December 2006.

  • Within the implementation of the project “Jam made of the wild oranges from Dubrovnik region”, DESA organized, in its premises, workshops on making a jam from December 14th to December 19th. The main goal of this project is to standardize the production of jam as an autochthonous products of Dubrovnik region, with the assistance of the experts in technology.
  • Inspired by a touching letter of Ana Rukavina, in co-operation with Artur Gallery, DESA organized a workshop on silk painting, as well as an auction of the workshop products, with the aim to give our small contribution to this humanitarian action. The entire income of this auction have been paid into account of the Foundation “Ana Rukavina”.

November 2006.

  • In co-operation with its Italian partners, DESA – Dubrovnik organized a workshop on the topic: “The responsible tourism-eko tourism: the instruments of the sustainable local development”, that was held on November 28th-29th, at the premises of the Postgraduate center Dubrovnik. The segment of the utmost importance in this project was the Awareness campaign on local bio-diversities and cultural and historic heritage of Dubrovnik region. DESA successfully implemented this campaign in 5 primary schools and 2 kindergartens in Metkovic, Opuzen, Smokovljani, Oslje and Slano. With this workshop, DESA successfully finalized the realization of the project “Local development poles and integrated management with coastal zone”. DESA has implemented this project for two years in co-operation with its Italian partners, Marche Region and SVIM Ancona.
  • DESA’s representative took part at the 7th meeting of the National Forum of the access to the European Union, on the topic “The autochthonous products”, organized by the Ministry of foreign affairs and european integrations, that was held on November 14th, in Pozega. The Forum consisted of th wide range of presentations on the following topics: development of rural areas, preparation of agricultural products for market, the labels of originality, geographic origin and traditional reputation of the food, legal frames of the protection of the autochthonous products, as well as the registration of the labels of originality, geograpical origin and traditional reputation of the food in the Republic of Croatia. DESA presented its activities concerning the initiatives of the production of autochthonous products, and exibited the autochthonous products of Dubrovnik region that were made through DESA’s educational programmes.
  • In co-operation with the association “Women in the Homeland War” from Zagreb, DESA Dubrovnik organized presentation of the books “Women in a Homeland War”, on November 2nd, at the Postgraduate center Dubrovnik. These memoirs are the testimonieson women’s participation in peace initiatives, helping defenders, exiles, children whose parents were killed, defence, agression and the power of defense, love and responsibility to the Homeland under attack. These testimonies should provide to future generations all evidences and facts concerning the Homeland war, agression, defense and creation of the free, democratic Croatia.
  • At the invitation of the ANIMI association, DESA participated at the meeting in Kotor, Montenegro. The topic of the meeting was the preparations for the CARDS projects and future co-operation.

October 2006.

  • In co-operation with the Committee for gender equality of Dubrovnik-neretva county, DESA – Dubrovnik denoted “The World’s Day of Women in Rural Areas” organizing the round table on the topic “The keepers of the untouched soil” on October 16th 2006 at DESA’s premises.
  • DESA-Dubrovnik took part at the regional meeting of the NGO-s which are active in a three-border area of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. This meeting was organized by EastWest Institut in Dubrovnik, on October 19th, with the aim to initiate mutual co-operation between the associations in this Region and to find further interests and potentials for mutual co-operation. The expected results will enable better connection of the non-governemental sectors and faster improvement of the relationships in this region.
  • In co-operation with the Association “The thread of friendship” and association “Pure silk” from France, DESA organized a workshop on silk painting in its premises, from October 7th to October 13th. This is the part of the project “Silk” that DESA has started ten years ago. The local population was very interested in this workshop and twenty women, divided into two groups have learned the secrets of silk painting with different techniques. The results of this workshop were displayed at the exibition, showing the creativity, imagination and thorougly expressed magic touch of silk.
  • From the October 2nd, the new cycles of the educational courses for unemployed persons and senior citizens have started within the implementation of the projects : “DESA’s model of self-help” and “Improvement the quality of life of senior citizens by learning and teaching”. This projects have been financed by the Ministry of health and social care and the Ministry of the Family, Defenders and Inter-generation Solidarity. The wide range of initial foreign language courses (English, German, French and Italian), sewing and tayloring, patchwork and informatic skills, for this time has been completed with a workshop on silk painting. All DESA’s courses drew great attention of our fellow citizens, and the lists of applications for the courses have already been fullfilled. Due to the fact that exists great interest four our programmes, we do believe that we will be able to meet the majority of the needs during the next cycles of our educational courses.
  • The members of DESA took part at the manifestation “The Autumn in Lika”, that was held in Gospic from October 7th to 8th. There were presented DESA’s results and products made at workshops within the project “Economic empowerment of women” – embroidery, weaving, silk, patchwork and autochtonous delicacies.
  • For the participants of the international conference “European day of entreprenurship” that was held at Hotel “Dubrovnik Palace” on October 7th, DESA’s Patchwork club arranged a small exibition.
  • DESA took part in third Regional Conference on Regional Operational plan of Dubrovnik-neretva county that was held on October 9th. There were dicusssed following issues: the basic analysis of the ROP proposal, suggestions and amendments, by means of which this very important strategic document is closing to its finalization.

September 2006.

  • DESA actively participated in organization of the presentation of Dubrovnik-neretva county at the manifestation EKO-ETNO Hrvatska, that was held in Zagreb from September 19th to September 24th, at the premises of Zagreb Fair. DESA presented the workshops of silk painting, embroidery (from Konavle region and the island of Mljet), as well as workshops of weaving.
  • On September 4th, the passengers from the Japanese “Peace Boat” paid a visit to DESA. In the morning, DESA organized workshops of weaving, forgotten autochthonous delicacies (arancini) as well as workshops of silk production for our Japaneese friends. After the workshops were over, DESA’s memebers invited their Japaneese friends for lunch at their homes, and they gathered again in afternoon at DESA’s premises on the workshops of caligraphy and origami, organized by our Japaneese friends.
  • The representatives of the Libertas Foundation from San Pedro, California, granted 10 scholarships (total 10.000,00 USD) from the Foundation of “Ante and Evelyn Mrgudic”, to the pupils from secondary schools for crafts, located in Dubrovnik – neretva county, for the current school year.

July 2006.

  • On July 11th, the Conference of the Croatian Netwotk for rural development was held in Zagreb. On the behalf of DESA, Mrs. Jany Hansal participated at this conference. DESA is one of the founders of the Croatian Network for rural development, and spreads its activities towards rural areas.

June 2006

  • From June 29th to July 2nd, within the implementation of the project “The improvement of life quality of senior population by teaching and education”, DESA organized at its premises a workshop on pottery for senior population. This workshop drew attention of numerous senior population and resulted with a large number of beautiful fancy-works. There was shown great interest of the senior population for further organizing the workshops like this one.
  • Mrs Jany Hansal participated at the Leader seminar on the measures in rural tourism. This seminar was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, and was held from June 18th to June 19th in Zagreb. The aim of this seminar was to clarify the purpose and demands of such measures to the representatives of state governement and self-government, NGO-s, developmental agencies and others. This seminar comprised two topics: the preparation of the for the agriculture and rural development 2007 – 2013 (IPARD), and indentification of the key factors in development of efficient local partnership, discussion on the experiences with Leader initiatives in Croatia, development of local action groups (LAG) and local strategies of development, and positive experiences of the countries, members of EU.

May 2006

  • On the May 27th Mrs Jany Hansal and Mrs Marija Veltruski participated in Fine arts colony that was organized in Trnovica.
  • From May 14th to 18th, and within the implementation of the project “Local development poles”, which DESA implements with its Italian partner SVIM, Marche region, Ms Jany Hansal took a group of representatives of the Municipality Dubrovacko primorje, The Association of defenders and the Municipality of the Island of Mljet, to a study visit to Marche Region, Italy. At this study visit the participants were acquainted with the work of Italian co-operatives, olive producers, olive-oil producers and rural tourism. The experiences of Italians will be of a great use to our people who are intending to establish a co-operative, as well as to individual producers in order to improve their production and market distribution. The study visit started by visiting the co-operative in Provicne of Pescara – Urbino, then Alce Nero and Tierra e il Cielo. These co-operatives grow wheat and other field crops on organic principles. The participants of the study visit were particularly interested in the organic growth of olives and they established contacts for future co-operation. They also paid visit to the families dealing with rural tourism.At the end of their trip, they visited the Local Authorities of Marche Region, and they had reception at Mrs Marina Mauricio, Manager for international co-operation of Marche Region and Mr. Paolo Rotoni, Co-ordinator of the international projects in Marche Region.
  • From May 15th to May 16th, DESA’s representative Mrs Ane Sindik participated at the meeting of the Croatian Network for Rural Development , that was held in Zagreb. DESA-Dubrovnik is one of the founders of the Croatian Network for Rural Development.
  • The representative of DESA, Mrs. Nives Miloš participated at the meeting of the Croatian Women’s Network, that was held in Porec from the May 8th to May 11th. This meeting was attended by 36 participants from more than 33 associations. During the meeting, there was presented working report for the year 2005, informations on work in regions, election of the co-ordinator of the CWN, two national and five regional co-ordinators, the acceptance of new members, Statutory amendments, decision on the annual membership fee, strategic plan, decision on joining the CWN into international networks, decision on salaries etc.
  • Within the implementation of the project “Local development poles” as a result of a work of DESA’s team, in Slano was held an founding Assembly of the agricultural co-operative of olive producers “Maslina” on May 4th. This cooperative was founded by 17 olive producers from the area of Dubrovacko primorje.
  • DESA started with the implementation of the project “Improvement quality of life of senior population by teaching and education”. This project has been sponsored by the Ministry of Family,Defenders and Inter-generation solidarity.We’ve announced the implementation of this project in all local public media. Ms. Jany Hansal and Ms. Nives Milos took part in direct broadcasting on Radion Dubrovnik, giving more information about this project.

April 2006

  • At the period of time from April 3rd to April 14th, on daily basis DESA organizes traditional Easter workshops at DESA’s premises. For the first week, there has been held workshops on palm knitting, and the week prior to Easter there has been held workshops on egg painting. Every year DESA regularly organizes Easter workshops, with the aim to revive forgotten and neglected traditional customs, and pass them onto future generations. DESA’s Easter workshops have been visited by the pupils from primary and secondary schools and children from kindergartens, organizedly on daily basis.
  • DESA took part at the First Congress of Women entrepreneurs of Adriatic-Ionic region, as one of the 150 women participants from Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania a nd Croatia. This Congress took place in Dubrovnik, from April 19th to April 21st and it was held under the sponsorhip of the Croatian president, Stipe Mesić. The organizer of the Congress was Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Within the presentation of Croatian women entrepreneurs, there was held a Fashion show. DESA – Dubrovnik draw a great attention with renewed national costumes from the Island of Mljet, Konavle and Dubrovačko primorje.
  • Within the implementation of the project “Local development poles” DESA -Dubrovnik organized a workshop on co-operatives and its advantages, which was held in Slano On April 26th. The participants were : the represenative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ms Karmen Sinkovic, the Major of the Municipality Dubrovacko primorje, Mr. Nikola Dobroslavic, the president of DESA-Dubrovnik, Ms Jany Hansal, the representzatives of the most relevant institutions and population of wider territory of the Municipality Dubrovacko primorje.

March 2006

  • The third Mediterranean Fair of Healthy Food and Medicinal Herbs took place from March 31st to April 2nd in Dubrovnik. The Fair was organized by the Centre for Entrepreneurship from Dubrovnik, Croatian Chamber of Commerce- Chamber of Commerce from Dubrovnik, the Chamber of Trade from Dubrovnik, with co-organizing partners: Dubrovnik-neretva County, the City of Dubrovnik and DESA-Dubrovnik. The Fair took place at Hotel Plakir – Babin Kuk Hotels. “The Mediterranean table” at which was displayed the gastronomical offer from our restaurants, wine-cellars, pastry and bakery workshops, was organized with the main goal to present the use of healthy food in gastronomical offer of the City of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik – neretva County.
  • The meeting of the International Governing Board of the ECOVAST and the round table on the topic “Small European towns and villages – proposal for co-operation and developmental initiatives” was held on March 31st to April 2nd in Makarska. This meeting and round table was organized by the international association ECOVAST and the partner organization from England SEEDA (South East England Development Agency), the Croatian section of ECOVAST, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the City of Makarska. DESA participated with its representative Mrs. Nives Milos.
  • On the March 29th, and within the implementation of the project “Local development poles”, DESA in co-operation with its Italian partner SVIM Ancona, organized the lecture on the topic: “Certification systems – production and service quality”. This lecture took place at the premises of MSHS (International Centre of Croatian Universities) in Dubrovnik. The lecturer was Mrs. Annarita Delle Vergini, co-ordinator for education at the Chambre of Commerce in Ancona.
  • On the March 28th, DESA organized workshop in Slano with the main topic: the foundation of the mixed agricultural co-operative. This workshop was organized within the implementation of the project “Local development poles” which DESA is conducting in co-operation with its Italian partner SVIM Ancona. The workshop was attended by the representatives of local government, small entrepreneurs and small producers. Within the workshop DESA organized a lecture on certification systems. The lecturer was Mrs. Annarita Delle Vergini, who introduced all attendants with the necessity of certification systems in further business activities.
  • “Zelena akcija” and the Municipality Lovinac organized Regional conference: “Sustainable development at the wider region of Velebit – economic activities and protection of natural and cultural heritage on the Croatian path towards the European Union”. This conference was organized within the joint project of the CARDS 2003 Sustainable development and stimulation of old crafts at the wider region of Velebit, Croatia. DESA’s representative, Mrs. Jany Hansal, participated with the presentation of the autochtonous products from Dubrovnik region, within the presentation of the good examples from Croatia. This conference was held on 24th to 25th March in Lovinac.
  • DESA organizes the celebration of the International Women’s day, the March 8th, to honour its members and fellow women citizens. On the traditional festivity that was held at DESA’s premises in Lazareti, gathered more than a hunred women of all ages. This celebration was also attended by the women representatives of the most prominent political parties from Dubrovnik: Mrs Dubravka Maruncic, Mrs. Tatjana Stimac Bonacic, Mrs. Olga Muratti and others.

February 2006

  • For the second year in the row, DESA has been an organizer of the manifestation “Days of the island of Mljet”, that took place at Zagreb Fair, from February 18th to February 19th 2006. Within the programme, there was presented the exibition of the posters on the topic: life on the island, beauties of the island, workshops of old crafts (knitting fish-traps and embroidery from the island of Mljet). With this programme as a whole, we intended to fully support the entire sustainable development of the Island of Mljet, as well as to present in our capital city the possibilites of accordance of traditional heritage and tourism development. We also wanted to present autochtonous products and forgotten skills in order to initiate involvement of domestic people into production and heritage preservation.
  • In co-operation with its Italian partner SVIM, from Marche Region, DESA-Dubrovnik organized the round table on the topic “Defining of the problems and priorities for development of the Municipality Dubrovacko primorje”, that was held on February 7th at the premises of the Primary school in Slano. At this round table participated the representatives of SVIM, Marche Region and DESA-Dubrovnik, the moderator of the round table, Mrs. Ane Sindik, representative of Dubrovnik- neretva county, Mr. Zeljko Kulisic, co-ordinator for ROP, the head of the Municipality Slano, presidents of local boards from villages of Dubrovacko primorje, headmasters of Primary schools and representatives of the associations. The moderator skilfully started and animated such a big group of people, and this round table resulted with SWOT analysis of the territory of the Municipality Dubrovacko primorje, done by the participants of the round table.

January 2006

  • DESA took part at the Founding Assembly of Croatian Network for Rural Development, as one of the founders. The assembly was held in Zagreb on January 23rd – 24th. Croatian Network for Rural Development gathers the organizations of civil society in order to enable better access to informations concerning contemporary approaches to development of rural areas. The mission of the network is:
    • stimulation of different kinds of communication and co-operation of the participants interested in rural development
    • influence on the official politics concerning rural development
    • contribution to even development and life quality in rural areas
  • The representatives of Japanese governmental organization “Peace Boat” was in friendly and working visit at DESA’s premises on January 23rd. On this occassion there was agreed upon visit to DESA (in September 2006), when the boat “Peace Boat” will stay in Dubrovnik for several days.