association of French peasants „Accuel paysan „ initiated the project “Rural tourism” in Konavle, and encouraged the foundation of the association Konavoska kuća.
  • Within the project “Adriatic: small businesses and local development”, Desa-Dubrovnik, in cooperation with 4th A grade of elementary school Marin Getaldić, on the occasion Day of the planet Earth organized the exhibition of children’s photographs entitled “Because I love my city …” on April 23rd, in front of the Sponza Palace. The exhibition was a part of the action “I love Croatia –I love Dubrovnik” organized by the City of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Tourist Board. This action aimed to raise awareness of the population, especially the youngest residents of our city, of the need to protect and preserve nature and the environment in which we live.
  • Desa – Dubrovnik organized a round table on the topic “Active population in community development”, which was held on April 19th , at the Municipal Hall ,at the Vela Luka Municipality. DESA’s work and the project “Center for Responsible tourism of the Adriatic region“ were presented to the participants. Through the SWOT analysis made on the round table, participants expressed strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in their communities. The most important priorities needed for further development have been pointed out, and joint future activities in collaboration with the Municipality of Vela Luka, Tourist Board of Vela Luka, and numerous NGOs have been agreed upon.
  • Ms. Ivna Suljak, representative of the Office for Economy and Tourism of Dubrovnik – Neretva County, Mr. Vjeran Filippi, member of The City Council of Korcula, Ms. Jany Hansal and Mrs. Ana Cvjetković, representatives of DESA – Dubrovnik, participated in the study visit to Florence from April 12th to 15th, within the project “Adriatic, small businesses and local development“. Besides getting acquainted with thework of Artigiancredito Association, participants visited the association COSPE and got acquainted with the projects that COSPE has been implementing in the Region.
  • The 7th Mediterranean fair of healthy food and medicinal herbs tooka place from April 9th to 11th in the Congress Hall of Hotel Valamar Lacroma resort. The Fair was organized by the Dubrovnik Sun Ltd., and co-organized by the Association Dubrovnik – healthy city, Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Dubrovnik, the Chamber of Crafts od Dubrovnik-neretva county, Center for Entrepreneurship Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the City of Dubrovnik, Regional Development Agency Ltd. Dunea, humanitarian and peacekeeping organization Deša-Dubrovnik and association Healthy Life from Rijeka. DEŠA has organized its traditional workshops on : weaving, embroidery and palm knitting.

March 2010

  • The pupils from the 3rd grade from the Primary school „Marin Getaldić“ and DESA’s members visited the nursing home for elderly people “Domus Christi”, on March 30th. DESA’s memebers and pupils gave Easter eggs to the nursing home proteges and spent time in pleasant company with them. The eggs were made at DESA’s traditional Easter workshops.
  • Desa’s representatives participated in the workshop on the topic “The Instruments of the European Union Cohesion Policy” which was held on March 30th at the premises of the Regional Development Agency Dunea. The workshop was held in cooperation with the Central Office for Development Strategy and Coordination of EU funds. The aim of the workshop was to inform potential beneficiaries on the possibilities of preparing proposals for funding from the forthcoming Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund of the European Union.
  • On the occassion of the greatest Christian holiday, the Easter hooiday, Desa – Dubrovnik organized a traditional Easter workshops on palm knitting and egg painting, at its premises in Lazareti. Workshops on palm knitting took place from March 23rd to 25th, every day from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m., and workshops on egg painting from March 29th until April 01st, every day from 03:30p.m. to 05:00 p.m. The aim of these workshops was to transfer knowledge of this ancient art in order to preserve traditions from Dubrovnik region as a part of Croatian cultural heritage.
  • Deša – Dubrovnik took part in the event “Easter in Dubrovacko primorje” that was held on Saturday, March 27th, prior to the Palm Sunday, in Upper villages of Dubrovnik. Through this event , there were presented the typical culinary specialties and traditional customs, as well as the rural households in the villages of Gromača and Ljubač. The old traditional wedding customs in these areas – Wedding in Primorje, was also presented with its ceremonial, colorful national costumes and rich jewelery. To this entire festival DEŠA gave a special contribution, making alive the neglected old mill, where we organized a workshops on embroidery from Dubrovacko primorje, palm knitting and egg painting. GALLERY
  • A representative of DESA participated in the workshop of adjustment steps and working plan in order to identify the vertical action “valorisation of local resources with aim to develop rural tourism” through the project SEENET. The workshop was organized by the Italian Association UCODEP in Mostar On March 17th 2010.
  • DESA’s president, Ms. Jany Hansal, was a guest was in the programme of Dubrovnik television, in a show about Silk. The host of the show, Ms. Aida Cvjetković talked with Ms. Jany Hansal about the Silk Road, and the details of the return of silk in Dubrovnik region. The”Silk” project is one of the most important and most interesting projects of DESA, which is based on restoration and valorisation of cultural heritage. The project originated in the war when everything was destroyed, aroused from the ashes, and therefore, it symbolizes life, hope, faith in a better and faith in a human beeing.
  • Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Dubrovnik, has organized the 3rd Fair of Jobs held on March 4th at the University of Dubrovnik. Partners in organizing the Fair were DESA – Dubrovnik, University of Dubrovnik, the Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber of Dubrovnik, the Chamber of Crafts of Dubrovnik – Neretva County, Regional Development Agency “Dunea” Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Centre for Entrepreneurship and High school for catering and tourism Dubrovnik.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik organized cultural and festive program to denote the International Women’s Day, March 8th in honor of its members and all women in Dubrovnik. This festivity was held at DESA’s home in Lazareti, and was attended by numerous women of different ages, and not even cold weather could not prevent this traditional gathering.
  • After Mrs Jany Hansal, president of DESA association, gave short introduction, all present women were greeted by Mrs. Tatjana Simac Bonacic, Deputy Mayor and parliamentary representative, Mrs. Olga Muratti, president of the Women’s Forum of the SDP Dubrovnik, Ms. Dubravka Marunčić, president of the Women’s group “Katarina Zrinski“ Dubrovnik, and Ms. Jadranka Ničetić, president of the Women’s Initiative HNS. The vocal group „Fortuna“ and duet Neven and Tomo were entertainig the guests with their songs and playing.
  • We also organized traditional lottery with numerous prizes, and this year the entire revenue from lottery is intended for humanitarian action “Demine your square”, organized by the Municipality of Promina and Slobodna Dalmacija, which aims to raise funds for demining of Promina and Mratovo – Radas areas, where children on their way to school still pass the minefields. The collected amount of the sold lottery is 2,000.00. HRK.
  • Within the implementation of the international project “Adriatic, small businesses and local development” Desa – Dubrovnik organized a study visit to Umbria and Tuscany region for two groups of participants from our County. In this study visit participants were family farms that are engaged in agriculture and home hospitality, the oil producers and members of organizations that promote rural development.
  • Study visit is a part of the project action plan, and it enables our farmers to see examples of good practice.Special emphasis was put on the organic production and ecological tourism development. MORE

February 2010

  • In cooperation with hotel Rixos Libertas in Dubrovnik, DESA – Dubrovnik organized the workshop of cooking jam of sour oranges, that took place from February 26th to March 1st 2010. Hotel Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik gave the premises and equipment as its contribution to this action. In just 3 days of this sweet orange coloured action, we managed to make 1200 jars of jam. Numerous DESA’s members and volunteers took part in this action, and exceptionally kind staff of the hotel provided ardently support. MORE
  • Within the implementation of the project “Center for responsible tourism of the Adriatic region”, DESA – Dubrovnik organized training for small and medium enterpreneurs. The first part of the training was held during the year in several places in Dubrovnik – Neretva County. After selecting the most successful participants, for the second part of training we organized a study visit to Italy, in the period from February 28th to March 05th 2010. Study Tour has been organized in two groups: one group will visit Umbria Region and the other group wil visit Tuscany Region. This study visit has been guided DEŠA’s associate and representative of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, County Chamber of Dubrovnik, Mrs. Marica Pulitika. During this study visit, small entrepreneurs will be acquainted with the examples of best practices based on the principles of sustainable development and they will exchange the experiences with small entrepreneurs in Italy. MORE
  • DESA – Dubrovnik participated in the meeting of the Eco Schools from Dubrovnik – Neretva County,that was held on February 19th 2010 in Elementary school „Marin Drzic“. At the meeting DESA presented the project “Jam made of Dubrovnik sour orange” and activities aimed at environmental protection and sustainable development.
  • DESA’s representative participated at the work meeting related to educational – promotional event “Easter in Primorje” which took place on February 16th in Gromača. This event was organized by Dubrovnik Tourist Board and Ruralis, a consortium of agrotourism in Istria, and aims to promote the traditions and customs of Dubrovačko primorje, and offer of rural tourism and traditional crafts.
  • On February 12th, 2010, DESA – Dubrovnik held its first meeting with students at the University of Dubrovnik and their mentors prof. Pavlic, prof. Portolan, prof. Hazel and prof. Perućica, concerning Local action plans within the project „Center for responsible tourism of the Adriatic region“.
  • DEŠA’s representative participated in a two-day workshop for potential applicants for project grants program “Youth at the labor market“. The workshop was held on 11th And 12 February 2010 in Zagreb, and was organized by the Croatian Employment Bureau, in co-operation with a team of technical assistance GOPA Consultants.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik participated at the first meting for this year’s “Promotion of deficient craft occupations,” on February 9th 2010 in hotel Lero. The meeting was organized by the Chamber of Crafts, CEA and CCE. Promotion will be held during the spring months at the schools of Dubrovnik – Neretva County. Within the Promotion, DESA will present the Libertas foundation scholarships.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik had a working meeting with the Deputy Prefect, Marija Vuckovic regarding the warranty funds, on February 12th. Within the implementation of the project „Center for responsible tourism“, has provided funds for the guarantee fund, which will be joined to the county funds.
  • Mrs Jany Hansal, DESA’s president, handed over to reverend Vojislav Vlasic, the pastor of St Blaise church in Ston, the amount of 12.100,00 kuna, on February 2nd 2010. This amount was collected in humanitarian action sale of various delicacies made of sour orange, that was held on February 2nd in front of the Sponza palace.
  • The manifestation named „Day of sour orange“ with humanitarian character and organized by the associations, DESA – Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik orange, was held on February 2nd, from 11a.m. to 06 p.m., in front of the Sponza palace.
  • The main goal of this manifestation is to promote the sour orange from Dubrovnik region as well as all its potentials. Dubrovnik sour orange had a significant place in history and tradition of our City. It adorns gardens in Dubrovnik, welcomes us at the Pile and Ploce gates, and its fruits has been used since ancient times in gastronomy and for medicinal purposes.
  • In front of the Sponza palace, at the benches decorated with sour oranges, we presented the abundance of the products made of sour orange (jam, arancini, liqueurs, cakes ,..). Visitors had the opportunity to taste the Ston oysters with sour orange and a glass of wine from the vineyards of Peljesac. The admiration for the products of sour orange expressed the Prime Minister, Mrs. Jadranka Kosor, the President Stipe Mesic, and many other distinguished guests.
  • The entire sales revenue has been assigned for the renewal of the church of St. Blaise in Ston. During this manifestation has been collected 12.100,00 kn. Dubrovnik hotels (Excelsior, Lacroma, Rixos and Hilton), Defenders cooperative „Mirna luka“ from Ston, and wine producers: Milos, Vukas, Rozić – Mili, Ćurlin Putnikovići , joined this humanitarian action and contributed with sweet delicacies, wine and oysters.
  • The representatives of Libertas Foundation from San Pedro, California read the announcement of the humanitarian action for the church of Sv. Blaise in Ston at Dubrovnik web portal, and they supported this action with the amount of 2.000,00 US $ (or approximately 10.000,00 kuna).
  • Day of sour orange had shown to the local population and guests of Dubrovnik, the available resource that grows in our gardens , but it has been insufficiently or almost never used.

January 2010

  • DESA – Dubrovnik organized English language courses in Opuzen with the aim of additional education for women, youth and senior citizens. Courses have been organized on the basis of the needs for additional education of the population from the Neretva Valley, that have been shown through the survey questionnaire conducted in the valley of the Neretva at the end of 2009.
  • The public lecture organized by CIRCLE, a Croatian women’s business associations, took place on 29th January 2010 at the hotel Lacroma. The public lecture involved a discussion about the current economic situation and the possibilities of finding business activities for going out of the recession, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. DEŠA’s representatives presented the project jam made of Dubrovnik sour orange and demonstrated the preparation of this delicacy.