December 2005

  • Within the implementation of the project “Local development poles”, the first round table was held in Slano, on the topic “Local resources – bio diversities and possible ways of sustainable development of the territory”, which was organized by DESA. The moderator of the round table was Mrs. Ane Sindik, DESA’s associate, and the lecturers were: the representative of the Slano Municipality, Mr. Nikola Dobroslavić, the Major, Mrs. Branka Martinović-Vuković, representative of Dubrovnik-neretva county, Department of environmental protection and students of ACMT Dubrovnik.
  • Two humanitarian actions – DESA organized donation of beautiful patchwork quilts to the Pediatric ward of the General Hospital Dubrovnik in December. DESA’s members made these interesting quilts in the spectrum of variety in coulours, since there exists an opinion of certain pediatricians that children, especially premature children, have better and faster recovery and growth if they were surrounded with cheerful colours. In the therapy with colours it is usual to use the basic colours of spectrum, and according to that theory, the particular colours have healing effects on the improvement of psycho-phisical condition. Certain colours have also stimulating effects on particular parts of the human body. DESA’s members who were involved in making of these quilts, have also confirmed that colours have positive impact on uprising the good humour.
  • Donation of patchwork quilts to children’s home “Maslina” in Dubrovnik was also organized by DESA in December. The members of DESA’s Patchwork club have made out these creative gifts with the purpose to cheer up children, the protegees of children’s home Maslina.
  • December is the time of the year when DESA’s premises in Lazareti are being decorated for Christmas holidays. DESA’s members engaged all their efforts, time and creativity in order to bring the Christmas spirit into our premises. The pictures of workshops with delicacies from Dubrovnik have drawn the attention of the City and our fellow citizens. The National Croatian TV Network, HTV, had direct broadcast from DESA’s premises, and have shown to entire Croatian population, the ways of preparation and Christmas celebration in Dubrovnik.
  • In December DESA also took part in a workshop on the topic “Elaboration of ROP (Regional Operative Program)” which was organized by Dubrovnik-neretva county. This document has an utmost significance, based on which our county will join the family of developed counties in our country and wider region.
  • Besides all activites that DESA successfully accomplished during the month of December, we also held the Annual Elective Assembly of DESA. At the Assembly we chose the governing bodies of association, adopted the reports and worked up working plan and programe for the following period of time. Mrs. Jany Hansal was re-elected as a president of the association for the next four years.


  • In November, DESA’s educational activities are in full swing. Over 150 citizens from Dubrovnik-neretva county have been attending the courses of foreign languages ( English, Italian, French and German), sewing and tayloring courses and computer courses.
  • Mrs. Petra Blaes, ex-vice president of German Bundestag and senior consultant in Stability pact on parliamentary cooperation – paid a friendly visit to DESA. She expressed her utmost delight with DESA’s achievments so far, and she announced her next visit in spring 2006.
  • All preparatory activities concerning realization of the project “Local development poles” have been done, and DESA agreed on cooperation with ACMT. The students of ACMT will take part in round tables on the topics “Local resources” and “Possibilites of development made to measure a human being”.
  • Mrs. Ivana Burđelez, the principle of MSHS and Jany Hansal, the president of DESA, participated at the Congress of the Mediterranean Women on the topic “Woman and women’s entreprenurship”, which was held in Torino, Italy. There were discussed different women’s problems which occur nowadays and possible future solutions. This congress was attended by more than 200 representatives from all over the Mediterranean.


  • From the October 1st at DESA’s premises has started an autumn shift of educational courses for unemployed persons from Dubrovnik-neretva county. DESA organized initial courses of foreign languages (English, French, Italian and German), sewing and tayloring, and computer courses. It has been shown a great interest for attendance of these courses from our fellow citizens, but we were not able to meet all their needs.
  • Within the implementation of the project “Local development poles” in co-operation with its Italian partner SVIM from Marche region, DESA’s representative took part at the seminar-workshop on the topic “Instruments of local development”, which was held in Zadar on October 6th – 7th. During this seminar several topics were worked out such as: Territory consulting and Sustainable tourism, and lecturers were experts from Italy. In the practical part of the seminar there were worked out positive practical examples. There has been agreed upon date of stage which will be held in Ancona.
  • DESA’s representative took part at the II National conference on voluntary work, which was held in Trogir from October 13th to October 15th. On this occasion the member of DESA took part at the work of the National commitee for development of voluntary work. There has been pointed out the important role that Commitee has within the Council for development of civil society, and its positioninig towards, especially, the Ministry of Family,Defenders and intergeneration solidarity, for dvelopment of voluntary work belongs to the term of office within this Ministry.
  • On the October 17th DESA was visited by the French ambassadeur at the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Francois Saint Paul. On this occassion he handed to Ms Jany Hansal a decoration of the Chevallier for the national merits, i.e. Decoration for the merits for the people. Ms Jany Hansal was awarded with this medal by the Republic of France as a recognition for her work such as starting up a numerous humanitarian actions and activities, especially helping women in needs, initiating and foundation of DESA association, her altruistic efforts and extraordinary human qualities, as well as making ties and connections between Republic of France and Republic of Croatia. DESA’ s members organized a reception at DESA’s premises as a recognition and thanks for Ms Jany Hansal, president of their association, for her work and achievements yet so far.
  • From the october 19th to October 21st, there was held a stage in Ancona, within the implementation of the project “Local development poles and integrated management of the coastal zone” and DESA’s representatives took an active part there. This project, that DESA started to implement at the begining of the year 2005 with its Italian partner SVIM from the Marche region, is of the great importance for development of local communities through strenghtening co-operation between private and public sector. It can also be considered as the foundations for the future cross-border co-operation and development.


  • At the begining of September DESA organized distribution of the scholarships of the Libertas Foundation “Ante and Evelyn Mrgudic”, from San Pedro, California, to the pupils from the artisan’s secondary schools from Dubrovnik-neretva County, for the school year 2005/2006. This ceremony was held at DESA’s premises, and 11 pupils from artisan’s secondary schools were given a scholarship for this school year.
  • Within the manifestation EKO-ETNO Hrvatska, that was held in Zagreb from September 13th to 18th at the premises of Zagreb Fair, DESA with its members took an active part in organization and presentation of Dubrovnik – neretva county. DESA organized workshops of silk production, embroidery (from Mljet and Konavle) and weaving. On this occassion the members of DESA-Slano presented completely renewed national costume from Dubrovačko primorje. For its activities DESA received a leeter of thanks from organizers of this manifestation.


  • In co-operation with NGO “Sigurna ženska kuća” from Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro, DESA organized a patchwork workshop in Podgorica. This workshop was held in Podgorica on July 6th-July 7th. Five members of DESA’s Patchwork club visited NGO “Sigurna zenska kuca” and they organized exibition of their works as well as patchwork workshop. Women from Podgorica were very interested in their work and they took active part in the workshop.
  • From 15th July to 25th July DESA’s Patchwork club organized an exibition of their works named “Needle, imagination and sea”, which was held at Ranjina Palace in Dubrovnik. This exibition was excelently visited, and lots of our fellow-citizens and tourists had shown great interest.
  • Within the implementation of its project “Local development poles” in co-operation with its Italian partner SVIM from region Marche, DESA organized a seminar-workshop on the topic “Instruments for local development”. This workshop was held in Dubrovnik on 28th July – 29th July.During the course of the seminar several very important topics were lectured and discussed such as: European institutions and European information search, Existing financial programs and the next 2007-2013 programming period and Proposal drafting methodologies. This seminar was attended by the participants from Zadar, Mostar and Dubrovnik (NGO’s, University, schools, local authorities).


  • Libertas Foundation “Ante and Evelyn Mrgudić” from San Pedro – Los Angeles, with the technical support from DESA, officialy and publicly published invitation for tenders of scholarships for the pupils attending artisan’s secondary schools in Dubrovnik-neretva county for the 2005/2006 school year. All pupils from artisans schools have right to apply for this scholarship.
  • During the first week of June DESA’s patchwork club visited France at the invitation of French Patchwork clubs and DESA’s friends from the organization “Fils d’amities” from Gueret. On this occasion with presentation of their work and exibition, our members were excellent ambassadeurs of our country.
  • In co-operation with NGO “Sigurna zenska kuća” from Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro, DESA organized a workshop on trafficking with human beeings. This workshop was held at DESA’s premises in Dubrovnik, on June 27th and 28th. The sponsor of this project was East-West Institute from Dubrovnik. The workshop was consisted of projection of the documentary movie on trafficking, discussion on the topic of cross-border experiences in trafficking, as well as introduction with regional factors of risks and international routes, kinds of help and strategy for the struggle against sex trafficking.
  • During the period of time from June 6th to 8th, DESA had the study visit of the association Prospero from Gračac. This association was established in 2003. as a response to the problems, first of all unemployment, women’s position at the society, non-tolerance, ignorance, neglection of youth and their needs, and other numerous problems. With the support of the association CARE International, they wanted to get acquainted with DESA, as an example of successful work.


  • DESA has started with the realization of the project “Local development poles” in co-operation with its Italian partner SVIM from Marche region. This project belongs to a category of developmental projects and it is a component of interventions foreseen for stabilization, re-construction and development of Adriatic countries. Its main purpose is education on GIS techniques (Global information System) which are used in analysis of present situation, planning of sustainable development and sustainable tourism of the territory, parallel with the protection of its bio-diversities, as well as natural, cultural and historical heritage. DESA has started with preparations for implementation of awareness campaigne and environment protection. The main goal of this campaigne is to raise the awareness of pupils (primary and secondary schools) and students on bio-diversities and natural resources of the territory and to better understand the necessity of protection of the environment and natural resources.
  • DESA also organized three computer workshops for pensioners and 21 pensioner attended these workshops and gained basic skills in computers.


  • Mediterranean Fair on Healthy food and Medicinal Herbs took place from March 31st to April 3rd in Dubrovnik. It was organized by Dubrovnik-neretva County, The City of Dubrovnik, Croatian Board of Economy – Dubrovnik – neretva County Board of Economy, Dubrovnik-neretva County Chamber of Trade, Center for Entrepreneurship and DESA – Dubrovnik. Our goal was to gather exibitors, experts, patrons and enthusiasts in order to, by joined eforts, present at least a part of ecological and traditional products of our country. This specialized manifestation has been established as the most important Fair manifestation in Dubrovnik-neretva County in the field of ecological agriculture and entrepreneurship on ecological basis.
  • DESA takes part in the meeting of NGO-s whose activities are cross-border co-operation in the region of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, whose aim was to increase cross-boder co-operation. This meeting was organized by EastWest Institute from Dubrovnik, and it was held on April 6th at DESA’s premises.
  • According to the agreement with the Board for Gender Equality for Dubrovnik-neretva County, DESA has organized computer workshops for women during the month of April 2005. We shall train in informatic skills 21 women during the April. All attendees are beeing trained in basics of OS Windows, Word and Excell. One workshop comprises of 20 hours and is held daily in the afternoon hours. At the end of the workshop, each attendee will get an certificate with specially accentuated text that the Board for Gender Equality is a donor of this humanitarian action.


  • Easter workshops of palm knitting and egg painting were held traditionally at DESA during Easter holidays. Numerous school children and our citizens took part in these workshops which are significant for preservation of cultural heritage .
  • The city of Dubrovnik organized the first action of this year’s cycle “The New Face of the City” preparing Easter Fair “Easter reveries”. DESA took part at this fair with the products of its educational workshops within the project “Economic empowerment of women”.
  • Yet so far there were held 1200 performances of Vagina’s monologues all over the world and their income is assigned for local women’s associations and part of it is assigned for the women of Iraq. The students from AMCT College from Dubrovnik joined this global movement. They donated the entire income of V-day celebration to DESA for the project against violence on women. This estimable donation DESA will use in its project ” Computer literacy course for women”. Within this project, 10 unemployed women will gain additional knowledge in informatics technology.
  • DESA also starts with its program of additional education. It includes foreign language courses for the beginners (English, Italian, German and French), computer courses, sewing and tayloring courses and a patchwork course.
  • DESA denoted International Women’s Day with festive and entertaining programe.


  • DESA’s representative participates in the Programe of information and education on EU, which is organized by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development and European Citizens Action Service (ECAS) from Bruxelles. This education is organized in three-days workshops during the time period of 6 months and encircles 25 representatives of Croatian NGO-s.
  • DESA was one of the co-organizers of the manifestation “The art of living” a presentation of the island of Mljet , which was held from February 18th till February 19th in Zagreb. Within the programe there was presented an exibition of the posters with the topics: living on the island and its attractions. There were also presented workshops of old crafts: embroidery and fish-trap making. The main goal of this manifestation was to support sustainable development of the island of Mljet.


  • During the month of January DESA takes active part in the work of the Committee for the Genders Equality in Dubrovnik-neretva county. At the several meetings all committee members discussed the implementation of the Law on gender equality as well as the other regulations concerning gender equality. This year DESA will be more actively included into implementation of this project.
  • DESA also takes active part in the National Program for Youth, that is implemented by the Ministry of Health and Social Care and Humanitarian Network of Croatia, whose member is DESA. We actively participate at meetings and implementation of surveys amongst youth part of the population in Dubrovnik-Neretva County.