December 2000

  • In cooperation with Tourist board of Dubrovnik – Neretva county, DEŠA presented a traditional production of silk on World Travel Market in London.
  • DEŠA organized an occasional New year’s prize won game.
  • DEŠA gave help to Croatian Brotherhood “Bokeljska mornarica 809″.

November 2000

  • DEŠA organized a one-week workshop of sewing and tailoring in Dubrovnik, in cooperation with association CCFD from Paris, for women from association VRELO from Mostar.
  • DEŠA, for the second time organized a workshop of aromatherapy, in cooperation with association Aromara.
  • Within the Month of reading, DEŠA organized “Poetry evening with Luko Paljetak” and “Company with Tereza Gović’s prose”.

September 2000

  • DEŠA organized a workshop of patchwork under guidance of instructors from France.
  • DEŠA organized a public forum about health anent the Heart’s day
  • DEŠA participated on gathering about status of women, in organization of STARR, Regional committee of Croatia.
  • Leni Fischer, now honorary president of European parliament, visited DEŠA for the second time.
  • DEŠA organized a presentation of their work to a group of foreign journalists which were visiting the European chamber Dubrovnik.
  • DEŠA hosted the association CRABGRASS from San Francisco and organized a concert of their group Doves.

August 2000

  • DEŠA with their friend Joy Crouch manages to find a container of humanitarian aid for Dubrovnik hospital, with material and financial resources.
  • DEŠA, in organisation of rounded table “Violence above women”, helps association “Mirta” from Split
  • DEŠA, in cooperation with company Aromara, organized a workshop of aromatherapy.

July 2000

  • Third time DEŠA organized an “open house” welcome for the participants of the Japanese Peace Boat mission.
  • DEŠA made a presentation of their activities to general public in Power Point.
  • DEŠA’s partner CCFD from France visited DEŠA and their programs and activities.

June 2000

  • DEŠA organized public speaker’s platform motivated by the International day of ecology where ecological subjects were discussed.
  • DEŠA participated in the “Peace building in 21st century” conference.
  • DEŠA presented possibilities of its computer workshop and offered technical assistance to all non profit organizations in Dubrovnik.
  • DEŠA gave fifty diplomas to attendees of educational courses.
  • DEŠA organized paintings exhibition for Jadranka Štajduhar, a poetess and a painter from Sisak
  • DEŠA organized workshop “Narration and listening to the fairy tales” in cooperation with the artist Michaela Sauber and DEŠA’s honourary member Magdalena Hoffman.
  • DEŠA organized public speakers platform “How to live healthier”with ecological topic”.

May 2000

  • DEŠA organized seminar called “That’s tourism too” for private room landlords in cooperation with Dubrovnik Tourist Bureau.
  • DEŠA participated in seminar held by Women’s Infoteqe called “Women and politics – Feminism in Eastern Europe”.
  • DEŠA organized presentation of “Women’s Infoteqe” publishing efforts.
  • DEŠA organized “The old crafts” workshop on Mljet.
  • DEŠA organized workshop called “Peace building–conflict overcoming” sponsored by Ecumenical Women Solidarity Fund. Two members of Women association from Budva participated in the work of this workshop and Deša made first post war contacts with them.

April 2000

  • DEŠA organized Easter egg painting and palms knitting workshop.
  • DEŠA organized patchwork workshop in cooperation with French association called “Thread of friendship”.
  • Magdalena Hoffman, friend and DEŠA’s member of honour, visited DEŠA.
  • DEŠA gave her classroom for French course held by Croatian – French Society of friendship.
  • DEŠA presented her activities through the north France sponsored by French association of CCFD (Comite catholique contre la faim et pour le developpement).

March 2000

  • DEŠA organized sewing course, Italian and English language course.
  • DEŠA participated in Zagreb in “Millennium conference of small and medium contractors” organized by Association of small and medium enterpreneurs.
  • DEŠA organized weaving and embroidery workshop on the island of Cres.
  • DEŠA celebrated International women’s day.

February 2000

  • DEŠA gave her financial support to Croatian Brotherhood “The Boka Navy 809” – Dubrovnik.
  • DEŠA organized “reviving of carnival tradition” workshop – making Dubrovnik region costumes.
  • DEŠA participated in shooting a promotional tourist film called “You need not to dream” made by French television.
  • In February DEŠA gave forty diplomas to her weaving and sewing course attendants and to computer course attendants.
  • DEŠA organized weaving and embroidery course.
  • DEŠA continually organized computer skills courses.
  • DEŠA participated at the seminar called “Education for managers of humanitarian and related associations” organized by Humanitarian Network of Croatia (HMH) from 18th – 19th of February in Zagreb.

January 2000

  • DEŠA organized weaving workshop on the island of Cres.
  • DEŠA issued Newsletter and sent it to all of her friends and donors.