November 2004

  • In cooperation with French association CCFD (Chatolic Commitee against hunger and for Development) Paris, DESA-Dubrovnik organized a seminar on «Responsible tourism». This seminar was held in Dubrovnik, from November 25th till 29th 2004. 30 representatives from Mediterranean countries took part in this seminar. They discussed about tourism which should be more adjusted to human beeings, its importance in world economy, and negative characteristics and effects of mass tourism.
  • DESA takes active part in National programe for youth, which is implemented by the Ministry of Health and Social care and Croatian Humanitarian Network. DESA is the member of Croatian Humanitarian Network. First expert meeting on the topic «Education from the project of coeval help» was held on November 16th in Stubicke toplice.
  • DESA also took part in «Professional section of workers dealing with protection of children and youth with behaviour disorder». It was organized by the Ministry of Health and Social Care, and was held on November 25th to 26th in Dubrovnik.

October 2004

  • DESA – Dubrovnik was co-organizer of the 13th International Conference on Voluntary Work which was held in Cavtat from October 1st to October 5th. For the participants of the conference, 130 of them, DESA organized and arranged meetings and visits to the voluntary projects of the Dubrovnik Neretva County.
  • DESA was active participant of the 1st National conference on Voluntary Work that was held from September 29th to October 1st in Cavtat, and it was organized by National Foundation for Civil Society Development.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik takes part in the seminar «Financing of communal infrastructure and cultural management of the city», which was organized by Hanns Seidel Stiftung and the City of Dubrovnik, and it was held in Dubrovnik.
  • DESA – Dubrovnik has started to organize monthly workshops for preparation of autochtonous products of Dubrovnik region (kotonjata, mantala, almonds in suggar, orange crusts in suggar…) which will be held until Christmas holidays.

September 2004

  • In this month DESA starts with its additional educational programe. It includes initial foreign language courses (English, Italian, German and French), courses in computer skills, sewing and tayloring courses and patchwork course. This program is very popular and there is a great interest for it since it is especially assigned to unemployed people of Dubrovnik region. Each year app. 450 unemployed persons succesfully attend and pass our courses.

August 2004

  • This year DESA gave technical assistance to the Libertas Foundation, San Pedro, California. DESA helped them to distribute 10 scholarships to the pupils with low incomes who attend trade school.
  • DESA also took part in an on-line workshop on the topic «Entrepreneurship in tourism» organized by the Telecottages Association, which was held in Ljubuski, BiH, on August 18th. The lecturer was DESA’s president, Ms Jany Hansal.

July 2004

  • DESA organized the lecture on the topic «Better health through nourishment – medical and legal aspects». The lecturer was Dr.Boris Sokal, a longtime member of DESA.
  • With the exibition of the works made at educational programe workshops, DESA took part in the action «Let us buy Croatian» organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economics, and was held on July 14th, in Dubrovnik.

May 2004

  • DESA took part in a meeting of Croatian Women’s Network that was held from May 12th until 17th in Poreč. DESA is a member of Croatian Women’s Network, an organization that gathers associations, groups and initiatives who recognized the fact that women are beeing disriminated, as well as economically and politically marginalized.
  • During this month the City of Dubrovnik initiated a project «New face of the Town». Within that project on May 22nd there was an action «We are all entrepreneurs, we are all craftsmen, we are all artists» in which DESA took an active part by presenting its activities in DESA’s premises. On that occasion the Major of Dubrovnik Ms Dubravka Sujica and her associates paid visit to DESA.
  • During the May we finished spring cycle of our educational programmes and courses. Entirely 150 beneficiaries had regularly attended and mastered our courses (foreign languages, PC usage and sewing and tayloring). All attendees received written certificate.
  • DESA also gave technical assistance to the Libertas – Foundation, Scholarship Fund of Ante and Evelyn Mrgudić from Los Angeles, USA. During the May DESA helped in gathering applications for scholarships for tradesman’s schools, for the pupils from rural areas of Dubrovnik county.

April 2004

  • With reason of Easter, DESA organized traditional workshops of palm knittings and egg painting, and were held at DESA’s premises in Lazareti.
  • DESA took part in organization of the first Mediterranean fair of healthy food and medicinal herbs, which was held in Dubrovnik from April 2nd to 5th.
  • With reason of World’s Day of Health, April 7th, DESA organized lecture on «Harmful effects of stress as public-health problem, and posibilities of treatements». The lecturer was dr. Boris Sokal, specialist of work medicine.

March 2004

  • In honour to its members and fellow-citizens, as well as all mothers and housewives, DESA organized formally entertaining programme in order to denote International Women’s Day, March the 8th.
  • DESA took part in a local conference for Dalmatia region on «The role of civil society in conflict prevention and peace building», which was held in Split on March 26th and 27th 2004. This conference was held as a part of global initiative of European Centre for Conflict Prevention (ECCP) as a reaction on a recommendation of Secretary general of UN, Mr. Kofi A. Annan.
  • DESA organized exibition of DESA’s Patchwork club, named «Imagination and creativity», which was held in Ranjina palace from March 30th until April 6th.

February 2004

  • In co-operation with DESA – Slano, DESA organized a workshop on knotting from February 9th until 11th.

January 2004

  • The first shift of educational courses in foreign languages and sewing and tayloring was finished by the end of January.
  • As a part of educational program, DESA organizes the workshop «Italian language course for the hospitality industry entrepreneurship» and also workshop on sewing and tayloring on the island of Mljet.
  • In accordance with the program of Local community development, DESA took an active part in the Program of re-socialization of juvenile delinquents through communal work taking over a care for one juvenile delinquent.
  • DESA took part at the seminar and workshop for the preparation of projects on cross-border, transnational and inter-regional co-operation in the frame of program CARDS 2003. Seminar was organized by the Ministry for European integrations and it was held in Split on January 21st-23rd.
  • Dubrovnik Center for Entrepreneurship in cooperation with Croatian Ministry for Crafts and SME has organized a four – day education program for potential entrepreneurship advisors, in which «DESA» actively participated.