December 2008

  • Within the final part of the project „The awareness campaign on necessity and importance of voluntary work” DESA’s members, together with the pupils from the primary school „Marin Getaldic“ (IIIa), paid a visit to „Domus Christi“, the institution for elderly people, on Wednesday, December 17th. On this occasion, pupils gave presents, the Christmas greeting cards, to the protegees of Domus Christi and DEŠA’s members brought them autochthonous delicacies. The Christmas cards and autochthonous delicacies were the products of DEŠA’s workshops.
  • The cultural club Horvati visited DEŠA’s premises on December 14th. This cultural club has been active for 23 years, always having the same goal: to gather children, young people and everyone who likes to sing and dance. They perform the original songs and dances from their region, as well as from the entire Croatia.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik took part at the Christmas Fair, organized by the City of Dubrovnik and the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik, within the project „Christmas in the Town“. The Fair was opened at atrium of the Sponza Palace and it was held from December 13th to 31st.
  • DEŠA’s representative took part at the workshop „Rural tourism development in Konavle“, that was held on December 8th at the ST. Blaise’s Monastery at Pridvorje. The workshop was organized by the Ministry of tourism and it denoted the begining of the pilot project of creation of tourist destination Konavle. Besides registered stakeholders of rural tourism in Konavle, the workshop was attended by Mrs. Mira Buconić, county prefect, the representatives of local governement, representatives of the Ministry of tourism and the Ministry of agriculture, tourist boards, Institute for tourism, developmental agency Dunea and numerous other participants. The main goal of this workshop was to exchange knowledge on different developmental models of tourist destination Konavle.
  • During the course of 2008 DEŠA – Dubrovnik has implemented the project „The awareness campaign on necessity and importance of voluntary work“ in co-operation with the City of Dubrovnik and National Foundation for Civil Society Development from Zagreb. Voluntary work is non-profit, unpaid activity, by which the individuals give their contribution to the well-beeing of their community. Regarding global problems, nowadays the need for voluntary work has been greater than ever. Voluntary work is one of the tools for initiation of positive changes, social inclusion and building ties of trust and solidarity.

In this project were involved: Kindergarten Slano, Kindergarten Cavtat, Primary school Marin Getaldić – Dubrovnik, Primary school Gruda, Primary school Gruda – Pridvorje, Primary school Gruda – Radovčići, Primary school Smokovljani, Primary school Slano, Primary school Cavtat and Grammar School Dubrovnik. The awards for the best painting on the topic of voluntary work were given to: Baldo Mihović, PS Slano, Antonela Dender, PS Primorje Smokovljani, Ana Prebisalić from PS Marin Getaldić, Matija Cvjetković, PS Gruda – Radovčići, Marta Šapro, PS Gruda and Mario Mihočević, PS Gruda – Pridvorje. The awards for the best literary works on the topic of voluntary work were given to: Tomislav Uroš, Lucija Njirić, Paula Ucović, Ivan Uroš, Andrijana Rašica and Ivan Koprivica from the PS Gruda. Several schools and kindergartens from Dubrovnik-neretva county were involved in educational workshops in this project, and their pupils made out numerous works (drawings, literary works etc.).

  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized, at its premises, the exibition on the occasion of the International Day of voluntary work, December 5th. The exibition presented all works of the pupils who took part in DESA’s project on voluntary work. During the festive programme at DESA’s premises the pupils from the Primary school Gruda – Pridvorje and Primary school Marin Getaldić, gave their performance.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized the Patchwork exibition “Advent in the Town”on the occasion of Christmas holidays. The exibition was opened from December 4th to December 22nd, at the premises of the City Library Dubrovnik. Desa’s Patchwork club has been active for years and had numerous successfull exibitions in Croatia and abroad.
  • DEŠA’s representative took part at the festive denotation of International Day of disabled people, December 3rd, that was held in Hotel Lero.
  • In co-operation with HUMS – the branch office of the Health centre Dubrovnik, DEŠA organized a lecture on AIDS in order to denote the International Day of struggle against AIDS. The lecture was held on December 1st at DESA’s premises. The lecturers were m.d. Ljiljana Betica Radić, infectologist, and m.d. Mato Lakić, epidemiologist. The lecture was attended by numerous pupils from Nursing school Dubrovnik and High school for catering and tourism Dubrovnik.

November 2008

  • Within the implementation of Croatian-Italian project „Adriatico – microimpresa e sviluppo locale“, which DEŠA – Dubrovnik has been implementing in co-operation with NGO COSPE, Firenze, the Marche Region and its developmental unit Segretariato per l’Adriatico, DEŠA organized and international expert gathering „ New approaches to territory development“. The conference was held on November 25th and 26th at the premises of Centre for Advanced Academic Studies in Dubrovnik, and it is one of the numerous activities that are leading to the final objective of the project: to set up „The Centre for responsible tourism of Adriatric region“, that will have the utmost significance for development of new ways in tourism and economy in Dubrovnik-neretva county. MORE
  • DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized several workshops and lectures on EU in few primary and secondary schools. DEŠA organized 3 workshops in primary school Gruda – Pridvorje and Primary school Gruda on November 24th. On November 26th DEŠA organized a workshop in Gymnasium Dubrovnik , and on November 27th in primary school Marin Getaldić Dubrovnik. Lecturer was Ms Mirta Desnica, a young member of DEŠA, graduate student of sociology and French language. Within DEŠA’s international activities and in co-operation with National Foundation for Civil Society Development and ECAS Foundation, Mirta Desnica successfully passed the education on EU in Bruxelles. By means of lectures, games and power-point presentation, pupils were acquainted with basic informations on EU establishment, organization, institutions, decision-making processes, financing, politics and EU citizenship. Younger pupils were acquainted with the size of EU compared to Croatia, as well as with diversities of its member countries. Ms Desnica explained them motto „United in diversity“ and EU symbols: the flag, currency and the anthem.
  • Within the implementation of the project „Centre for responsible tourism of Adriatic Region“, one of the activities is training for small and medium entrepreneurs. DEŠA organized training in co-operation with our Italian partners. The first part of the training was held in Dubrovnik from November 17th to 20th. The training elaborated following issues: introduction to entrepreneurship, legal and organizational models of small and medium entrepreneurship, business plan, accounting, sustainable development and responsible tourism. After the first part of training, some of the participants will have an opportunity to visit Marche Region in Italy, where they will be acquainted with the examples of good practices – entrepreneurs working on the principles of sustainable development.
  • DEŠA –Dubrovnik organized a workshop on drawing and painting from November 1st. The workshop took place twice a week at DEŠA’s premises, and it was conducted by Ms Lena Kramarić, painter.
  • The representative of DEŠA-Dubrovnik took part at the scientific conference Ignjat Đurđević and Saint Paul’s ship-wreck at the island of Mljet. The conference was held on November 9th to 12th in Dubrovnik. This event was organized on the occassion of significant anniversary of the Saint Pauls’ year and Croatian edition of “Saint Paul apostle, castaway”, the book written by Đurđević
  • Within the implementation of the project “The awareness campaign on necessity and importance of voluntary work” DEŠA organized several interactive workshops on voluntary work in primary schools: Gruda, Pridvorje, Marin Getaldic, Slano and Smokovljani. The head of the workshops was Mrs. Marija Veltruski. Mrs. Veltruski, together with the teachers from the above mentioned schools, introduced the meaning of voluntary work to the pupils, encouraging them to think about “what voluntary work was and how they can be iincluded in voluntary work”.Through drawings and written messages, pupils had shown their perception of voluntary work.

October 2008

  • DEŠA’s representative took part at the seminar „The implementation of legislative regulations including the foundation of HACCP for all business entities dealing in nourishment industry“. The seminar was organized by Croatian Chamber of Economics and it was held on October 21st in Dubrovnik.
  • Within the implementation of the project „Centre for responsible tourism of the Adriatic region” DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized a round table „Sustainable development and responsible tourism in my community“ on the island of Mljet on October 18th 2008. During the round table, DEŠA’s representatives gave the presentation of the project and project activities. All participants made out the SWOT analysis of the entire island.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized the round table „Sustainable development and responsible tourism in my community“, that was held on October 12th in Mali Ston. The round table was attended by the representatives of Tourist Board Ston, Municipality of Ston, representatives of the small agricultural economies, agricultural co-operative Putniković, representatives of Salt-pan Ston, and other craftsmen and farmers from Ston surroundings. The representatives of DEŠA – Dubrovnik presented the project „Centre for responsible toruism of Adriatic region“. All participants of round table worked out joint SWOT analysis of the present state of their municipality. DEŠA’s Italian partner, Mr. Gianni Gravina from NGO COSPE, Florence, also participated at this round table.
  • The European Foundation Centre (EFC) and the National Foundation for Civil Society Development organized the Grantmakers East Forum, a forum of grantmakers active in Central and Eastern Europe and in former Soviet Union states, which took place on 8th -10th October 2008 in Dubrovnik. The Forum was dealing with the topics on: sustainable development, culture, social inclusion and philantropy. On October 11th some of the Forum participants visited DEŠA’s premises in Lazareti.
  • The First national conference of grant makers and donors was held on October 6th and 7th in Dubrovnik, and it was organized by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. DEŠA-Dubrovnik took active part in organization of this conference. On October 6th, DEŠA hosted about 100 conference participants at DEŠA’s premises in Lazareti.
  • Second Croatian Festival of Jams and Marmalades was held at Placa, in front of Saint Blaise’s church, on October 4th and 5th 2008. in Dubrovnik. The Festival was organized by DEŠA-Dubrovnik and „Dubrovačka naranča“ the association for promotion, cultivation, protection and production of sour orange. Twenty exibitiors from al over the Croatia participated at this Festival, presenting their products to the visitors. During the Festival the exibitors were dressed in the national costumes of their regions. MORE

September 2008

  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik participated at the 6th Dubrovnik’ Historic Festival, organized by the renaissance association Ragvesvm and City of Dubrovnik Turist Board. The Festival was held from September 25th to 28th.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a lecture on the topic „Fund – raising skills“ on September 24th 2008, at the premises of ACMT (American College of Management and Technology). The lecturer was Mrs. Bonie B. Helms, consultant for management and fund-raising. Mrs Helms presented guidelines on fund-raising skills intended for financial support of non-profit organizations and creation of funds.
  • On September 18th DEŠA – Dubrovnik denoted its 15th anniversary. The manifestation took place at DEŠA’s premises in Lazareti, and there were present the representatives of Dubrovnik-neretva County, City of Dubrovnik, numerous institutions, DEŠA’s members and numerous fellow citizens. Mrs. Jany Hansal greeted the guests, and gave a speech on the past years and DEŠA’s achievements. MORE
  • In co-operation with the Association “The thread of friendship” and association “Pure silk” from France, DEŠA organized a workshop on silk painting at its premises, from September 15th to September 20th. The instructors were Mrs Marie – Marthe Dufaud and Danielle Feyssat from the association „Pure silk“. The participants learned new techniques such as: cold wax painting, shibori, water colours etc.
  • The president of Women’s Forum of SDP, Mrs Mirjana Feric – Vac, with her associates and Mrs. Olga Murati, paid friendly visit to DEŠA on September 20th.
  • The pupils from Primary school „Marin Getaldic“ visited DEŠA’s workshop of silk painting on September 19th.
  • The representatives of Libertas Foundation, San Pedro, California, handed over 11 scholarships to the pupils from secondary craft schools in Dubrovnik – neretva county, for the school year 2007/2008. They handed over the scholarships (total 11.000,00 USD) on behalf of the Foundation „Ante and Evelyn Mrgudic“. This event took place at DEŠA’s premises on September 15th. This was the sixth year in a row that Libertas Foundation has given support to the pupils from secondary craft schools in Dubrovnik-neretva county. Scholarships were given to the future cooks, plumbers, sellers, hairdressers and stone-cutters from Metković, Župa Dubrovačka, Pelješac, Dubrovačko primorje and Konavle.
  • On the basis of the call for proposals, the Ministry of Tourism – Republic of Croatia decided to co-finance 11 projects with the grants intended for the projects in tourism with previously approved financial funds from pre-access EU and other international funds. The estimated funds are assigned as an insurance for the obligatory co-financing part form the applicant. The main goal of these grants is to arise competitiveness of the entire tourism in Croatia, and Croatian economy as well. DEŠA – Dubrovnik has been approved for the grant from the Ministry of Tourism, for the implementation of the part of the project „The centre for Responsible tourism of the Adriatic Region“.

August 2008

  • The contracts between the Ministry of tourism and users of state grants from the Dubrovnik-neretva county for the programs of the Ministry : „Heritage in tourism“, „Thematic paths“ and „ The authentic souvenir“, were signed on August 19th in Dubrovnik. Within the implemetation of the programme „The authentic souvenir“ DEŠA –Dubrovnik was given the financial support for the project „Re-designed embroidery from the Island of Mljet“.

July 2008

  • DEŠA participated in a conference “Stimulations for innovative entrepreneurship in Dubrovnik region” which was held in Mali Ston on July 16th. There was presented the Technological and Business – innovative centre for mariculture MARBIC, which will pursue investigations and promotions of new technologies and support small and medium entrepreneurs in the mariculture domain.
  • DEŠA participated in the presentation of the program “Social inclusion” and “Small municipal infrastructure” that was held on July 15th in Dubrovnik. This presentation was held within the Project of social and economic revival of the territories with a special state concern of the Republic of Croatia,and was organized by the County unit for coordination of PSGO for Dubrovnik – neretva region.
  • The Third Croatia summit was held on July 5th in Dubrovnik, and gathered high officials from app. 30 European and North American countries. The spouse of prime minister of Hungary, Ms Klara Dobrev, accompanied with the major of Dubrovnik, Ms Dubravka Šuica, visited DEŠA’s premises. The president of the association Jany Hansal presented DEŠA’s place, working team and DEŠA’s work exhibition.

June 2008

  • In co-operation with Woman’s Global Leadership Initiative (WGLI), DEŠA organized a workshop about a woman and her role in leadership. The lecturers were mrs. Diana Ruiz and mrs. Ruth Browning, representatives of WGLI from USA. The objective of this workshop was a development promotion and progress of women and their role in leadership in Croatia, which will positively affect their community.

May 2008

  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik and association “Dubrovnik orange” presented jam made of sour oranges from Dubrovnik region on the Festival Gloria 1001 delicacy in Split on May 30th and 31st. The jam is made of sour oranges by the 100 years old receipt, under expert supervision of PTF Osijek. Dubrovnik sour orange is an authentic plant and its jam is authentic ecologic product which is made of natural ingredients, without additives or preservatives. Oranges have been present in Dubrovnik area since ancient times.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a lecture on „Volunteering, partnership and civil society at the community“, that was held on May 26th in the City Hall. The lecturer was prof.dr.sc. Gojko Bežovan.
  • The lecture is the part of the project “Awareness campaign on necessity and importance of voluntary work and partnership in the local community“. DEŠA has been implementing this project with financial support of the National foundation for civil society development and the City of Dubrovnik.
  • The members of DOMINE – the association for civil society development and promotion of women’s rights visited DEŠA. During their visit on May 25th, they were shooting a clip on initiatives in women’s entrepreneurship.
  • DEŠA’s representatives took part at the „Fair of Health“ that was held in Dubrovnik on May 24th. The Fair was organized by Croatian Network of healthy towns and the City of Dubrovnik. It was organized within the denotation of the Month of personal health (the month of May). The associations and business sector from Dubrovnik dealing in promotion of healthy life were presented at the stalls. With the support of its volunteers at the stall, DEŠA presented its activities and spread information to all people who were interested in its current projects.
  • The famous American writer, screen-writer and activist, Mrs. Eve Ensler, visited Dubrovnik from May 23rd to 26th. Mrs. Ensler is the author of the famous book „Vagina’s monologues“ and she is the most meritorious person for „V-day“ – the global campaign against the violence against women. On May 25th, Mrs. Ensler visited DEŠA’s premises. DEŠA’s members organized casual consorting with Mrs. Ensler. The great number of our fellow citizens came to DEŠA’s premises and they spent the evening with Mrs. Ensler, enjoying the music of the vocal group Fortuna.
  • DEŠA – Slano denoted the 7th anniversary. At the beginning of May the members of DEŠA Slano set up an exhibition at the Franciscan monastery in Slano, presenting their achievements, especially in renewal of the embroidery from Dubrovačko primorje. On the May 21st, the Day of the Municipality Dubrovacko primorje, Mrs. Marija Veltruski, the leading member of DEŠA-Slano was awarded with the prize for life achievement, for her lifelong care for environment and her contribution to preservation of cultural heritage and old customs from Dubrovačko primorje.
  • Within the implementation of the project „Centre for responsible tourism of Adriatic region“, after the education organized in Dubrovnik, the best four participants attended specific education in Italy. From May 18th to 25th the participants were in Marche Region, and they also visited „Terra Futura“, the fair in Florence. The main objective of this education was to train young people for agents of local development.
  • DEŠA presented its project „Jam made of sour oranges from Dubrovnik region“ at the 4th Central European Congress and 6th Croatian Congress of food technologists, biotechnologists and nutritionists that were held from May 15th – 19th, at the hotel Croatia in Cavtat. Central European Congress on food (CEFood) is one of the regular Central European Congresses, the most important events in the field of Food, Technology, Nutrition and Health. The main purpose of this Congress was to provide a multidisciplinary forum in the fields of food science and technology, human nutrition and biotechnological applications in food production.
  • From May 9th to May 10th DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized a final workshop on strategic planning. With this workshop DEŠA has concluded the process which has already started in November 2007. Through several workshops, all stakeholders closely connected to DEŠA gave actively their contribution, and in a short period of time it will result with DEŠA’s strategic plan. The strategic plan is a document of an utmost significance for future work and development of DEŠA.
  • On the occasion of the European week, for the second year in a row, Delegation of the European Commission in Croatia in co-operation with the Ministry of foreign affairs and European integrations, have organized the project „EU BUS“, which started its tour through nine Croatian cities in Dubrovnik.
  • With festive cultural program, there was the exhibition of the traditional products from Neretva, Korčula, Pelješac, Dubrovačko – primorje, Dubrovnik and Konavle. DEŠA – Dubrovnik took part at this exhibition organizing workshops on traditional crafts: weaving, embroidery, palm knitting. DEŠA’s members were dressed in traditional costumes from Dubrovnik region.
  • The main objective of the project EU BUS is to inform the public concerning the European Union, its values and politics, as well as closer approach to the European ideas. The project has been based upon direct approach to the citizens in order to hear their opinions and suggestions concerning the processes of European integrations and accompanying changes.

April 2008

  • DEŠA’s representative took part at the 1st International Fair of Innovations of new ideas of technologies and products in agriculture and food industry AGROARCA, which was held from April 18th to April 20th in Slatina. The Fair was organized by Croatian association of innovator and Viroviticko-podravska County. DEŠA-Dubrovnik presented its autochtonous products, such as a jam made of sour oranges, made at the workshops within DESA’s educational programs. For its presentation DEŠA was awarded with the Medallion for contribution in realization of the project AGROARCA 2008 (silver medal). DESA was also awarded with the letter of thanks for its special contribution in organization of the International Fair AGROARCA 2008.
  • On April 16th DEŠA begins with the training for the agents of local development. This training has been organized within the implementation of the project „The Centre for Responsible Tourism of the Adriatic Region“, which DESA has been implementing in co-operation with COSPE, Firenze. This project is financed by the Italian Ministry of foreign affairs. The lectures will take place at the premises of the University of Dubrovnik. 16 candidates applied for this training, mostly young graduated managers in tourism and economics.
  • The first Fair of jobs took place on April 9th at the University of Dubrovnik. The Fair was organized by Croatian Employment Agency, Branch office Dubrovnik in partnership with: Croatian chamber of economics, Croatian chamber of trade, Dubrovnik centre for entrepreneurship, Regional development agency DUNEA, University of Dubrovnik and DEŠA-Dubrovnik.
  • During the Fair DEŠA presented its educational programs for unemployed persons, the possibilities of scholarships, as well as educational program within the project “The centre for responsible tourism of Adriatic region“
  • The 5th Mediterranean Fair of Healthy food and medicinal herbs took place from April 2nd to April 6th 2008 in Dubrovnik. The organizer of the Fair was the association „Dubrovnik-healthy city“ and co-organizers were: Croatian Chamber of commerce – Dubrovnik, Chamber of trade, Dubrovnik-neretva county, The City of Dubrovnik, DEŠA-Dubrovnik, Tourist Board, and the Croatian Institute for public health. The Fair was held at the premises of Hotel Tirena, „Valamar Hotels“. DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized daily workshops on weaving, palm knitting, embroidery and egg-painting.

March 2008

  • Mrs. Jany Hansal took part at the AMAMO conference on rural tourism, which was held on March 20th at Mali Ston. Mrs. Hansal gave a presentation of DEŠA’s project „Center for responsible tourism of Adriatic region“. The AMAMO Conference has been organized within the project AMAMO (over seas and mountains) that has been implemented by Dubrovnik-neretva county in partnership with Italian regions and Croatian counties.
  • From March 14th the City of Dubrovnik organized the Easter Fair. DEŠA took part at this Fair with the products of educational workshops from the project “Economic empowerment of women”, as well as the products of DEŠA’s Easter workshops. This fair has been organized at Green Market and will be open till Easter.
  • DEŠA’s traditional Easter workshops on palm knitting and egg painting, were organized from March 12th to 21st at DEŠA’s premises. Under the expert supervision of the workshop teachers, numerous kids from kindergartens and pupils from primary and secondary schools have acquired these traditional skills.
  • Within the implementation of the project „The awareness campaign on necessity and importance of voluntary work in community“, financed by the National Foundation for civil society development and the City of Dubrovnik, DEŠA’s members with the pupils from the primary school „Marin Getaldić“ paid a visit to „Domus Christi“ the institution for elderly people on March 12th. On this occasion, pupils gave presents (decorated eggs and greeting cards) to the protegees of Domus Christi“, and they also performed a short play and recitations. The presents given to the protegees of Domus Christi were made at workshops on voluntary work. During the previous several months, these workshops were organized by DEŠA-Dubrovnik in co-operation with primary school „Marin Getaldić“.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized traditional program in order to denote the International Women’s Day. In spite of bad weather conditions, over 100 women gathered at DEŠA’s premises, and enjoyed the festive program. This event was attended by the representatives of the most influential political parties, as well as the representatives of the local authorities.
  • On March 4th DEŠA started with its regular educational program „Educational program for women and youth“, financed by the Ministry of science, education and sports and the City of Dubrovnik. The educational program comprises of: foreign language courses (English, Italian, German, French and Spanish), informatics courses, sewing and tailoring courses, patchwork workshops and weaving courses. DEŠA’s educational programs are very popular and numerous people are interested in. Each year app. 450 persons attend our educational course.

February 2008

  • DEŠA’s representative took part at the round table „Family and health“ that was held on February 27th, within the action „Connected with health“, implemented by the network of healthy cities, in which also participates Dubrovnik-neretva county. The organizer of this round table was Centre for Family of Dubrovnik-neretva county, in co-operation with the City and County administration, Institute of Public health, DEŠA-Dubrovnik and association „Naša djeca“.
  • Meeting of the representatives of: Dubrovnik-neretva county, the City of Dubrovnik, the Chamber of trade, Chamber of commerce, regional developmental agency DUNEA, DEŠA-Dubrovnik and Marche Region, took place on February 28th at the premises of Dubrovnik – neretva county.
  • The aims, activities and expected results of the three years programme for stimulation of the small entrepreneurship on the basis of sustainable development, were presented at this meeting, as well as the experiences of our Italian partners.
  • On the same day, the meeting of the University of Dubrovnik and Universities from Marche Region, took place at the University of Dubrovnik. This meeting was organized for the purposes of possible cooperation. It has been agreed upon organizing a round table on the topic „Opportunities for creation joint brand in tourism“ that will take place at the University of Dubrovnik.
  • Within the project “The awareness campaign on necessity and importance of voluntary work“ have been planned workshops with teachers as well. The first one was held at the primary school Gruda on February 28th, and it was attended by 15 teachers. This workshop comprised the introduction to the voluntary work and teaching methodology.
  • On February 27th, DEŠA-Dubrovnik organized the workshop on the importance and necessity of voluntary work at the primary school Cavtat. The pupils from 2nd and 3rd grade attended this workshop accompanied with their teachers. After the lecture on voluntary work, they were working out the presents for the protegees of the institution “Marijin dom“ in Cavtat, which takes care of elderly sick people.
  • DEŠA – Dubrovnik organized the workshop on voluntary work at the primary school „Marin Geatldic” in Dubrovnik on February 26th. The importance and necessity of voluntary work was demonstrated to the pupils, and afterwards, they were making out decorations and cards for the inhabitants of the old folks’ home „Domus Christi“.
  • Delegation of the Marche Region, lead by Mrs. Marina Maurizi, the head of Department for international co-operation of Marche Region, was in working visit in Dubrovnik. The county – prefect of Dubrovnik-neretva County Mrs. Mira Buconić, Mr. Ivo Karamatić, the vice county – prefect with associates had a working meeting with delegation of Marche Region concerning possible co-operation in the international program „Centre for responsible tourism of Adriatic region“, which has been implemented by DEŠA-Dubrovnik at the territory of Dubrovnik-neretva county. The guidelines of the future co-operation were defined at this meeting, as well as preparations for the outline of the Agreement on co-operation of Marche Region and Dubrovnik-neretva county. This meeting was attended by representatives of COSPE, Firenze, Se.A. Ancona and DEŠA-Dubrovnik. Within the implementation of its international projects, DEŠA-Dubrovnik initiated this meeting and future co-operation.
  • DEŠA –Dubrovnik organized a working meeting with the issues of possible cooperation and definition of possible partnerships, for the implementation of the international program „Centre for responsible tourism of Adriatic region“. The meeting was held in a small City Hall on February 07th at 11:00 a.m. and it was attended by representatives of COSPE, Firenze, Marche Region, Se.A. Ancona, DEŠA-Dubrovnik, the City of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-neretva county and other future partners of this program (DCP, DUNEA, Chamber of trade, Chamber of commerce etc.)

January 2008

  • DEŠA took part at the round table „Women’s position at labour market“ that was held on January 30th. The round table was organized by the Board for gender equality of Dubrovnik-neretva county. This year has been dedicated to Mr. Andrija Stampar, but it also denotes the 20th anniversary of Healthy cities in Croatia. All counties and Croatian network of Helathy cities have made the manifestation program for the whole year to be held in cities and counties.
  • On January 29th DEŠA organized the presentation of the project „Awareness campaign on importance and necessity of voluntary work“ for all its partners and media. Through the activities of this project we support the authentic values of voluntary work. Through media, workshops, public presentations, lectures and speaker’s platforms, we shall also, implement the awareness campaign on necessities of voluntary work and its values.
  • DEŠA has started the strategic planning process already in November 2007 and has successfully continued with organizing workshops on strategic planning. The workshop was held from January 16th to 18th at DEŠA’s premises. The members of DEŠA worked together and gave their vision of DEŠA. Working out the strategic plan for DEŠA is planned to be done by June 2008.