December 2003

  • A workshop on the topic «Cooking of delicacies by the autochtonous recepies from Dubrovnik region» took place at DESA’s premises.
  • On December 12th, DESA celebrated Volunteer’s Day, since December is known as a month of volunteers all over the world.
  • DESA organized public speaker’s platform «Donating human parts of body» on November 11th. This humanitarian and educational event was attended by a great number of our fellow-citizens. The guests of this platform were dr. Igor Povrzanovic, president of Croatian network of donors, dr. Ljiljana Betica Radic, head-mistress of General Hospital Dubrovnik, don Stanko Lasic, Cathedral Parish Priest and Mr. Pero Miloglav, President of the Court of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.
  • In cooperation with «Aromara» Zagreb, DESA organized workshop «Aromatic herbs of our area and its wider application» that was held on December 18th.

November 2003

  • From November 10th until 20th DESA attended the European Social Forum in Paris, France.
  • In its premises in Lazareti, with the casual programme DESA celebrated its 10th anniversary on November 26th. For this occasion the members of DESA set an exibition of their activities and achievements in the past ten years. To the individuals and institutions which took part in the work of DESA were given honorary memberships and letters of thanks. There was presented the publication «DESA’s first ten years» which, through the history of DESA and its development, reveals how others see DESA, and the letters of honorary members, donors, numerous friends from the country and abroad talk about motives of inclusion in humanitarian activities.

October 2003

  • DESA took part at the conference «Woman and rural area» organized by the Croatian Institute for agricultural counselling, that was held on October 15th in Cerna, Eastern Slavonia.
  • DESA also attended «Hand made Fest» – Festival of handicrafts, creativity and design, that was held on October 24th until 26th, in Pula.
  • From October 23rd until 26th DESA took part in the conference of VolontEurope that was held in Dublin.
  • DESA organized welcome for the members of the PEACE BOAT, an humanitarian organization which on its cruise round the world, visited Dubrovnik on several occasions.

September 2003

  • DESA took part at the international gathering «Sustainable development of Croatian rural areas and the role of University», that was held from September 3rd until 5th on Mali Losinj, and it was organized by Univesity of Zagreb. DESA had the presentation of its activities in the technique Power Point.
  • DESA also attended the seminar on prevalence of Telecottages in Eastern Europe. This seminar was organized by the association EUTA (European Union of Telecottage associations) in Neum.
  • DESA started its autumn semester of educational activities for unemployed: foreign languages courses (English, Italian, German, French), sewing and tayloring courses, weaving courses and courses in computer skills.
  • DESA took part at the seminar on tourism and sustainable development held on September 24th until October 1st, in Marseille, France.

August 2003

  • In its premises DESA organized distribution of scholarships given by «Libertas Foundation» San Pedro to five scholars from Trade school Dubrovnik. After they finish schooling, these scholars will stay in their place of residence Konavle, Dubrovacko primorje, Lastovo and Peljesac.

July 2003

  • The International Summer Children’s campsite at the island of Mljet has been successsfully organized for the third year by the association FENIX from Sarajevo, and with the support of DEŠA. About twenty boys and girls from Germany, Bosnia and Croatia participate in various workshops, exchange their experinces and friendships in ten days.
  • The round table with the theme “How to finance small companies-warranty funds, instruments for local development” on July 15th was organized by DESA in co-operation with commerce department of Dubrovnik-Neretva county, Italian partner Cospe, representatives of the bank “Banca popolare di Ancona” and the president of entrepreneurial association of the Marche province.

June 2003

  • On the occasion of the World’s day of protection of the human’s environment, DEŠA organizes the lecture “Ecology and Health” on the June 5th. The lecturers were dr. Boris Sokal and Mrs. Nike Sudarevic, chief of the Office for regional regulation and environmental protection of the City of Dubrovnik.
  • In co-operation with Tourist Society of Dubrovnik, DEŠA organized lecture with CD presentation “Italian experiences in family contract business in tourism / New formula in alternative toursim” on Thursday, June 12th. The lecturer was Mrs. Lucija Bronzan, tourist marketing expert from Milan.

May 2003

  • DEŠA celebrates the 9th of May, the Day of Europe, with program «Days of Europe in Dubrovnik» (30/04 – 9/05).
  • DEŠA participates in First international conference on Organic Agriculture in Dubrovnik, organized by NGO «Mothers for Natural Law».
  • DEŠA organizes a lecture “How to make compost in your own garden”?
  • Desa organizes the lecture “To be healthy” on the May 25th. The lecture was held by dr. Boris Sokal, an expert doctor at HZMO.

April 2003

  • DEŠA gives traditional Easter workshops
  • DEŠA participates in the 7th «Healthy Cities’ Fair» held in Vinkovci from 11-13.04, with a presentation «Models of reaching out to unemployed».The participation has been supported by the City of Dubrovnik – Office for Associational Activities and the «Dubrovnik – Healthy City» project.

March 2003

  • DEŠA participates in international exhibition of national costumes and handicrafts in Sabadel, Spain, from 04 – 10 March 2003.
  • DEŠA celebrates International Women’s Day, discussing the topic «Women Experiencing Reality» to the audience
  • On 13/03 «DEŠA» participates in round table on «Family Entrepreneurship in Tourism» and workshop «Marketing of tourist product» held by «Zagreb Fair» and Institute for Tourism in Zagreb
  • On 14/03 «DEŠA» organizes presentation in «Aromatherapy, meaning and usage of aromatic oils in maintainance of good health», in cooperation with «Bonadea»d.o.o.
  • DEŠA participates in the 5th and closing workshop on «Strenghtening the role of civil organisations in the process of decentralisation of social policy in Croatia» held by CERANEO (Center for Development of Non-profit organisations) Zagreb. The model for coordination of non-profit sector in raising the quality of a social program on a local level has been presented, in cooperation with the City of Dubrovnik, Office for Associational Activities.
  • DEŠA participates in ICT workshop in Zagreb, held by B.a.b.e.

February 2003

  • From 13 to 15 February DESA participates in NGO Days, organized By Croatian Office for NGOs in Zagreb.
  • On February 15th, in front of St. Blaise, In co-ordination with Dubrovnik NGO groups DESA organizes anti-war rally «Five minutes to Noon» On the same day the mass anti-war demonstrations were held around the globe, in seven Croatian and 528 European and American cities, voicing citizens’ opinion on Iraq crisis and demand for peace.

January 2003

  • Dubrovnik Center for Entrepreneurship in cooperation with Croatian Ministry for Crafts and SME has organized a four – day education program for potential entrepreneurship advisors, in which «DESA» actively participated.
  • DESA participates in third World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brasil, from 22 – 28 Jan 2003.
  • DESA participates in the fourth workshop session organized by Croatian Center for development of non-profit organizations (CERANEO) in the program of strenghtening of the role that civil society plays in the de – centralization of the Croatian social politics. The workshop was held in Stubicke Toplice, from 31 Jan to 1 Feb, 2003.