December 1996

  • Christmas exhibition of DEŠA’s handicrafts.
  • DEŠA received financial support for its silk project from the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

November 1996

  • With the funds provided by the Croatian TV fund raising campaign DEŠA organized a visit to the South of France, to collect 1000 mulberry tree saplings in Cevennes, France.
  • 13th November 1996 – The first saplings were planted in the southernmost village of Croatia, (Vitaljina, near Prevlaka).
  • DEŠA organized a new weaving course and a workshop on Christmas decoration.

October 1996

  • The new programme of training courses included:
    • sewing courses for approx. 60 participants
    • weaving and machine knitting courses for 30 participants
    • English language course for 25 participants
    • German language course for 30 participants.

August 1996

  • DEŠA organized a workshop on hobbies conducted by Maria Luz Urrechz, Head of the School of Hobbies from Basque country, Spain.

June 1996 – Hamburg, Germany

  • Exhibition and sale of DEŠA’s handicraft organized by Mrs. Michaela Sauber in Hambrug, Germany.
  • DEŠA organized an exhibition of handwork and of the first locally produced silk.
  • DEŠA was the co-organizer of the Croatian Humanitarian Network’s (HMH) meeting on Civilian war victims and their suffering in Dubrovnik.
  • DEŠA participated in the round table in Zagreb, on the problems of Poverty in Croatia.

May 1996 – Stralsund, Germany

  • DEŠA took part in the work of a Conference on rural tourism in Stralsund at the invitation and expense of the European House of Germany.

April 1996

  • DEŠA received initial funds for its silk project from Women’s World Day of Prayer of Stein, Germany.
  • DEŠA organized a number of lectures on silk worm growing conducted by the representatives of the French organization SERICA.
  • DEŠA participated in the seminar Trauma and Stress in Zagreb, organized by the American association Umbrella Grant from New York.

March 1996

  • Croatian National Television in Zagreb, presented DEŠA’s silk project and launched a fund raising campaign for the purchase of the first mulberry plants.
  • DEŠA made a presentation of its project for the revival and the development of silk production to visiting representatives of German humanitarian organizations.

February 1996

  • DEŠA organized its second sewing course.
  • DEŠA helped Dubrovnik Theatre in the restoration of the costumes.
  • DEŠA received financial support for its 1996 activity’s programme from the World Council of Churches – EWSF – Geneva.
  • DEŠA participated in the meeting on the “Role of humanitarian organizations in the process of the return of displaced persons” in Osijek, Croatia.

January 1996

  • DEŠA organized a German language course.
  • DEŠA organized health-counseling programme for women beneficiaries of its programmes, under the guidance of an expert.